• Published 28th Mar 2016
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Fluttershy's new Pen Pal - Billy G Gruff

A story about how Fluttershy worked up the nerve to write to The Equestrian Society for the preservation of rare creatures and ends up becoming infatuated with the pony who writes her back. A pony by the name of Tree Hugger.

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After the Parasprites

Fluttershy read Treesy's letter under the sunlight shining through her torn open roof. Even though her house was in utter shambles after she had brought in a deceptively cute infestation apparently known as parasprites she felt the need to stop what she was doing to get to reading what her pen pal had sent her. Her face couldn't help but contort in all kinds of expressions as she read it. She smiled and silently giggled at Treesy's own stories about dealing with poison joke. Apparently they used the plant at parties just to see what kind of wacky things would go on, like one stallion who couldn't stop moonwalking, or another mare who sang opera instead of talking after applying the stuff they made out of the plant. It made her feel better about the previously embarrassing experience about having a deeper voice, and even thought about the different kinds of songs she could do if she ever tried using it again.

A plank of wood fell from her roof and caused her to jump in her half eaten couch before getting back into a comfortable position. Angel was peeved with her sense of priorities, stomping his little foot rapidly and glaring at her from across the room silently demanding her to fix the broken house that was kind of her fault in the first place since she brought the pests in the first place.

"In a minute angel, I'm going to go and help my friends fix up Ponyville just as soon as I'm done with the letter from Treesy, she's so funny."

As her eyes scrolled down the page though, her smiles turned into a sadder expression. Apparently one of the villages that are near the society weren't very nice to them about their stance on endangered and rare creatures and how Treesy in particular communicated with animals. It made the pegasus happy that Ponyville was much more forward thinking about that kind of thing. She never got any side long glances about her communing with animals or helping out her neighbors with animal related problems. They were a bit mean sometimes because of how much of a doormat she was, but her main group of friends were especially nice to her. She couldn't help but feel like she was intruding whenever she saw them, but she was getting better at fighting that feeling off now. If only a little bit.

Treesy was amazing though. She bravely went up to mean ponies and helped them out even if they spat at her and everything. Even if they were being awful to poor animals she would make every effort she could to change their minds, and it was working! Fluttershy couldn't help but feel a pang of guilt though.

Reading about her pen pal guiding out a hydra that the village had riled up into coming into their village bore a striking resemblance to what Pinkie did with the Parasprites. Just like those villagers, nopony understood what Pinkie was doing until she had all of those pests bouncing along in a single file behind her many instruments. She couldn't use her voice on them like Treesy could, but she knew exactly what she needed to make sounds that would resonate with the creatures and make them mesmerized just like the Hydra was.

She'd have to make sure to give Pinkie a super big apology for not listening to her after this. With a sigh she folded up the letter and put it away inside the drawer she had been keeping all of her letters. She wanted to think about what she'd write back to her while she was helping with the rebuilding of the town.

"Ya comin sugarcube? We thought we'd start with the town hall and work our way out from there..." Applejack stopped as she looked into the house and saw Flutters, giving her a wry grin.

"What's got you smilin like that? Look like you got kissed by your special somepony or somethin."

"Wha~ ? I...um...well...um... you see..." she gave out a little eep as she flushed and lowered her head "...could we go fix up the town now?"

Applejack gave a hearty chuckle and gave the shy mare a casual hug around the neck with one of her fore legs. "Yer adorable Flutters, lets go fix up a town! After we're done The whole town's gonna have a nice feast, ya know, since we were preparin for the princess and what not."

"yay!" the pegasus cheered softly as she perked up. She was glad Applejack dropped her tease about the special somepony thing as they walked out of the house back to the town. She was already a bundle of jitters and excitement whenever she got one of Treesy's letters, plus she couldn't help but imagine what that mare must look like. She knew she was an Earth pony, and that her cutie mark was a tree with a heart on it... and she had imagined Fluttershy as a tree... and that her name is Tree Hugger...

"Whoa nelly girl, you lookin like you are thinkin bout somethin mighty interestin right about now... mayhaps I wasn't all that off about that special somepony thing after all....'

Fluttershy leaped in the air at Applejacks remark, she had forgotten she was there for a moment.

"Its...Its nothing AJ, I...uh... just... you know.... um..." She wanted to explain it, but her brain was tripping over itself and the words were getting all jumbled, and her face was getting warmer by the second as she fiddled with her hooves.

Applejack gave her a wink "Don't worry about it girl, whomever it is is a right lucky pony... "

Fluttershy couldn't help but cover her blushing face with her wings with a little squeak of embarrassment, making Applejack laugh again as she pressed the mare on by the tail back to town to get started on fixing the place up. Thankfully the farm pony didn't bring it up again when they were among their friends, and Fluttershy had been able to turn down the furnace that was her face before showed up there.

During the evening when they worked through rebuilding every house and item that was affected, they finally made it to Fluttershy's cottage.

"Hey Pinkie..." She said tentatively, tapping her from behind with her hoof. She jumped as the party pony rounded on her with a huge smile.

"Yes Fluttershy? What can I do for you this fine evening?"

"Thank you...again...you know, about the parasprite thing... I'm sorry we didn't listen to you sooner..."

Pinkie gave a dismissive noise and waved her hoof, "Don't worry about it! It's all fixed now right? Plus the sooner we get done the sooner we can PARTY!" She leaped into the air and hovered for a moment like a balloon before settling back on the ground and getting to work with the others fixing Fluttershy's place up. Just like Treesy, Pinkie was willing to help regardless of the treatment she got... that's an awfully special trait in a pony.


Dear Treesy (I'm trying to get used to calling you that, I kinda like it now)

We've had an eventful day over in ponyville. I had met this adorable little creature that looked like a fluffy ball of cute with wings. It had this ravenous apatite but I didn't really mind it until it... you know, started multiplying and devouring everything in town. They are called parasprites, I have a feeling you've heard of them. Pinkie Pie, the funny earth pony I mentioned a few letters back, knew what to do about it but nopony was really listening to her. In fact we were doing everything but listen to her, and Twilight (the unicorn librarian) ended up making them eat stuff instead of food... it was kind of a disaster. We've spent the entire day fixing everything up.

I guess what I'm saying is Pinkie ended up having to get all the supplies to safely lead all of the creatures out of the town all by herself because nopony wanted to see her way of thinking.

I can't help but feel like its similar to what you ended up going through. I'm sorry ponies don't treat you nicely when you are trying to help. I really like that about you, you know? Helping ponies out regardless of how much of a meanie they are? I've always avoided ponies because of that. It wasn't even until I started making friends that it felt even remotely comfortable being around other ponies, and here you are saving the day with your gifts.

It... it makes me want to be a better pony if that makes sense. You're a good friend. Oh goodness my writing is getting all wobbly again. This is the third try for this letter. I've been getting better though.

Oh! And thank you for all the silly stories about Poison joke, I'm still giggling over some of them. I think one of your parties would be a lot of fun to go too. It really makes me feel better about the whole situation, plus we made a new friend in Zecora.

Maybe...one day...we could have that party together or something...you know...if that's okay with you...

Have a wonderful day

She was beat red as she looked at the last line she wrote. Every fiber of her being wanted her to rip it to shreds, but she bit her lip and scrunched her eyes before shoving it in the envelope and squeaked all the way to the mail box before she shoved it in. She had Angel guard the door to prevent her from going out and bringing it back in, like she tried to do five minutes later. He stood there resolute, brandishing a newspaper until the mail mare came and took the letter, immune to all her bribes and excuses like wanting to check for spelling errors.

"Thanks Angel." She said pitiably as she finally sank to the floor in relief that the letter was finally gone.

Nothing wrong with suggesting maybe they do something in person sometime. Nothing wrong at all. No reason to have burning cheeks what so ever. Nope.

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Keep going please, i really like what you done so far.

What a cute chapter! :twilightsmile: Very in character for Fluttershy.

I never thought about ponies using poison joke as a party gag/theme! That really would make for a great party.

I don't know if it was just me, but I didn't even realize that this chapter came out til just now. It was unread in my tracking folder, but it never showed up on the update indicator, if I'm making sense.

In any case, great chapter! I'm really starting to get behind this ship!

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