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Queen Chrysalis is trying to take over Equestria!

Meanwhile, Berry Punch sleeps in. She's a member of an elite guard, and she sleeps in?! Pinkie doesn't mind, but Bon Bon does. Being an Elite means watching out for Changelings. Is Berry good at what she does?

Sorry for the cheesy description. It's a detailing of one day in Berry Punch's life, does that sounds good to you?

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I want to know what's happened to Sunny Daze. Sequel please!

Also... 5000 words exactly?!
If that was deliberate, then please marry me! :heart:

6701714 It was 4998 words when I went to publish it. :rainbowlaugh: 2 words off? No way could I not go back and add "Pie" behind Pinkie's name? :rainbowdetermined2:

So does this mean we're engaged?

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