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This story is a sequel to Littering

Making new friends is a hard task for Starlight Glimmer. Good thing for her, she found and easier way of doing it.

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Okay that ending was one of the most hilarious i have read in a while, :rainbowlaugh::pinkiehappy:

Kind of funny, and a nice twist. There is, however, one error that sticks out to me:

Looking away from Starlight, Celestia turned around to gaze at Celestia, who was currently confused at why the entire town was in the dining room.

7191233 Woops, thanks for pointing it out! :twilightsmile:

:twilightoops: "Note to self; NEVER tell Starlight about Canterlot High!"


Even though I like how the writers are handling Starlight, your interpretation of her doing evil stuff without malicious intent is hilarious! Liked the callback to the popcorn as well.

7196018 I just imagine Starlight being ignorant to how friendship actually works. :raritywink:

Lovely story! Honestly that's how I thought the episode would originally play out.

7191876 sunsets demon form bs starlight

Bahahahaha:rainbowlaugh: love it:rainbowlaugh:

7592126 Hahaha, I just finished the new episode and I see what you mean. :pinkiehappy:

Well this is ironic now.

....It's the punchline that makes it.

I love it because Starlight never was evil. She never did anything with the intent of being evil. She did everything because she thought it was good and the right thing to do.

She did believe she was making life better for the ponies of her village and would have removed her own mark if she had been able to.

She did believe she was justified in what she does to the Mane 6 because they were going to destroy the good things she thought she did.

She did believe she was bringing justice to the wrong doings of Twilight and really didn't think her and her friends were important. (The fact she didn't know who the Wonderbolts were, or who Twilight was back in her village, shows she probably doesn't know about what happening in the outside world.)

Oh lord........:facehoof::facehoof::facehoof:Starlight.......Starlight.....Starlight! That is NOT what Twilight had in mind!!!!!

Completely agree with Twilight......if Starlight was my pupil, I would seriously be considering banishing her somewhere for a month. Though I think a more fitting punishment would be to make Starlight figure out how to handle the jobs of everypony she cast the spell on by herself. Oh, and make the Great abd Powerfully annoying Trixie assist her!!!!! :twilightsmile:

Although........ what if this was Starlight's revenge for Twilight leaving her in jail after the great popcorn incident????? :rainbowlaugh:

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