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Greetings all and welcome to my page. I tend to write stories of a darker nature though I enjoy reading a wide range of stories. I hope you find something of interest here, have a good day.


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So this version of Twilight is meeting her canon counterpart? By the way you never did cover the events in the movies.

7040242 yes she is and I wasn't able to fit the EQG parts in, I'm thinking on how to do that, may do it as a a flash back in this story.

Twilight seems like a badass in dark green! :pinkiecrazy:
Also, I ship Lunabot x Celestabot :twilightblush:

7040247 There should be a couple of side-stories about what she does to handle both canon related events that can still take place, along with all of the MLP movies. it'd be so fucking awesome to see how Commander Twilight Sparkle deals with things like that! Especially the movies.

7040349 actually that may solve the EQG problem but I did cover the Reformation of Discord, Starlight Glimmer, and Tirek already as well as Chrysalis in the prequel to this story.

the only thing I never covered was EQG though that would be a short story as it would literally cover just a single trip

Shit just got the interesting.........................

7040393 well when i said canon events, i meant the more mundane things. the stories don't even have to fit into the main timeline. they'd just be stories more like 'watch Commander Sparkle duel with the mundane!' kind of thing. like, the tornado episode, where ponyville needs to take the water to cloudsdale. see how she would have dealt with that. As for the EQG, your right in that it would definitely be a short story. lets face it, sunset wouldn't know what hit her. nor would the other enemies that draw her back to that world.

7040512 that.....would be absolutely hilarious.

Everything gets a military twist to it. :rainbowlaugh:

7040780 Fate is a bit of a dick to the Commander. :rainbowlaugh:

7040550 And with Season 6 premiering next week this should also provide some much needed new material.

7041113 sad it wont as I need to wait till it comes to Netflix as I don't have TV. :twilightsheepish:

7041123 true, though hard to find episodes in time. though I will probably focus eon this story for now before I add more.

by the time I make a Twi vs Mundane life story I should be able to watch season six.

7041135 I usually go to EQD for the youtube links, since I live in Oklahoma I have to wait until after 1:00 in the afternoon to watch it since the person uploading it has to edit out the commercials.

I am really hooked. The meeting between CTS and Princess Twilight won't be smooth, I sense.
My worry is that, in that alternate Equestria, CTS won't have Chryssy to keep her in check...

There is no MLP movie yet, only EqG ones.

7041354 if you think their meeting won't be smooth wait till you see CTS react when she finds out what happened to Golden Oaks Library.

She pulls out every gun from her pocket dimension and shoots in every direction with screams of rage?

With that much metal, sooner or later, we must have Cmdr Twilly use the classic RoboCop line "Dead or alive, you're coming with me."

Excitement courses through my left pinkie toe and pupils, things just got interesting .

Shit just got damn interesting.

Why do I sense things are going to be more and more nuts from there?
When Rainbow wonders why Celestia and Luna would be escorts and having embedded gems... :rainbowlaugh:

7041464 I may, I should also point out some of the metal is bullet fragments that weren't removed.

7041728 cause we have a military maniac running around in an alternate Equestria where what she is used to doesn't exist and people will have no idea what she is talking about and we all know how the Commander likes to screw with people.

and yes I liked that scene as well.

I liked the whole scene with Commander Sparkle talking to them and confusing them.

Except she'll be confused too, for a short moment at least.

7041919 yeah but she will probably recover faster then everyone else do to her experience with being dumped into another world as well as just being who she is.

7041135 www.watchcartoononline.com. They usually have the episode up the same day but at night.

Yeah we actually see the bots, though sad they didn't go with her.

And it's interesting they are acting like the pony versions.

7042096 that was a bit unintentional but still it works. :rainbowlaugh:

and the Interludes will follow what the EDF IS doing, mostly the Major, so we will see the bots more.

Hoo boy, things just got insane! Activating Tracking Beacon...

7041886 She might get mad seeing the ruins of Golden Oak and would be like. "When did that weird castle showed up?"

7041464 it wouldn't fit. the Commander is more like a mix of the Terminator and the Joker then Robocop.

I see her doing something more like this.

CTS: 4
Royal Guard: 0

Kinds feel bad for the unicorn though. shattered horn sounds permament.

And Royal Guard, a little advice. Never corner a scared animal.

7040550 Feel free to do with that as you wish. I live to serve.

I like where this is going

Well this could have gone worse. Good job again! I'm hyped.

I think she would rather say : "Run away from me if you want to live~~~~ a few more seconds!~~~~"

7042287 way I see it the horn is a bone so it can heal just takes a while and also takes a while to be able to use magic again.

but yeah the Royal Guard never stood a chance, I especially liked her using one of them as a meat shield for the stun spell.

7042464 yeah I think that was the best outcome for any situation involving the commander considering she has guns and blades but stuck with hand to hand combats as she wanted one of them alive.

they were lucky.

7042483 that defiantly is something she would do. :rainbowlaugh:

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