• Published 28th Mar 2016
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Fluttershy's new Pen Pal - Billy G Gruff

A story about how Fluttershy worked up the nerve to write to The Equestrian Society for the preservation of rare creatures and ends up becoming infatuated with the pony who writes her back. A pony by the name of Tree Hugger.

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Facing her fears

How many times had Fluttershy tried to write this letter? A dozen times? Two dozen times? She knew it was enough to span her entire time living in the cottage in Ponyville. She kinda knew what she wanted to say in the letter. She knew that the Equestrian Society for the Preservation of rare creatures were probably all really wonderful ponies whom cared for animals just like she did -- maybe even more so -- but it didn't help muster up the courage to even put the quill to paper much less send a completed one to them. The first few times she didn't even make it to getting the paper and ink set up. The next few times she had tried she had managed to get the tip of the writing tool shakily to the page but was unable to go on from there. The last few times she even managed to write a couple of words before giving up in defeat.

She wanted to do it. The pegasus knew that if she did it she'd probably be able to talk with ponies that actually had her interests. She wanted to do this so badly, but her fear pounced on her every time and dragged her back to her comfort zone like a warden locking up a prisoner. It was a frustrating thing to struggle with, sitting in her home separated from all other ponies -- feeling comfortable only with the animals she cared for. If it hadn't of been for Twilight, she may of never of even attempted to fight her fears to begin with.

Today was different though. Today...she had faced a dragon. She hadn't really wanted to go, her friends had practically dragged her the whole way up the mountain, but it had to be done. If they hadn't of done anything the whole sky would of been covered in smoke for a century and her poor animal friends would of suffered. However it was when the dragon was threatening her friends that something had awoken in her.

Call it a fear induced adrenaline rush, call it a moment of pure insanity, call it whatever you like; but to Fluttershy standing on that Dragon's snout and scolding it like that was something she never dreamed herself capable of. Her friends had helped her do that. Friends were the only way to fight this fear of hers. She didn't want to let it rule her life anymore. She didn't want to be all alone when she knew she had so many things to say to somepony who was willing to listen.

It was in this vain that she wrote out her letter.

Dear Equestrian Society for the Preservation of Rare Creatures

Hello there, my name is Fluttershy. Sorry for the shaky penmanship I'm kind of nervous right now as I write this. If you could believe it I've been trying to write to you wonderful ponies for quite some time. You share the passion and love for animals that I do. When I had first touched land (I'm a pegasus by the way, sorry for not mentioning that) I was surrounded by all the wonderful faces of woodland creatures and I knew in my heart that I wanted to see those beaming faces for the rest of my life. I knew I wanted to care for them and be their friends, because they were the first creatures that were ever truly kind to me up to that point.
I know that sounds kind of sad when I write it like that, but I've managed to make some actual pony friends lately. Its been kind of crazy for me and I've been learning to step out of my comfort zone a little bit at a time. Its hard to do things all at once. That's kind of why I'm writing this right now you see. I'm shaking like a leaf on a blustery day, and I really want to stop writing, but I'm not letting myself stop because I know that If I am brave enough I can send this too wonderful ponies whom share in the same interests as me and can talk about how cute and cuddly animals are with me.
Even the big animals with sharp teeth aren't really all that scary when you get to know how they behave and learn their languages. Its kind of silly when you think about how I can converse with a bear and a manticore, creatures ponies are usually scared of, but I have a hard time finding that same happy feeling around my own kind. Besides my friends that is.

Well anyway I feel like I'm kind of rambling here, and the words are looking more like scribbles by the second cause of my jitters, but I hope this letter makes it to you ponies. I'm happy I've mustered up the courage to do this, its been a long time coming.

Have a lovely day, Sincerely

Angel bunny may of had to give her some prodding but she did manage to get her quaking body to the mail box and squeak out in fright as she slipped in the letter. The anticipation was going to kill her to be sure. She could get rejected by them. They could turn out to be nasty ponies who only pretended to like animals to make fun of ponies like the pegasus, but that was a silly way to think. She decided that maybe taking up Rarity on her offer to go to the spa wasn't such a bad idea after all. Maybe it would help calm her nerves a little bit.


Angel Bunny tapped his foot impatiently at Fluttershy as she stared at the letter on her table. She had been staring at the response letter for a good forty five minutes just hovering different parts of her body like her hooves and wings trying to find some way to open it that didn't completely send her into a panic. The bunny had had enough and hopped onto the table, snatching up the envelope and chewed it open. It grumpily took the letter out of the envelope and unfurled it before shoving it in the mares face.

"T....thanks Angel..."

She looked down at the letter meekly and read the contents.

Many blessings from the Equestrian Society

My name is Tree hugger and it is my great pleasure to finally receive your letter Fluttershy. I had felt an aura reaching out to us for quite some time before pulling back in seeming fright, and I can feel that same aura on this letter you sent us. I've been wondering whom this intriguing spirit was. I can tell you are trying to pave new paths in your heart right now, and I really admire that in a pony. I wasn't all that comfortable around ponies myself until I had found my true calling among nature. I've grown quite in tune with nature since my time here. Its kind of a sense of mine if you will.
I speak and commune with animals as well. They have such interesting perspectives on the world around us, and we have such interesting things to offer them as ponies. They seem to really respond to our voices and hooves in ways even other ponies don't seem to resonate with. When even the most angry creature is mad and frightened, I know I can soothe it with my voice and let it know that those negative energies are not needed with me. It's a rare gift to be able to speak with animals, even among our numbers here at the society.
This might sound a bit odd, but tell me Fluttershy, do you by any chance have pink butterflies as your cutie mark? I had this image of butterflies surrounding a yellow tree the other day while I was meditating and I had that same sensation when I read your letter. Its another one of those senses I get. If you've ever known an earth pony particularly in tune with their talent such things can happen.

I hope to hear back from you soon Fluttershy. I'm proud of you for finally reaching out to us. May this be the start of a friendship that will span a lifetime.
Tree Hugger.

Fluttershy's face was light pink as she read the contents of the letter. Her heart was lightly fluttering as she tried to wrap her head around this. This pony had felt her reaching out to the society as she desperately tried to fight against her fears and just write the letter. She knew ponies like Pinkie had a sense when it came to things like danger, and the way it read and smelled were so nice to the Pegasus. She gulped as she felt her chest with her hoof, looking over the contents a few dozen times.


She couldn't help but hug the letter and her grumpy bunny. She had done it, she had sent the letter and received a such a pretty response in return. The idea of her soul actually reaching out to her subconsciously, to the point where her cutie mark even showed up in the others mind... she could feel her face growing hotter just thinking about that and it made the smallest smile show up on her face.

She couldn't wait to work up the courage to write another letter soon. She felt like she...wanted to get to know this Tree Hugger a bit better.