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Have you ever experienced a strong emotion?... Like having a stampede of butterflies everytime you see that person. When you have a bad that and when you think nothing is gonna make you feel better you see him smiling and that's all it takes for your worst day ever be the best day ever?. To spent everyday with that person and when you are with that person nothing else in the world matters?....

Well i have and that special human is no one but the most amazing, sweet and kind being to ever been created.....

Doctor Time Turner Whooves.........

Canterlot's Student Psychologist

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Set in a Equestria Girls where Flash was never presented. He is a student but never appears ( note for further chapters ) also the tag sex is because is gonna be mentioned and maybe implied but never described. Well as far i can think.

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That picture, though... :rainbowkiss:
Could you please provide us a link so we can go and check out the pic for ourselves? Thank you! :pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by SkittlesJr deleted Dec 23rd, 2015
Comment posted by SkittlesJr deleted Dec 23rd, 2015

That was nothing short of magnificent!:pinkiehappy:. Although, make sure you capitalize your (I)s and add correct punctuation. I can't wait to keep reading!!!!!!!!!!!!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

6761398 Oh of course :twilightsheepish: I guess I accidently left some mistakes and I'm glad you liked it.

This sounds good so far. I can't wait for more.

6807227 Thanks... Im glad you like it

Lets see here *pulls up notes in ruby colored magic*

Doctor Who / Doctor Whooves - Check
Companion Rose Tyler from real life series - Check
Equestrian Counterpart of Rose - Check
Love-struck Derpy - Check

:derpyderp1: Imma stop this list before I get ahead of myself :twilightsheepish:

6822296 :rainbowlaugh: Lolz sorry sometimes I think I try to hard to confuse people Imma just shut up for now

*super high pitched squeal*!!!! Yàaaasss!!!!!:yay: derpyxdoctor whooves :pinkiehappy:

Just...AMAZING!! ???????????????? Ready 4 chapter 2...

Something really bad is gonna happen...Vynil doesn't lie!! Omygawwd! Cant wait for the next chapter!! You are really good in this stuff! I love it!

Doc, as always opens his mouth and inserts foot when he's not being analytical.

The stories pretty good, but you could use a editor.


Big Brother sounds a lot like Shining Armor the way you described him :trixieshiftright:

6910655 Umm.. he is not him exactly. Big bro is light tanned ( between pale and tan.. A medium pale orange)

6910660 Lolz I might have skimmed the discription and Shining is what I got :scootangel: My Bad

6910662 Nah is okay. I will say Big Bro's real name in the next chapter and even may make a story of him.. Time will tell:twilightsmile:

6910682 I would actually like to see a more in depth story about this "Big Bro" and Derpy

6910767 When I have a proper name for the story then I will

My god this chapter was just absolutely amazing.

At first I was like,:ajsleepy:No Ditzy, don't do it! Then I was like,:pinkiegasp: then :pinkiehappy: Rainbow totally deserved it. Then I was like, :rainbowkiss: yay! We finnally meet big brother!!!!!!!!!!!

Another question, Is big brother Flash Sentry or a new OC?:rainbowhuh:

Great spelling, grammer, and punctuation!:twilightsmile:

6912288 Not an Oc. Yes is Flash Sentry

So by the last chapters name is this series done? :rainbowhuh:

6927773 no... Theres still a lot of chapters before the end

Omg!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! This is amaaaaaaaaaaaazing!!!

Okay, I'm a total drive-by person here, but can anyone, real quick, tell me why this thing is the only invalid entry to that ocalhoun contest thing?

6984439 They told me it was beyond the limit of words and that it had to be in a stand by itself universe, not based in one (like Egs which this is. Only that Flash and Pony Twilight never met.)




I checked this story five minutes before the new chapter. I say "when will it update?" and I go to the front page and boom. New chapter.

Theory- Mew Mew Kissy Cutie kissing

7088339 Yeah. I was able to upload it today.:twilightsheepish: And Let's see if your theory comes true

Is it so wrong for me to think of the 10th Doctor EVERYTIME I see Doctor Whooves!?

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