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Deep in the Royal Canterlot Archives lies a book that hasn't seen the light of day for longer than any pony could remember. Its uncovering reveals powerful magic as old as the Princesses, and tells stories of heroes and villains long dead. Twilight will find that this book is much more than just an ark of ancient magic, it was meant to be found...

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Comments ( 19 )

Interesting... I shall keep an eye on this story just to see where it goes, so in the mean time I will withhold my thumb and favorite.

This is just crazy, it just doesn't make sense... YET :pinkiecrazy:

You've piqued my curiosity. Please continue.

If you ever write anymore i would love to read it....and why does that book contain a copy of deaths list

Definitely an interesting read so far.

Because everyone liked it, there's more on the way!

Great story though.
:moustache:Onward sir, onward further into the story.

I like the ghostly allusions and eerie storyline, but Twilights reactions to these occurrences seem less then what is expected. Like she sees Applejacks little sister on a list of death, I think she would freak out a bit more and be extremely inclined to report such discoveries. And she seems to suddenly get distracted by various things, food mostly :ajsmug: But again, I love horror/paranormal/evil story elements and the life and death list sold me on this story. :eeyup: very nice work


A good point you got there, I'll probably edit that a bit later. I'm also new to characterizing her so it's good to hear your thoughts.

its so awesome:pinkiehappy:i must read MOOORRRREEE:pinkiecrazy:......crap there is no more

nice. I cant wait to read more.......I .......want......MORE:flutterrage:........please:applecry:

The plot thickens to the point of salsa.

Looking forward to the next chapter.

This is so awesome! I can't wait to read more, it really grabs the imagination.
Is the Author Scandinavian by any chance? I noticed he wrote "By Odins Left Eye" Odin being the all father of Norse mythology. (Though you probably already knew this)

When you come back from the dead dear author please finish this story:fluttercry:

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