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After finding out that the school is being vandalized and that the school's food supply is being stolen at night by some unknown trickster, Twilight Sparkle and her friends decide to sneak into the school at night to try and catch this trickster. What they did not expect to find was not only a new friend but a possible love interest. Posing as the janitor's assistant by day and stealing from the school at night, Discord almost gets away with it, if it weren't for the shy and kind Fluttershy. After being caught by Celestia and the mane 6 it is up to the girls to try and reform Discord by having to spend some time with each one of them individually to try and learn about the magic of friendship, if they fail to do so he will go to jail. There is not only Fluttercord shipping in this story but several other ships as well, but I'm not going to name all of them right now so you'll just have to read the story and find out. Can the mane 6 befriend Discord and teach him all about the magic of friendship before he uses his chaos to cause trouble in Canterlot High, or will they fail in their mission and let his chaos and confusion run amok and end up in jail? I did not actually write the original story in Spanish but I have permission from Conikiblasu himself to publish it on other forms of fanfic. I have written the English version of this story.

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I like the concept though the wording and details could be a bit better anyway good luck with the next chapter.

6544797 *hugs* yay my first comment. Thank you for not holding back

It's amazing how much you've improved in these last few chapters, and I love how quickly you update. Keep up with the great work.

6551080 Thanks, but tbh I only wrote the English version, I just went back and fixed my mistakes.

6551098 Ah , still though I love the way you make discord act. It really fits his character in my opinion.

When i read the part where flutters screams i was like she gonna get raped

This is bullsh$% i dont like discord being a little bi&#$ i liked him f:yay:ing around with everybody and not give a fuck and still be good/im gonna ruin your life guy we're is he can you bring him back plzzzzzzz

wait did you ask the owner on FanFiction to allow you to do there fanfic??

6563012 Yes, I asked Conikiblasu. I'm also the translator to this fic. I wrote the english version.

6558665 same, i like it when he's being evil but that's just how the story goes, i suppose.

6563815 hmmmmmm your improving discord i like it but he lacks the power to make people pay for what their saying about him but i would say that your improving and changing him to a being i'll like,but either way i like this story.

6563735 Ok I just wanted to make sure... Lol but Ty for bringing it to FimFiction (One of my favorite storys) anyways good luck ^^

6564687 oh no prob. P.S. Conikiblasu is my boyfriend, so I wouldn't do something like this without asking and him knowing about it.
i've had to edit it like adding " marks for the dialogue or working out some parts that just don't make much sense. Thank you for reading and for commenting.

6564753 Np and I hope you are both doing good ^^

This story has easy made it to my top 5 list.

6565186 Well if you like this story just wait until I upload the sequel

Ok good job im digging it and also discord, nice work ill be expecting great things from you and your storys in the future.p.s.ima stabs sorian if he f%cks with my leader discord baby.

*i stand up and some other randomn people to start a slow clap*just wow like wow i'm impressed like im fully in the way this chapter was done like i was shocked how the part where discord explained how the colors of the dress explains the women and stuff.You know what keep going your really great.p.s. keep it up:raritywink: ;)=):)


Hmm for AppleJack's accent you could try replacing "I" with "Ah" though I guess it's entirely dependent on how country you wish her to seem. So I can't really give anymore advice than that.

Happy birthday hope all your wishes come true

Please add the Equestria Girls tag.

Hmm if I had to bet I'd say stone for a while then reformation but eh that's just my guess.

Twi, just stop. Discord isn't trying anything.:facehoof::facehoof:

Oh god, if all this is only the first two chapters of shipping, I shudder to think about what comes next.:facehoof:

I have a feeling that I'll be face-palming for the next few shipping chapters.

Oh god. Words cannot describe how much I feel about this chapter.

Oh god.:facehoof:
When the others find out...

"Nope!" Yelled Big Mac."Nope! I don't ship this!"


Oh crap Discord. You gotta a lot of explaining to do.:twilightoops:

Sh&$ is about to go down.:twilightoops:

The style of writing is a little off but there are some genuine moments of good writing so I'm sticking to it. You have a intriguing story and I want to know what happens next and you seem to be improving with each chapter.

I fankly enjoyed reading the scooter scene. It seemed very in character. Especially Luna just getting pissed off and making him trip with a ruler.

This is a good story. Can't wait to read more.

he was furious that Discord was trying to steal his wifu,

I think you meant to spell Wifu like this Waifu

"Do. Not. Ever. Insult. Her. Or any of my friends." Said Discord through his teeth. "If you're real men then come at me bro!"

What a man~:heart: :heart: :heart:

Hi. So I am actually really liking this one. I've been reading fanfics lately, and truth be told, they've all been terrible. Bad grammar and/or spelling. Absolutely no build up to ANY of the plots, and the chapters were all one to two paragraphs long at MOST.

The spelling and grammar here, I've found a couple minuscule things here and there. The pacing and build up to everything so far has been calm, not rushed. To top it off, your chapter length is good. It could be longer, but I know this is just the translated version from Spanish to English, so you can't help that. Either way, my sincere gratitude for finding a (so far) really good story, and for doing such a terrific job with the translation in all aspects. Please, if you could send a message to the original author as well, and give them my praise as well I would be deeply grateful. Give credit where credit is due, I say, and you both are deserving of this.

Please continue to ship them, also, both of you. It's such a big ship and there's plenty of room for more Fluttercord shippers. :fluttershyouch: :pinkiehappy: :heart:

6755563 *gasp* thank you, thank you, thank you. and if you look up Conikiblasu you'll find the original author. *hugs* If you like this one please read the sequel.

All of these couplings are just so...not my thing. I really like how the love interests are getting so worked up, though. It makes me smile :pinkiehappy: also :raritystarry:

Maybe fix some of the errors that I saw it was mostly caps, and at one moment there wasn't a beginning speak quote but an end one. Just some minor details here and there that can easily be fix in a matter of ten or so minutes just read over the chapters before you post them. Or Google Doc it, :applejackunsure: It your story in the end, I just thought on reading some of your stories

I'll look into that. and thanks for reading this

A few typos here and there and I don't understand the gaps in the middle of some of the sentences, but good story overall

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