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And she doth also carry the stars in her hooves.

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... very good. Carry on. :rainbowlaugh:

Now that is a trunk show I would like to see
Luna is awesome, such a perv
Tentacular fun us best fun

Very lovely little story


Thank you soooo much!

6641629 It was so much fun to work with her!! :raritywink::heart:

6641655 I can imagine, its a fun read

That was deeply silly but amusing.


Thanks! Noir and I tried our best.

Now that was a fun read! Very silly and quite enjoyable. I had a blast reading it :heart:

6641734 Thank you! Azurala and I couldn't stop laughing while writing.

Personally I would call pinkie a pornicorn.

6641945 Aaaahhhhhh that's SO much better!! :pinkiehappy:


Feel like I just walked into a goddamn "Adult store," Phwoar. Hope no-one sees me enter or leave.


6642100 Creative license is often taken with these types of fics. :twilightsmile:

6642100 Creative license is often taken with these types of fics for the sake of comedy. :twilightsmile:

'Uniporn' justifies the entire fic.

That said, I can't help but imagine that Luna had had a few drinks before showing up at the party.


While we can't be entirely sure if our Lunar Princess was intoxicated or not, she was pretty hilarious.

So, Pinkie brought the party to a grinding halt did she? Eigh? Eigh?

... .

I'll show myself out.

Joking aside a fun little story, I do like the idea of Fluttershy being such a naughty mare, always the quiet ones.
PrudeLestia is a bit of an old trope that I don't really like but works well enough in this story and seems more like it's just her little sister is poking fun at her if Sunbutt has a guard "set aside" and all.

6642183 As always, your feedback is appreciated.

Rumor has it that Aloe and Lotus have a prototype dragon toy in making.

Good funny story, please keep making more in that style. Favorited and liked.


Aww, thank you!

Heh, the application of magic to such items could lead to some fun, purely scientific, research :twilightsmile:

6649677 I know right? I mean Changelings...a race that is popular on this site due to their nature of feeding on love via shapeshifting shenanigans (their queen doubly so due to giving a certain lying immortal bastard a real fucking headache like we all want to do from time to time...and being absolutely shameless about it) literal walking innuendos those guys...this world is bound to have some very kinky magic.

A grinding halt, ehhhhhh? :pinkiehappy:

Probably not a good idea to be eating something while reading these kinds of stories...I nearly choked on my food from laughing too hard. LOL

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