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"Star Children." These are six young beings of prophecy, born with a very special magic inside of them. A magical energy that grants them the power and potential to achieve amazing feats, destined for greatness.

The first Star Child is a young dinosaur, still inside his egg as his home falls into the hands of a dangerous enemy. In order to keep him safe, his parents send him off to another world, to the only one they can trust to look after him.

One night, as a shooting star flies across the sky, Princess Twilight Sparkle finds a small basket on her doorstep...

A collaboration prequel to the "Freedom Yoshi Planet" crossover series by BronyVideoGamer. Takes place during Season 4.

Yoshi belongs to Nintendo.
Freedom Planet belongs to GalaxyTrail.

Chapters (8)
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Comments ( 11 )

The food will be grabbed by Yoshi's tongue and swallowed whole.

An awesome start to what will be Yoshi's perfect friendship with his new friends and family!

The what books? It's ok as I haven't even read the other first ones. I don't know what is in them.

Definitely my favorite chapter just from Rarity treating Yoshi like she does Spike. But I think it fits Yoshi better because he’s not afraid to be treated like a baby.

Comment posted by LawtonCash deleted Sep 20th, 2019

Yeah... Joey forgot to post the chapter until it was finished, and I had to remind him. I’m the co-author of the story. He’s just the writer because I honestly suck at writing stories myself.

Comment posted by LawtonCash deleted Oct 5th, 2019
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