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Greetings all and welcome to my page. I tend to write stories of a darker nature though I enjoy reading a wide range of stories. I hope you find something of interest here, have a good day.


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your editing should start with your summary.

while this isa sequel extensive kknowledge of previpise stories should not be needed as this or (is?) more world building and entertainment

7292994 thatpart was wwritten on my cell phone just a moment ago.

I'll fox it her in a moment

7292998 I'm assuming your still on your phone.

7293033 yup. I am.eating to get home before editing as typing on this thing is bad enough when not in a moving vehicle

*Reads through chapter*
*See bit where Twilight get the news that she's pregnant*

*Cough* *Cough* WHAT?!

7293136 I did say it was unexpected and would change her life. :rainbowkiss:

I had guessed the result by the time i had read her having morning sickness.
Seems i guessed correct.

Though just how the hell did that happen?

Only teh mighty lordy Super lord Scorch knows.
A scrub like me dun not know it:scootangel:

Yeah i should go to sleep. ....

Hehehe come on chrysi confess your love for the adorable psychotic mare. Omg the tsundere Twi will give off shall be epic. "Why did you say you love me Baka! It's not like I gave you reason too!" Blushes after short pause Twilight kisses chrysi on the lips before backing up and mumbling "I love too."

" You tell anypony I'll kill you and deny it." Twilight puffed her cheeks up and blushed as chrysi hugged her. Cadence squeals with girly joy in the background and flurry groans as her mother goes full chrylight fanfilly

Flurry in this story reminds be of an evil british kid.

7293610 I am.most curious about how you came to that oddly spasific description

hehe...castle..right..Its going to be badass and be constructed in true EDF fashion.

Well they either build near Ponyville or renovate the old sister castle(where the element of harmony was kept there from Celestia).This story is intrigued me and I hope we see more of it.XD

crysalise: (humming to herself)


crysalise: oh SHIT

Flurry Heart: mother i felt a disturbance in the force

oh dear god what kind of spaz attac............ fuck just remembered pinkie the others are dead

How old is flurry heart cuz i'm honestly placing her around 20-25 I mean thinking back the original timeline flurry heart was born maybe two years after nmm and by the time the commander became an alicorn she was old enough to have seen her friends die of old age so yeah i'm thinking Flurry should be up there by now.

I KNEW IT! THROWING UP FOR THREE DAYS I WAS LIKE"is she pregnant? I bet you she is!"

But damn, 4 chapters for PaS, now 4 for this?

7293774 XD

After Twilight had been informed of her condition she had quite literally blue screen, apparently when your eyes and part of your brain is basically a computer you are subject to certain computer like characteristics, such as your vision being filled with a blue error screen when you mind quite literally shuts down from being unable to process information.


Plot twist its actually Stonewalls kid from when she was in the other Equestria ( She got wild one night) But is only now affecting her

More like her 50s (remember, Alicorn, can't die from old age alone).

7293636 Artimis! Get your ponified ass out here!

7293595 .......That's....actuallyhow it would probably go.....

Either that or mt doom lol

For some reason, I can see Twi building her "castle" underneath the mountain the mane 6 climbed to remove the sleeping dragon. Kind of like Erebor but modernized and a lot more secure. Or like the Nut from the Hunger Games (District 2).

If the description can't even be properly checked for errors then i can only imagine how poor the chapters must be. If you don't care for the presentation, then how can you expect others to care about what you're presenting?

7293785 cadence was going to tell Shinning she was pregnant after Twilights birthday but...well we know what happened a week before that.

7293964 the description was run through a spell chuck but currently do to IRL issues I am unable to work with my editing staff but I'm unable to not write and thus chapters are uploaded unedited and will be edited later once my IRL situation is more under control.

I do care about what i present but I am story teller and .fully aware of having a weakness in the spelling and gammar departments and as the notes said the editing will be done later.

7293993 Then save them and release them as they're finished. Whether you say you care or not, showing is always better then telling, and you won't die if you hold off on posting something to ensure your readers don't have to decipher ancient Egyptian to read your story. If this were a publishing company, you'd have been told to leave the moment you put this on your publisher's desk.

7294135 *shrugs* they are finished and that is why they are uploaded when I can get to.wifi.

7294179 Oh well, tried to help. Can't say I'm sad that i won't be reading your stuff with your little interest in it yourself.

7294192 I do.have an interest in it(why else write it) but I not understanding whst ypu are meaning by wait till it is done as once I finish writing it it is done and then is uploaded them sent off to editors and tjen replaced bu editrd version is tjr usual routine.

The onlunrrason it isn't being done this way is I have no internet at my home right now do to financial difficulties so have to rely on free WiFi areas I have no clue when I'll be able to reach and when I did I have very limited time to do things I am.imanle to do on.mu cell phone.

That does not leave time for me.to send copies tonmu editor and with my main editor having to quit do to IRL issues I am now even more behind on the work.

I am sorry for the difficulties the unedited uploads have but they will be fixed as soon as possible

7293595 of she ever does there relationship will be just as weird as their friendship will be

I actually have a cannoned side fic that will revel things about it by that is for after this story

7294205 It's not finished until it has been edited. At best, an unedited chapter is a rough draft. Writing has a process, generally containing these steps:

Rough draft.
Second draft.
Editing and proofing.
Final draft.
Then publishing.

You can cut out the revision second draft if you feel it isn't needed, but the rough draft, editing, and proofing should always be mandatory before releasing anything to the public (or turning in to a teacher for a grade) or a publisher whether it be individual chapters or a whole book. It's common sense and common courtesy. We, the readers, are giving you the time out of our day to check out your stuff, so the absolute least you could do is give us the illusion of you putting in the effort to make the reading as easy and enjoyable as it could be.

You don't have to post something the moment you put in the last period. There isn't anybody out there breaking your arm if you don't, so i don't understand your apparent need to feel like you should. As i said, it makes it seem like you don't care about your story and only about the fame it could possibly bring.

They keep discussing how twilight's foal might have her psychopathy but she shouldn't be able to pass that on genetically because she wasn't born with it she was tortured into it.

She's not going to build a castle, she's going to build a fortress.

7294261 OK I'll agree that the story needs editing as I know spelling and grsmmer is my weak point but the reason o post once o finish writing and then replace later with edited versions is because I cannot gsrentee when I will get edited work back and I have seen many stories were it takes weeks or months for small uploads to be done. And then no one remembers what happened last chapter.

O never really liked that and this o post once o finish writing for those readers who want to read it ASAP and then send it tou editor for corrections . then replace with the edited versions for those who choose to wait for it.

The main reason most of my word is so unedited is o took me a while to find an editor as no one really responded when o asked for one in the group till half way through the first book of this series.

Once I had one o begain sending work to them both older and newer and then IRL got in the way for them.

It would have been unfair of me to halt a regular upload time of o was still writing and o couldn't do that to people who tool time to actullu like my work (still questions why people like it) and so I kept the schedule and still keep it as best as I can.

I'm already working on expanding mu editing staff so that way all books can be corrected as I know they need it and I do want this series to be something everyone enjoys but its hard to work with an editing staff when I don't have regular contact anymore

I do plan the next time I have a chance to actullu assemble them as I already have a decent number of people to bring onto staff to fix my mess of a story and all o ask is those who want edited to be patience as the situation is being dealt with as fast as it can be.

7294497 the fact she so easily went to it and actions she took before it (lessons zero) means she had close to insanity traits.
Its just a fear she has as she knows what she is and doesn't want another her in the world that she may have to fight to protect her nation.

O think its a legit fear for some one like cts

how, exactly, did the flurry heart thing get resolved without her killed instead of reformed?

7295674 I don't think one can reform a small baby.

And CTS has access to an advanced research facility full of a lot of smart ponies and changelings all ready to do whatever she says.

7294723 No excuses. All you need to do to get rid of 80% of these is Click This Link. It's free, it works and it fixes grammar and spelling. Your an amazing author, but if you have a weak point and know it you should take after you character and hunt that problem down and correct it with extreme prejudice.

7295764 but I like having a staff of 3 editors an analysts, and a sound board. Once I set up the editors anyways which I am working on it.

Mostly just do I no longer have any of the rough drafts from anything older then the rescrt uploads

7295752 I meant glimmer. Also, what is technology going to do against a cursed storm that is able to overtake even the two princesses? Just saying without glimmer to give that stallion who's name I forget the courage to put his research to use how did they fix/replace the crystal heart and discover foals forbearance?

7295834 lots of smart ponies who most likely would have recrutee any mind who had any sense.

Or one of the other researchers figurer out how to fix it.

Also never underestimate the EDF as they jsbe puller off the impossible, I mean they built a way to tunnel to other dimensions as well as track down their people across the entire Multi-verse in just 8 months or less (never did say how long it took then to figure outnwhst happened to CTS ) plus as celestia said she wouldn't be surprised if they figured out how to go to war agsint the elements of Harmony artifacts them seleves.

A crazy unstoppable magical storm of death is just another day in the army.

7294604 that will then be painted and (poorly) made to not look like a fortress meant to hold back an army and will look totally friendly and inviting.

The second it said she got hit with nausea.
I knew.

Trollestia : "It's simple! We build a castle!"
I am interested, and I look forward for the part when the foal(s) arrive(s).

7297168 I was wondering when you'd show back up as o habnet seen you in a while.

And I'm.glad the story still interests you. :twilightsmile:

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