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A community of Helvetii Celts finds itself lost within the realm of Equestria in a last ditch effort to escape the waves of destruction brought on by the legions of Rome. With no known way to return home, they must find their place in this new and strange world, and earn the love and trust of its denizens through trials and tribulation like no other.

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Comments ( 7 )

That's pretty wyrd.

Reminds me of the Ring of Fire series, where a small late 20th century town is transported to the middle ages, in Europe.

Did someone say Ring of Fire crossover?

Because I think I just heard someone say Ring of Fire crossover... :D
Shame the state it is in atm is pretty shambled, but I'm fixing it~

Well... This is pretty cool :rainbowkiss:

Glory be this is good! Please post more as soon as you can!

Rist runaar? Sorry, your screen name clicked something in my head. :D

Meanwhile... knowing how sacred horses were to the Celts, I'm waiting with bated breath for the first encounter between the humans and the ponies...

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