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This story was inspired by this post. I'd like to thank Skoon, and that mysterious anon, for giving me the idea for this story.

The vector was made by bobsicle0, as seen here.

can we get a sequel where Rarity discovers who tricked her, and then escapes in order to exact her revenge? please?

I won't be writing a sequel to this.

Suspension of disbelief check failed

Other than that interesting premise


I tried to hand-wave Rarity's dumb choices by having her exhausted due to sleep-deprivation and stressed out due to the shoddy dress and deadline (not the proper frame of mind to make decisions), but I know I'm pushing it here.

I like this story, but it would be better if you made the ending a bit longer rather than rushing to the twist. And the twist itself is kinda... meh... It could be better, but it could also be worse.

You, my friend, are a seriously twisted human being. We need more of you here.

I hate this, yet I love it. I can't pick.

The Double [MLP Grimdark Reading]

Did a reading of this. You are credited, and yeah, great story :)

This makes me sad for someone who made a mistake.

i heard this on youtube. pretty creepy!

Uh... all throughout the fic, I was wondering what made the doppleganger evil if it was going to act just like Sweetie Belle. Mind explaining the evil part? I mean, it's basically Sweetie Belle, so why kill it in order to save...well...Sweetie Belle?

That it was sucking away Sweety's life.

Thanks, dude, for a chilling piece.
The saddest part, to me, is that this is pretty much the basis of every false kidnapping scam: you make people panic and do something stupid rather than check the facts. Furthermore, Cognitive Science does show that sleep deprivation has effects on decision making most similar to drunkenness...

To paraphrase one of the smartest people who has ever existed: Everything that exists has a specific nature. Each entity exists as something in particular and has characteristics that are part of what it is. A is A, and no matter what vessel stores the consciousness of Sweetie Belle, Sweetie Belle is Sweetie Belle. If Rarity is to save Sweetie Belle's life, then Sweetie Belle's consciousness must continue to exist in whichever vessel it is currently in.

I agree in principle, but that's because I believe in transhumanism. My computer is the collective sum of my information, not the seven successive computers I have owned throughout my life. I am my mind, not my brain and my Plato's Cave.

Thing is, what do we do regarding the people who believe in the soul? In this story, Rarity was convinced that, to save the real Sweety, she had to kill the changeling...

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