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Derpy Hooves knows she's a great mother. Her daughters make her proud, and she wants them to know how much she loves them.

However, her daughters don't even acknowledge her as their mother. In fact, it seems to Derpy that they even hate her! How can she fix this? Maybe Princess Twilight Sparkle has the answer...

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I want to read this but the tags are scaring me off.

It nothing to much, just read and keep calm.
And to the author, nice idea making them so much cold blooded.

you are disgusting

Why would you write this. This was just...Messed up why would twilight ever learn an auto termination spell you made derpy seem worst then she actually is...

Time for Heavy to lay egg in throat, puny man.

Cheer #6 · Jul 13th, 2015 · · 2 ·

Welp. This THING is fucking atrocious. This is the most digusting thing I've read in a while. You are a horrible writer. The grammer and such isn't the issue. But you take the characters of them and COMPLETELY THROW THEM OUT THE WINDOW!

Why the fuck would Equestria have a euthanasia clinic!? Why the FUCK would they call someone they "Loved" a SUBPONY?!

this story is just horrid. Dark for the sake of dark.

Cheer #7 · Jul 13th, 2015 · · 2 ·

Don't bother. It's not good at all. It's just making characters horrible and cruel for the shit of it.

They were pretty messed up in the head.I really wonder how they can be like that. This story was cool but didn't make sense to me. It would be amazing if u didn't kill derpy.:derpyderp2:

OK so who is Hitler? Eugenics, sorting out the bad auto termination? WTH. Wen did twilight become a sociopath?

6198514 But why would anyone do anything mean to derpy?

YOU KILLED DERPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:flutterrage:WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:rainbowhuh:::derpyderp1:

Jesus Christ. You don't pull your punches, do you?

Wow there were a lot of oversensitive people back in 2015. I wonder if it would be the same response now. I think you conveyed the what if scenario here very well.

Maybe it should have an alt universe tag.

How... How was this thought to be a good idea?

Its disgusting towards the characters and towards the readers - the characters apart from Derpy are so far out of character they are unrecognisable. On the plus side, it appears the site permits stories concerning genocide.

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