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Greetings all and welcome to my page. I tend to write stories of a darker nature though I enjoy reading a wide range of stories. I hope you find something of interest here, have a good day.

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I'll be wating for more scorch.:twilightsmile:

I like this story. It shows CTS still has good feelings in her.
Also, nice improvement on the writing.

...its this weird sad amusement that pinkie can still find a way to hug someone after passing.

So you decanonized my story spin off. :fluttercry:

7993643 not really, only styles differnt. Same scene different styles. Your is still canon just in your style.

7993626 yeah I like showing she still is twilight deep down, she just has a lot of new aspects to her but isn't just a cold blooded killer.

7993632 seems like something she could and woukd do.

7995169 yup, I'm not dead yet.

Sad Twilight is sad. And Pinkieghost!

'latter's' - letters

Poor Spike, he had to do something bad to do the right thing. Wonder how this will effect his friendship with the CMC and their sisters.

Mmmmm, smoky horse meat.

and some grilled chicken

8266597 Only if it's real chicken, I like Griffies too much to enjoy that. :P

I love the smell of grilled Seps in the morning! Smells like victory.

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