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Hi! I'm new and I write all kinds of ships and stuff like that,hope you enjoy my stories,I do.Thank you,see ya.


Rainbow Dash sits and watches as the purple mare skids and crashes into the near by cloud next to the other destroyed cloud,she giggles to herself smiling fondly,her tail moves amused by her friend and her lack in flight, she finds herself blushing as she's smiling so fondly,She soon couldn't handle seeing her friend struggle so she gets herself up and flies up towards her crashy pal to enlighten her in on some points on flying.Hoping to get something she really wants out of it.
-ONESHOT :heart:

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You don't need the word oneshot in your title.

there's no spelling errors as far as I could tell, but I did see that you forgot to put a space after a comma multiple times

Nice story, like it.

Holy punctuation errors,Batmare!

Tons of errors but overall it was a good story. It's better than some stories I've read that had perfect punctuation. Just need to edit it a bit and it'll be a smooth and good story.

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