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At the request of Princess Luna, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy are sent on a fact-finding mission to the impoverished town of Mantaray. Mantaray should be a bustling bayside town, but it instead has the lowest job rate, and highest poverty rate, of any town in Equestria. Is this a result of poor planning, or is something more sinister at work?

Sinister is the answer, of course, due to an antisocial cave-dwelling dragon that hoards job interviews.

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While hunting for a spider hiding in her chaise lounge, Rarity suddenly realizes she has the ability to forgive sins. Enlightened with this understanding, Rarity goes out into Ponyville to give ponies her grace, and perhaps even to draft her friends in her mission.

That was the plan, but Applejack is being awfully stubborn.

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Derpy Hooves knows she's a great mother. Her daughters make her proud, and she wants them to know how much she loves them.

However, her daughters don't even acknowledge her as their mother. In fact, it seems to Derpy that they even hate her! How can she fix this? Maybe Princess Twilight Sparkle has the answer...

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