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This story is a sequel to The Little Pony legend: The Guardians of Harmony

Ever since she met Iris and Akari, Chi the Wisp has always been the big sis of the Guardians and being the element of loyalty, she is always willing to place herself before her friends whether its solving a mystery or sacrificing her life.

But as graduation fast approaches and a very important day for her, she begins to doubt her loyalty to her friends. Her questions and doubts must be put on hold though when a new threat emerges from the shadows and guardians must stop these new foes from completing they're mysterious but deadly mission. All while a new foe begins to rise from the shadows.

Welcome to a next chapter of the Little Pony Legend saga.

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If Iris, Akari, and Chi the Wisp were voiced, what would they sound like?

Ooooohhh boy... I can tell that this Mr. Lao seems like a really suspicious guy.

Iris is voiced by Lucy Hale which is the voice of Periwinkle in Secret of the Wings, Akari is voiced by Sara Paxton and Chi is voiced by Cristina Vee so think of her voice like Shantae with a hint of Miraculous Ladybug/Marinette in it as well

Its good to hear from ya, I look forward to when you publish the next chapter.

Awesome! Its good to see you back in action.

Its nice to hear from ya after so long, and I liked this chapter, you really did a good job with this. Especially with Chi.

It's good to hear from ya, and to know that Chi has a secret crush. XD I bet its gonna be tough for her to talk to him.

Thanks. Hopefully I wont be that inactive as the last couple times. Yeah she will at first but be ready for down the line.

Hello, Guardians. My Name is the Magical Artificial Geo Generational Intelligent Entity but you call me-”

“ M.A .G.G.I.E.!” Mai finished who giggled with excitement. “I finally finished her last night! And I wanted you guys to be the first to see her!”


*Slowly claps with a neutral face*

its all explained in the blog i posted

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