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Rainbow Dash ends up trying to bake a cake. As you'd imagine, things don't turn out all that well...


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Just how long did those alliteration phrases take? :pinkiegasp:


I used several sites :)

Not too long lol.

Such a superb savory story.
I should rigorously read the rest of your respectful writings.

7132771 Thank you kindly, you cheery, complimentary commentor. :pinkiehappy:

Okay, that made me laugh :rainbowlaugh:, thanks, I really needed that tonight, been reading and watching way too many dark stuff lately.

This is a cute, fun, well-written short. I feel Rainbow's pain. :rainbowwild: (About the cooking, I mean. Alliteration is A-OK in my book).

That ending... So much alliteration.:rainbowlaugh:


It was fun to write. This story started off about Rainbow Dash baking a cake, and ended up just being an excuse to use excessive alliteration :twilightsmile:

I have two things to say...one, the alliteration was so freaking hilarious! I couldn't get enough of it! And also, your Pinkie Pie feels spot on for everyones' favorite prominently pink party planning pony.

Chapter title is missing the p in catastrophe.

Wow.... That was pretty great.:pinkiehappy:

Good story!

One question: Did they eat the 'cake' at last, after Pinkie finished her alliterations?

Small note: You forgot to add the souce of the cover-art.

I forgot this had a comedy tag, I laughed my head off in the end!:rainbowlaugh:

7136339 Pinkie Pie ate all of it.

I tried finding the exact source of the image (I didn't think to grab the url of the vector when I made the picture). I can't seem to find it -- just ones that have her smiling.

A couple of things,

1- Wonderful job.

2- I saw Pinkie Pie narrowed her eyes. "You underestimate the degree to which my party-planning is performed." and my mind replaced it with; Pinkie Pie narrowed her eyes. "You underestimate my power."

3- This next one though, I have to say you stole the cake.

Going through the alphabet while using excessive alliteration, You are a hero. Plus several cookies:twilightsmile:

Great. Now I want cake.

7138346 Hmm, I might have to try that. Unlike Rainbow Dash, I know what a teaspoon is and how to crack and beat eggs!


Hey now, be fair. She doesn't have fingers! :twilightsheepish:

7138398 Well, I mean, she could have used her wings... but you have a point. Fingers are so much easier to use than hooves.

Man This story the reminds of the errors I made when baking.:rainbowhuh:

7462394 You and me both. At least opposable thumbs are a thing.

That was hilarious! I'm looking forward to reading more from you.

Would you mind if I 'borrowed' your atmospheric music idea? I just thought it was so clever.

Have a mustache :moustache:.

7739272 Go for it. I just link youtube videos :twilightsheepish:


Neither does Pinkie - and before anyone calls me in the randomness, neither do the Cakes , Donut Joe, Matilda, or any of the Apples. Yet they are among the best cooks in Equestria. Meanwhile, Sweetie Belle trying anything fancier than putting water in a glass risks summoning Deep Ones, Twilight would starve if not for Spike, so we should worry about unicorns in general cooking. Meanwhile, we have Fluttershy making a mean salad while RD does, well, this story. :rainbowderp::unsuresweetie:

Twilight would probably point out that these are overbroad generalizations, and I agree that we need a much larger sample size, for science! :facehoof:

As some No One who has also had difficulty cooking I sympathize with you Dashie.
Once, while mixing the makings for a microwave muffin, I accidentally put in a teaspoon of sugar and a 1/4 cup of salt, when the recipe called for a 1/4 cup of sugar and a teaspoon of salt. My mistake!
This was after my first failed attempt when I forgot to add the eggs.
Since then I have mastered making microwave muffins... Mostly.

*One small thing though. While I liked the alliteration in the beginning, the stuff at the end (from Pinkie) just seemed random, purposeless and not all that funny (to me).
But then again, that's just my opinion.

That ending! :rainbowlaugh:

"Sheesh, Pinkie," said Rainbow Dash, "how many different things are you cooking right now?"
"Fourteen!" she replied as she took a pan out of the oven with her back to Rainbow Dash. "Wait...thirteen!"

[and further]

Reminded me of "Purble place" :pinkiesmile:. Specifically -- the most difficult level... I tried that once :pinkiecrazy:... I feel for processors :fluttershysad:...

"Okay...5 teaspoons of baking powder...what the hay is a tea spoon?"

:facehoof: :facehoof: (a double facehoof, for just one shall not suffice): a tea spoon accompanies one from the very early childhood! Who didn't use to enjoy a cup of tea along with whatever came with it: sandwiches, candy, you name it?

...Rainbow Dash surveyed the completely chaotic, catastrophic confectionery chaos...

"Chaotic chaos" :derpyderp1:?

Yucky yugoslavian yodelers!

"Yugoslavian" :derpyderp1:?

As for the story itself... Well, it warmed my heart :pinkiehappy:. It was silly, but gave the feeling of light-heartedness (that's why it warmed my heart. Because it made my heart light). See what I did there :rainbowlaugh:? That's right. That's what I did. Those supposing me annoying may not be far from true reality :trixieshiftright: :rainbowlaugh:. In fact, the further they read, the more alliteration they may stumble upon. Or not. It depends solely on my creativity. (And my brain's activity :pinkiesmile:.)

I should probably stop, before my comment make sense no more :pinkiecrazy:...

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