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This story is a sequel to Sunset Shimmer: The Mysterious Mare-Do-Well

It is Hearth's Warming Eve in Ponyville, and the town is celebrating. Sunset Shimmer is at a party with her friends when she spots a suspicious figure leaping across the rooftops of Ponyville. Donning her Mare-Do-Well costume, she goes out to investigate, but not before Rarity offers to give the heroine a festive makeover for the occasion.

A one-shot companion story to "Sunset Shimmer: The Mysterious Mare-Do-Well." Reading the original story can give insight as to how Sunset arrived in Ponyville and became the Mysterious Mare-Do-Well; however, since this one-shot doesn't contain spoilers for the main plotline, it is not required.

Special thanks to my proofreader, professorsawyer!

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the mysterious mare do well is a fucking terrorist.

that is all.

Also, is that a Noel Mare Do Well I see in the Author's note?


yeah yeah, they both scream alluh akbar



since when has helping someone helped someone?

6745347 Nah, that's just Mare-Do-Well decked out in Christmas colors. :twilightsmile:

Well, I'm dubbing it Noel Mare Do Well.:trollestia:

6745413 You disgust me good sir. Go troll somewhere else as you hide in the basement of your old home.

Now this was a cute Christmas story, nice tie-in to Mare-Do-Well. :twilightsmile:


WOOPS, forgot my obvious /sarcasm sensors were off.

Maybe now I'll finally get around to reading past chapter 3 of the main story :facehoof:

Really liked this side story though!

Ah, a Batman and the Grey Ghost reference. Great nod to the animated series.

6746221 Actually... that was unintentional. I never really watched Batman TAS. :twilightblush:

oh, well.... great coincidence!

It's 1:07 Christmas morning. I loved this. It was worth the wait since you wrote it, as I knew it would be. You are a great writer, by the way, and I look forward to reading this again next year.

I wonder if Silver Ghost will become a Catwoman-like figure in Sunset's life?

I've got a feeling that this universe's version of the Mares of the Round Table will be Sunset and her fellow heroes (including one or two reformed villains, as with the JLA).

Pity this series ended. I would have liked to see Sunset and silver team up to fight crime. Oh well

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