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A terrible tragedy has befallen Ponyville and its Applefarm. After an attack on the yearly Apple Clan Reunion that leaves the entire clan slain and Apple Bloom in the hospital subject to a coma, the Elements and the Crusaders are busy mourning the loss of not only Applejack, but the Apple Clan while awaiting Apple Bloom to recover.

Meanwhile, Applejack, who was thought to be dead. Has been kept hidden from prying eyes under the watchful eye of Zecora for one whole year, now Applejack is well and awake from her slumber...

And she demands Vengeance against those who wronged her...

Written by: Dustchu
Cover Art by: Sipioc
My Little Pony is the property of those people who own the franchise and shit
This is a crossover, obviously. :rainbowkiss: care to guess which one?

Chapters (5)
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Oh, so the Bacardi Family thinks that they can wipe out one of the most well-known and respected families in Equestria, and get away with it, and can take possession of Sweet Apple Acres just like that?

Well, all I can say to this is.........

They just signed their own death-warrants with this massacre.

The reason?

You don't mess with the Apple Family.

And the Princesses help you if you leave even one of them alive.

Especially if that one is named Applejack.

Oh, yeah. They're dead.

The whole stinkin' lot of 'em.

On top of that, I just have the feeling that their little "hostile takeover" of the farm won't be that easy. As they seem to have forgotten Ponyville's resident Princess, AJ's friends; etc.

This is going in my "Especial Favorites" and I can't wait for the next chapter to see what happens next!

Okay, I don't know who the three of you were who down-voted this story, but please at least have the courtesy (to say nothing of the guts!) to tell Dustchu why you did so!

Yep, they think they can get away with it! The nerve of that family.
Doing such a hoorible thing. Oh they're dead... very dead, so dead they give a whole new meaning to the word dead.
They do indeed seem to have forgotten, haven't they?

Awesome! Glad you liked this, here's to the next chapter hopefully living up to your expectations!

I wish they would! ;w;
People do that to a lot of my stories, //sobs

5997081 Well, I'm hoping so, anyway.

And you seemed to hint at that in the stories description, sooooo I just assumed.........

I just hope that they keep a tight guard on Apple Bloom while she's in the hospital, to keep her safe from the rattlesnakes that're crawling around Ponyville at the moment.

I'm sure they will, though.

(Yeah, I know; never assume!:rainbowlaugh:)

And I really am! It's a good story, and I can't wait for more of it!

And I think that it will.

Yeah, me, too.

I have absolutely no respect for anyone who does that to you...or any author on here!:twilightangry2:

If I ever down-voted a story, I'd definitely be sure to let the author know just why I did so. I wouldn't just down-vote it, then run off like a spineless coward without giving any kind of reason.:facehoof:

Hopefully~ :rainbowkiss:
yeah I did hint at that didn't I? :rainbowkiss: huehuehue eue

Same here, Apple Bloom could be a target should news of her survival get out.

People who just down-vote a story for no reason, I don't approve. :raritydispair:
I would at least like a reason for the DV, at the very least. Ain't that hard ta do.

5997539 :raritywink:

Yep, you did.

Yeah, she would be.

Something just tells me that she'd be pretty tightly guarded, though.

Especially if a certain lavender Princess has anything to say about it.

(Twilight is a princess at this particular time, isn't she? Just curious.)

And me, neither! That's just a lousy way to do an author!

Again, me, too. If you don't like something that I've written, at least have the common decency to tell me why!

Because you're right; it's not.

Unless they're just too darned lazy to do anything than just hit the "Thumbs down" button. (Which seems to be the case.:facehoof:)


Mmhmm, Twilight is. And hopefully as a princess she will do a damn good job protecting lilttle Bloom.

Yeppers, real lazy.
Ugh, I remember for my Return story I got thirteen dislikes, and I had just posted it.
No comments, that was depressing for me. BUT SHE'S STILL GOING BABY! :yay:

5997763 :pinkiehappy:

Okay, cool. I was hoping that she was. I wasn't exactly sure which season that this was set in; the first 2, and the first episodes of Season 3 before Magical Mystery Cure (just a bit of "trivia"; that title sounded a bit like the title of an old Beatles song (and album), Magical Mystery Tour, to me), or from Season 3's MMC up to the present season.

So I just thought that I'd ask.

I have a feeling that she will, though. One of her best friend's family (and said best friend, for all intents and purposes, as far as she and everypony else know) was brutally massacred, the youngest (Apple Bloom) is seeemingly dead (at least as of this first chapter), and the most famous and well-respected apple farm and orchard has basically been razed to the ground.

And all because a whole entire family of stupid, greedy jerks couldn't take "no" for an answer when the Apples turned down their "business" proposal...as was their absolute right to do.

And then, on top of everything else, that one stallion (I've forgotten his name already (bad me)) had the unmitigated gall to tell the "dying" Applejack that all of that was her fault for not signing the Bicardi's contract!

Some "people" are just that flat-out stupid, though, y' know?

And, of course, they'll no doubt deny that they had anything to do with the whole thing once the investigations starts, don't ya know.

Yeah, I definitely would not want to be in any of their horseshoes once a certain orange-coated Element of Honesty is fully healthy and back on her hooves again.

'Cause you've heard how it's not wise to poke a hornet's nest? Well, the Bicardis didn't just poke this particular "hornet's nest", they took a proverbial baseball bat to it!

And methinks that they're all gonna pay for it...big time.

Yeppers, real lazy.
Ugh, I remember for my Return story I got thirteen dislikes, and I had just posted it.
No comments, that was depressing for me. BUT SHE'S STILL GOING BABY! :yay:

Yeah, they are.
Which is what aggravates me to no end!
Seriously?! That's just plain old stupid...and cowardly!

Yeah, I just bet it was.:applecry:

But hey, at least you got the last :rainbowlaugh: on the naysayers on that one!

I know very little about any of the later seasons, I'm on the sixth episode of the first season when Trixie arrives for the first time.
Hehehe, really? Interesting song title :rainbowkiss:

Feel free to ask away at anyhing ya want boyo~
Though some things will remain a secret~ //cackles

Yeah they are stupid, but that comes with their territory of being douchebags :rainbowlaugh:
How dare Havoc (That's his name) Havoc Bicardi.
Hehehe, you'll find out exactly what happened in the next chapter, legit it explains a lot.

Yep, I've heard that saying, though it makes me wonder just who had the balls to poe one in the first place! X'D
Mhmm, big time baby.

Same here man, its aggravating and annoying.

At least I did!

6000550 Oh, okay. I didn't know that you were still in Season 1. No biggie.

Yep. It's one of my faves.

Okay, I may do that later.
And of course. Where's the fun of reading a story if the author reveals everything beforehoof?
None, that's what.

Yeah, it sound like it.:facehoof:
Havoc! That was it! Dang, I have trouble with names lately!
Ooooooo, sounds interesting! I can't wait to see what happens in it!

I kinda figured that you had. I think that everyone knows it, really.

Yep, it is.
Another one?! I bet they didn't even read the chapter, either.
Blasted cowardly idiots.........:facehoof:

Yep, and that's the spirit! Don't let them get you down!:rainbowdetermined2:

I need to watch more episodes, but my internet is an arse to meh.
And awesome again~

Yep, no fun whatsoever.
Havoc Bicardi, hehe eue it can be hard to remember, I'm in the same boat as ya laddie.
Me either! :D

They're just jealous of my awesome writing skills, obviously :rainbowlaugh:
I make this fandom 20% cooer with my stories :rainbowkiss:

6000806 Yeah, I hear ya there. Outside my cable's "On-Demand" thing, the internet is the only way that I can watch any of this season's new episodes. Mainly because the "Discovery Family" channel isn't one of the channels that we get on our current cable package.

Hehe, thank you!

Too true.

Yeah, it can.
And I don't mind your kind of company in the boat.
I'm a lassie, though, not a laddie.
No big there, either, though.:raritywink:

Oh, without a doubt they are! They wouldn't be downvoting your stories if they weren't.

And yes, you do!

Oh, yeah!

Mmmm... Cable TV //drools
That's fun to use 8'D I'm four seasons behind, I suck at this! XD

No problem!
Party boat!
Oh my bad! XD hehehe.

So jelly~
Wheeee~ :'D

So Rainbow and the rest of AJ's friends smell a rat, where the massacre at the Acres is concerned. Good.

And so it's revealed that MIss Crystal Bicardi is an incestuous bitch, as well as a greedy hypocrite. Figures.

I have absolutely no words to express just how much I hate her at this point.

To the point that I've got an OC who'd like nothing better than to take her knife to her throat right now.

Well, all I can say is...she deserves everything that Applejack is going to bring her way when the time comes. In spades.

And I like the twist about keeping Apple Bloom safe; pretending that she's dead, just like the rest of her family.

Well played, my friend. Well played, indeed.

Comment posted by D3V1L_D09 deleted May 23rd, 2015

Yep, she is a icesty beeeatch~
But weirdly enough I just love how I wrote her out, she came out perfectly!
Ahhh, maybe if she wasn't so evil she might be getting more love.

To the point that I've got an OC who'd like nothing better than to take her knife to her throat right now.

Makes me wonder who that is *wiggles eyebrows*

Yep! Twilight and Rainbow Did good with that little bit, keeping her hidden.
The whole thing does seem suspicious if you think about it~ huehuehue eue
Why thank you ^^

Clever boy, I saw what you did there~ :ajsmug:

6008460 Yeah, she most certainly is!
And yeah, you did good! It takes a well-written character (like your unicorn ice queen) to stir a readers emotions like that.
Which you definitely did.
Heh. As to that.........
Where's the fun in that?:raritywink:

Makes me wonder who that is *wiggles eyebrows*

Oh, I think you know who it is.
A certain Great Deer-raised, warrior-trained pegasus who just so happens to think of the Apples as her second family and would dearly love to take every single Bacardi apart piece-by-slow, agonizing piece.

Starting with Miss Crystal.

Yes, they definitely did! AJ'll be happy to know that once she comes back and starts wreaking havoc on the Bacardis.
And yeah, it does.

Why, you're very welcome, hon. Can't wait to see what you have in store for us in the next chapter!

Aww, thanks~ hehehe, I hope she can do more then just stir 8'D
Even the villains deserve a little but of love *grapple hugs Crystal*

Oooohohoho, well. She just might get that chance, who knows. Maybe she'll run up across AJ or something *shrugs innocently* and help her out a bit~

Yep! AJ will be one happy mare, to know that she hasn't lost her entire family.
I can't wait either! :D hehehe eue
Stick around my friend!

6010404 :pinkiehappy:
Well, you have a point there. Two of them, actually.

Oh? Are you planning something for my girl Wolf that I don't know about?:applejackunsure::ajbemused::rainbowhuh:

Yep, she will.

And I cannot wait to see that particular reunion!:raritywink:


Don't worry about that; I plan on it!

:yay: yay for points!

Weeeeeelllllll... a suggestion/offer's out there, if one were to accept, that is *wink wink coughcameocough nudge nudge*
Can ya blame me? Wolf is gorgeous

My reunions leave something to be desired, Here's hoping I can make the reunion a good one... when we get there that is.

Wheeeeee! :rainbowkiss: Awesome~
Hehehe, I'm having some interesting thoughts for another story like this one, but with a different Element.

6010909 :rainbowlaugh:Yep!

Hey, if you want to put her in the story somewhere, I'm certainly not gonna say no, and Wolf isn't either! In fact, she's tickled that you want to include her!:pinkiehappy:

So go right ahead.

Btw, she says "thank you" for the compliment.

(And I think she's blushing. (KInda hard to tell with that dark blue coat of hers, though........))

*dodges the hoof-swipe from said mare*

Well, that happens sometimes, but I think you'll do a great job on it.:pinkiehappy:

Really? Cool. I'll be sure to read that one, too, when you come out with it.:ajsmug:


Hehehe, I think I just might~ *fistpump* yush~

Well I say 'you're welcome' cause she truly is one heck of a pretty pegasus~
Love em. She just has such a pretty color scheme //sobs

Yep it does, and thanks for the words friends! :D

Yep yep yep! And awesome saucy!
I'll be sure to read it as well, eue hueueueue
//flails in happiness
Just Updated Return! In case you were following that. Finally //sobs

Stay Frosty my friends! :D

6011141 Again, thank you. *hoofbumps*

Okay, I'll do that, and that she is. She tends to take compliments pretty well...although she can (and does) get an ego bigger than RD's at times.
But not without reason, of course.

All in all, though, she tends to be a pretty calm, level-headed type of gal. Which is why she and AJ tend to get along so well.

Another thing about her is that she has a huge amount of fierce loyalty to those that she loves, and would go to any lengths to protect them, and should something...bad...happen to them, to avenge them, as well.

She takes very much after the ones who raised her on that score, and absolutely will not hesitate to call what the Great Deer Folk (her adopted people and tribe) call "Blood Oath" on those who have harmed, or even worse, killed said loved ones.

Which effectively means "No quarter given, no quarter taken...no mercy", where she's concerned.

And given how highly she regards Applejack and the family, and how much she loves them; well, I leave you to figure out just what she'd do once she found out that the Bicardis were behind the massacre at Sweet Apple Acres.

Well, thank you for both of those.

Cool, and you're very welcome, hon.

And thank you for that.
Really? Thanks for the head's up, hon! I'll go check it out!

And I will!

No problem! *hoofbump*
hehehe, bigger then RD's sometimes? That'd be a sight to see.

Mmmhmm, she seems like the type.
Blood Oath? Well that sounds... terrifying, and I bet it has something to do with wolves, and her adorable canine teeth
//giggles madly while rubbing hands together

Heheheh, no problem!

No problem! *hoofbump*
hehehe, bigger then RD's sometimes? That'd be a sight to see.

Mmmhmm, she seems like the type.
Blood Oath? Well that sounds... terrifying, and I bet it has something to do with wolves, and her adorable canine teeth
//giggles madly while rubbing hands together

Heheheh, no problem!

6014364 6014372 :pinkiehappy:

Oh, yeah. It doesn't happen very often, though. Wolf's too level-headed and sensible for that.
Well, at times she is.:raritywink:

Yep, she is.
And it is, which is why the Deer Folk don't invoke it very often or lightly; just in cases of crimes against their people like what happened to the Apples in your story.
But sometimes Wolf does use that to her advantage, given that her special talent and is being able to communicate with wolves (the regular furry, non-sapient kind, as well as the Timberwolves in the show), like Fluttershy does with most other animals, so she has the ability to assimilate their behaviors at times, and uses it as needed.
And while you think her teeth (her fangs, especially) are adorable, she tends to be a bit self-conscious and sensitive about them most of the time. (As she knows that the majority of pony mares don't have them once they get their adult teeth.)


She's a good pony then, sensible and level headed, nice.
hehehe eue

That is very interesting... I approve.

Her teeth are adorable, I wouldn't make fun of her //squees
I'd compliment em.

6014973 That she is.
And she says "thank you" again, btw.

Thank you. It's part of my headcanon for them, and her.

Again, she says thank you.

See, the thing is, less-sensitive ponies making fun of them, and by extension her, are the main reason she's pretty sensitive about them.
There have even been ponies in her past (and some in the present, sadly) who have called her a "freak" because of her fangs.
Which is just one reason why, in my headcanon, Applejack and the family (and most especially AJ) are just as fiercely protective of her as Wolf's own family is.

Small misunderstandings along the way notwithstanding.:twilightsheepish:
Heck, in my headcanon of the two of them, AJ and Wolf have known each other since they were both 4 years old, so they're lifelong BFFs, and would defend each other to the death, if need be.

Welcome welcome welcome! :D

Wow, how mean. But I'm sure with her level head she can ignore them, at the very least.
And how nice of the Apple family, friends since childhood? Awesome~
I approve of this... a lot.

Excellent chapter, Dustchu hon! I love it!

And no, it doesn't suck, hon; it's very good.

Okay, there's a few spelling flubs here and there, but nothing major, and nothing that you couldn't go back and correct. I'll throw them at you later.

One right off the bat, though, at the beginning of the chapter:

Applejack stirred from his resting place on the floor

Shouldn't that be

Applejack stirred from her resting place on the floor


And Dash is suspicious of the Becardi's involvement in what's going on north of the Acres. Good girl; she should be.

One thought, though: couldn't Spike just send a message to Twilight via Princess Celestia? I know that she's going to be gone for a week on royal business, but he and Dash could at least keep her apprised on what Ms. Bicardi is up to north of the farm.

And gee, I just wonder who that mystery mare is, too.:applejackunsure:

She sounds cool. I guess that we'll find out who she is soon enough, huh?:raritywink::ajsmug:

One more thing: I heartily agree with the choice of flower that our cloaked mystery mare chose to put on AJ's "grave". The white bluebell is a lovely flower, and one of my own personal favorites.

Along with a lovely one called the Snowfire Rose.

A lovely blossom that, in my own headcanon for Wolf and AJ, is the one that they both choose as the flower that signifies their strong bond of love and friendship with each other.

6019386 :pinkiehappy:

Yeah, really.

Oh, yeah, she usually does, and there's actually really only one pony (who's unfortunately a pegasus member of the Solar Division of the Royal Guard) who tends to try his best (heavy, heavy accent on try to there) to get under her skin on a fairly regular basis, and who she absolutely despises.
But, given that with her warrior training amongst the members of her adopted tribe and family, she can best him at just about anything that he throws at her 99.9% of the time, she tends to ignore him for the most part.
(Of course, that leaves that very rare 1% of the time when he does succeed with his shenanigans, but all that usually gets him is her literally beating the ever-loving snot out of him for whatever he says or does to try and provoke her.
And, what with her being the daughter (adopted, or otherwise) of one of the most powerful creatures in Equestria (who's also one of Princess Celestia's oldest friends and most trusted advisers), he can't really do much to get back at her on the rare occasions that that does happen.)

Yep, and thank you.

I actually have this whole really cute scene planned out for them in my fics for when they meet each other for the first time. It is actually also the moment that Wolf finds out that she actually is a pony, and a pegasus on top of that, and not some kind of weird Great Deer fawn with wings.

And again, thank you. I'm glad that you do.:twilightsmile:


The more i hear about Wolf the more I love her story :yay:
She's so awesome!

Welcome once more~
I would so read that!
Welcome again!


Why thank ya kindly darlin'! :ajsmug:

There's always a few spelling blubs :P
Thanks for spotting them! I'll try and fix em up.
FIXED! that one anyway :P

Yep, she is alright. All that Daring Do she read is kicking in and making her want to figure this stuff out.
And she just might.

I won't lie, I forgot Spike could do that :rainbowlaugh:
Hehehe, I'll remedy it next chapter.

Me too, she sure is strange. But cool indeed! Hopefully we'll find out her true identity next time~

I'm glad you do!I was looking up some rare looking flowers and that one just looked perfect~
Bluebells are so flipping cool looking.

Holy crap that is a pretty flower, awesome choice!
And that is a sweet headcanon :pinkiesmile:

Thnaks for reviewing! :D

6022825 Awww, thank you! I'm glad that you like her.

And she says "thank you again", too, btw.

Well, thank you! I hope that have it worked up pretty soon (as I want to work on one of my fics other than the one that I'm working on (or trying to, anyway!) at the present time.

(Danged writer's block! I hate it so much!!!:twilightangry2:)

As to that, you're very welcome, sweetling.

Yes, indeedy! All that adventure stuff does come in handy when the right time comes, huh?:raritywink:
And that's cool to know. I just hope that she doesn't go charging into some sort of trouble, but she wouldn't be Rainbow "Danger Daring" Dash is she didn't do something really...um...dumb?...foolish?...from time to time.
Now would she?:raritywink:

Well, I wasn't sure if you had or not, so I just thought that I'd mention it.

Yep, to both.
And I really hope so.

Oh, I really do! It's gorgeous, and perfect! I absolutely approve of the choice!
And yes, they are!

Isn't it, though? I hope to be able to get a bush of them to plant once I get some back bills and crap taken care of so I can get my own place pretty soon, so I can plant if there after I move in. So thank you!

And thank you for that, too.

Another thing that is in my headcanon is that I ship AJ and Wolf pretty heavily (as both, in my own headcanon, are bisexual. (Or, as AJ herself would put it, "Our barn-doors swing both ways". Both of them lean more heavily toward mares than stallions, though, for reasons that each of them has.)), and each one of them has been in love with the other since they were both around 14 or 15 years old.
It's just that neither one of them knows that about the other one.
Yet, anyway.:ajsmug::raritywink:

That's kinda why the Snowfire developed a secondary special meaning for them both.

It's also the main flower that they will both one day wear at their LifeMating Ceremony (the Great Deer Folks' equivalent of marriage) some years into the near future.

But you didn't hear that from me.:raritywink:

How can I not? :D
Welcome welcome welcome all around!
//giggles madly

Awesome! I do hope to read that story, it sounds like it'll be great!
(I know the feeling all to well my friend... it's like a bug, always aggravating ya to no end //sobs)


And yes it does come in handy, especially when it comes to sneaking around and not getting caught.
And no she wouldn't be XD hehehe.
I hope so as well~

//sobs happy tears
Yay! So happy to hear that, I really am.
Ahh man, growing some of the Snowfire roses sounds awesome, legitness.
hope you can get some.

That is nice, I like that~

*zips lips*

6023760 Well...that's true.
She is pretty adorable, isn't she?
Thankies all the way around, too.:rainbowlaugh:

Well, I hope it will be, anyway. I've just got so many plot bunnies running around my head with new ideas, it's not even funny!
(Man, I really, really need to get Fluttershy to lock Angel up somewhere so he'll stop stirring up new ones for awhile, so I can finally get some real work done for bloomin' once!
Think I can?
*sighs* Yeah, I think we all do unfortunately.
And you're right about that one!

True, on both counts.
And thanks.:raritywink:

Well, thankies again! I'm glad you are!
Yeah, it does, doesn't it? I've wanted to get at least one ever since I heard of them, so I'm hoping that I can get at least one bush when the time comes.
And there's all sorts of sites that sell flowers and other plants like that, so it shouldn't be too hard, I wouldn't think.

Again, thank you! I appreciate that!

Yup. It's our l'il secret.:raritywink:

Hmmm... reminds me of The Punisher. Sweet.

Yep. Definitely reminding me of The Punisher Movie. Nothing wrong with that either. :ajsmug:

She is, very much so~

(Okay I'm saying you're welcome too much XD)

Dang it Angel, such a troll. :P
heheh eue
Heck yeah child, I do think you can! :'D''''


I'm sure you'll be able to get some!
And it will be UBERAWEPICDARY~
(Man its been a while since I've said that.)

Welcom again! XD


YES! I'm glad you think its sweet~:rainbowkiss:

6026623 Heh, you've got her blushing again, hon.
But she says thanks again, anyway.

And no, you ain't!

Yes, he is, and he drives me nuts sometimes when he stirs up the other bunnies.
(You know the ones that I mean.)
Then I'm gonna ask her to.
The worst that she could possibly do is tell me "no", right?


Yeah, I think I can, too.
I'm not gonna hafta worry about it for awhile, though.
Still gotta pay all those mean back bills first, drat it.

And yeah, it will be...whatever it was that you said.



On another note, I probably won't be online too much longer. The pooch has a grooming appointment at our fave groomer tomorrow morning at 10 AM sharp, and while he's having that done, we gotta take his l'il bed and toys; etc.; to the laundromat to wash 'em, so I'll be shutting things down and calling it a night shortly.

Hehehe, sure sure sure.

Yep, that's the worst thing... more worse would be a hoof to the face 8'D
Back bills~

Well it was nice talking to ya! :D
Hope everything goes well for ya.

6028040 :pinkiehappy:

True, on both counts.
Yeah, sadly. Had a spate of bad luck awhile back, and I'm trying to get caught up so I can get my own place, and my sis and brother-in-law (bless 'em for their generosity to me) can have their house, and their lives back, and Pedro and I can have our own sweet little digs where we can do our own thing.

Which for me means more private time for my art and writing stuff.

Same here.
And I'm pretty sure that it will. Pedro's still at the groomer's, so we're just waiting for one of them to call, and his l'il bed and stuff are all washed, so that's done, too.
Nothin' much to do now but just wait for the groomer's call so we can go get the l'il darlin' and bring him home.

Spates of bad luck sucks man, legitness
Hopefully you two will get there! :D I need to get my own digs, and a job to boot so I can not live like a hobo.
But its so hard //cries

Private time, how lovely that sounds~ //swoons

Yay! :D

6031246 Oh, yeah, really! I hate that when it happens!
Oh, we will. It's just a matter of whittling things down to manageable levels, going through the storage units that we've been paying on down where I used to live before our mom passed away and getting rid of a bunch of crap (old, and otherwise...which is not fun, trust me!) so I can get rid of those payments every month.
But once that's done, I'll hopefully have more money for stuff like deposits; etc.
Oh, don't I know that only too well!:fluttercry:

Yep, it sure does.


Same //sobs
Ya'll used ta live in a storage unit? :pinkiegasp: that's sounds awesome.
If I misread that, I apologize.

Getting rid of old stuff, hehehee, me and my family try to do that, its hard X'D
Awesome awesome! :D

6035389 *huggles*

Hehehe, no, no. No need for apologies, hon. I may not have worded that right.

No, it's just that everything that our late mom, my younger brother, some of our family members and myself have is sitting in three; count 'em, three storage units in West Plains, MO (the town where I used to live), we haven't been able to get back down there to start going through it all again even once since early 2014.
And having to pay the monthly fees on them so we won't lose what's in them before we can go through them all is a drain on my finances (since I'm the one who pays the bill on them), and one that, sooner or later, I want to get done with so I can worry about paying my bills up here, once I finally can get my own place.

Oh, you are so right there!
It also does not help when there's a 4 hour drive between us and said storage units.
So you have to factor in gas for the drive down and back, for whatever incidental driving that we down while we're down there. And, if we're going to stay longer than a weekend (which, since you can't really get much done in only two days, is pretty much useless), you have to factor in the cost of a motel for a week, there's that expense, too.
And then there's the costs having to eat out while we're down there, too, so...yeah.
So, as you can pretty much guess, we haven't gone back down there in awhile.
We're hoping to somehow be able to later on in this year, though.
Heavy accent on "hoping to" there.


Living in a storage unit does sound awesome though //cackle

Wow... that sounds like it'll cost a lot of money D=
Jeebus chrib. Man o man, I sure hope ya'll can do it, jeez.
Here's some luck for ya *throws lucky charms*...

6036496 :twilightsmile:
:rainbowlaugh:To you, maybe! I like a regular old roof over my head, and a bedroom to sleep in, thank yew very much!

Oh, heavens, hun, you have no idea! That's why it's gonna take a bit longer to get myself a place.
But I'm in no real hurry, so there's that, too.

Oh, I will. It's just a matter of time...and finding the tight place.

And thank you. I'll take everything that I can get.*hugs again*

On another note, do you have any notion as to when we'll get Chapter 4?
Just curious, you understand; there's no rush. So take your time with it.

Hehehe, I'm weird like that! XD

Patience is a virture :rainbowkiss:

Welcome! *huggles*

I'm going to be working on that now, I just finished a one-shot which I'll be posting in a bit (STUPID L BUTTON STAHP)
It'll be the longest oneshot ever written by me :rainbowlaugh:

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