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At the request of Princess Luna, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy are sent on a fact-finding mission to the impoverished town of Mantaray. Mantaray should be a bustling bayside town, but it instead has the lowest job rate, and highest poverty rate, of any town in Equestria. Is this a result of poor planning, or is something more sinister at work?

Sinister is the answer, of course, due to an antisocial cave-dwelling dragon that hoards job interviews.

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Let me guess: Mantaray is populated by manta rays.

That was..interesting. I quite liked the scene in Fluttershy's cottage, and the overall relationship between them was very good.

Huh, and I may have been reading too much into it, but I got some pretty heavy associations from the dragon rants, I him being full of hot toxic air was no coincidence.

Okay so.. my initial comment on this, from months ago when I read it the first time, is gone. I assume the form was taken and it's not just my trash tier work internet signal trolling me. Anywho...

Another fine piece of work here. Honestly if it were 20% less trippy and the dragon wasn't a walking meme this could be an episode, complete with Friendship Map directions.

I knew Discord's quote was familiar, but I wouldn't have guessed Faulkner... It's been at least a decade so I beg forgiveness on that. Aporia I had to look up... Dammit.

The plot in general was engaging, and you write Dash and Shy interacting very well. I didn't make this connection the first time since I hadn't read Cultural Norms in awhile but... is this the origin of Anti Broad (I think the name was...)? Stealing the very form of something... Alas, poor doomaflatchie...

How you manage to write to write these under the radar is beyond me, but I glad I came back for a reread, cheers and thanks for writing.

A very busy odd premise and a very good story.

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