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Rainbow Dash-TwiDash

Just a random dude wich try's to write story's (Don't worry not gone just less active).

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Sorry for not being active as of late · 3:37am Dec 24th, 2016

Hi, guys!

Sorry, I haven't made more chapters or have been active as of recent I haven't been feeling like it.
Don't worry more will be coming but when? I wouldn't know....

Hope you'll have a good day :twilightsmile:

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2266166 Ohh.. ok :)

But here you can see that's it's still fine

(Never mind figured it out. You have to turn show mature on under settings. Since the I have changed the rating from teen to mature)

Then why can't i see it under your stories?

2266080 No of course not. Like I said The Beginning of a New Adventure still takes top priority. So I didn't delete it. This is just another story I'm making while continuing the other one. As for The Beginning of a New Adventure it has no storyboard so I have no idea how long I'll make it. This new one however does but that is already explained in the blog.

Wait.. Did you delete your TwiDash story? If so then why? Also, now my tracking list says: 5 chapters unread but i cant read any of them anyways xD

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