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And she doth also carry the stars in her hooves.


There's no escaping a determined Pinkie Pie, as Spitfire and Rainbow Dash find while trying to procure some "alone time". Meanwhile, the party pony reveals some startling cupcake flavors to Ponyville.

Coauthored with Noir de Plume~

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I'm so proud of us it's disgusting. :raritystarry:

5840397 Thank you.

Thank you so much!:rainbowkiss:

I love this.


Thank you very much!

5840553 You're most welcome. It was a veritable blast. I sense more collaboration in the future. :raritywink:

Oh dear, this was fantastic :rainbowlaugh:


*Skakes angry fist

Feels like it borrowed some from "Griffon the Brush-off", but what the hay.

this... was so so omg this was just great.


I'm afraid I haven't read the story, but I promise nothing was stolen from it. Thank you for saying something in advance!

5842110 :twilightoops:Not a fic, I meant the episode with Gilda. Just the part with Pinkie jumping after them over and over again while they're on a cloud. And Spitfire being so (understandably) snitty about it was reminiscent of Gilda. But there's no problem!:twilightsmile:

For all their complaining, at least they got their "alone time" in the end. That doesn't always happen in these kinds of stories.


Ha! My bad. It's really late.


Aww, thanks.

I think they could hear me laughing in the next town.

The facehoofs bah gawd the facehoofs :facehoof:

Well done my friend :ajsmug:


Thanks so much! Glad you liked it.


I appreciate it~

I have never heard of "eating the carpet," actually. Read the whole story and don't know what it means.


It means eating a girl out. Licking the pussy. =3

5850627 Yep, I learned that by looking it up. When I was looking it up though, I found a news article about a 4 year old with a strange medical case that caused her to be addicted to eating carpet. I laughed at the wording.

Nice story. Lol, poor Rainbow and Spitfire. Hopefully the carpet was comfy. Lol, pun.

That moment when your annoying friend keeps interrupting dessert.

Gets a like for that last line.

i played 70s love music to this story. i guess you could say they were in between the sheets

Meh. Kinda funny. Too drawn out for the punch line imo

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