• Published 15th Oct 2014
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Sunset Tries - Unicop

Sunset tries taking a bunch of different electives to find one that suits her the best.

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Sunset Tries- Theater

Sunset tries Theater.

Sunset Shimmer walked out of Principal Lunas office the next day, after receiving her new elective, or electives as she had been granted the choice normally only given to new foreign student’s to try several electives in one year, in order to choose the one that best fits them. Looking down at today’s schedule, her current elective was theater. Sunset made her way to her class hoping heavily her next teacher would end up being a little nicer than her last one.

Arriving at the Theater department, she entered the class and took a seat. This time they were seated in chairs all facing a small make shift stage at the front. As the final bell rang signaling the beginning of class, their teacher waltzed in. This teacher had one of the weirdest wardrobes Sunset had ever seen in her entire time at CHS, no check that, her entire life including her time in Equestria. She was wearing a long black dress that was filled with bats of every kind from vampire bat’s to fruit bat’s, and she wore a funny little hat, that had what looked to be a stuffed bat hanging off the front held in by a spring.

“Well so much for a normal teacher” Sunset thought to herself, rolling her eyes “This one is clearly gone batty.”

“Greetings my young student’s, my name is Professor Wompkins” Their teacher greeted them with an eerie smile. “Welcome to Theater class, in this room we shall journey together into the world of fantasy, in this room we shall learn to see BEYOND” she shouted, attempting to flail an arm around the room and tripping over her long dress in response.

“Ok forget batty, more like loopier then a bowl of fruit loops” Sunset thought rolling her eyes again.

“For our first lesson today, we shall be working in pairs. So please find a partner and take a seat next to them.”

Luckily for Sunset she was taking this class along with Rarity, who was taking it as a full time elective. Having already sat down next to each other, they waited for everyone else to choose their partner’s and take a seat. When everyone was seated, Professor Wompkins continued.

“Now then” she said “This first exercise is a little something I call The Mirror” she threw up her hands waving them dramatically, causing Sunset to wonder if she had forgotten to take some serious mental medication before class. “You are to face your partner standing up, and take turn’s mimicking each other’s movement’s, each of you has five minutes to mimic the other. Off you go then”

“What in the world does this have to do with acting again?” Sunset asked turning to Rarity. Rarity only shrugged in response, and the two of them began trying to mimic each other’s movement. After a while they each began to try and think of the most ridiculous and bizarre things to make the other one mimic, which began to make it kind of fun. Sunset made Rarity mimic her jumping up and down like a monkey, while Rarity made Sunset wave her hands around like Professor Wompkins and make funny facial expressions while doing so. Ten minutes later Professor Wompkins called for them to stop and return to their seats.

“Now then” she said again, leaping spectacularly onto the stage in front of them “We shall start our journey onto the wide wonderful world of STAGE ACTING, starting with the amazing and awe inspiring works of WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE” she said waving her hands around and doing a little jig on stage as she spoke.

“They must be related” Sunset joked in a whisper to Rarity” They’re both complete loons!!”

“Now, can someone give me an example of something he wrote?” she asked the class.

“How about that story where two people have relationship problems and then someone dies? “Sunset replied “OH wait, that’s all he ever wrote about.” She added, causing everyone in the class to snicker into their hands other than Professor Wompkins.

“Well that may be how you younger people interpret his works” Professor Wompkins said crossing her arms in slight annoyance. “But that’s just because it’s hard for younger folk to understand the mind of a true literary and theatrical genius.”

“Wait, literary genius? I thought we were talking about William Shakespeare?” Sunset replied before she could stop herself, causing half the class to fall out of their chairs laughing.

“So Miss Shimmer, you think YOU can write better plays then Shakespeare?” Professor Wompkins asked her sternly.

“I’m pretty sure a dozen monkey with typewriters could write better stuff then he could, in fact I believe that is actually a scientifically proven fact.” Sunset responded.

“I see then, does anyone else here feel they too could write better then Shakespeare?” she asked the entire class, looking around the room sternly. Everyone in the class raised their hand, Sunset was pretty sure even the mouse who was nibbling on something in the back corner also raised his hand. “In that case” she said with a huff “You all have ten minutes to write a short play in pairs you think is better than anything Shakespeare wrote, you will then perform it near the end of class. Off you go then.” She waved them of with her hands and everyone got into groups of pairs, Sunset of course pairing with Rarity again.

“Well this shouldn't be too hard.” Sunset said confidently, taking out some paper and pen. “Any ideas?” she asked Rarity. Rarity just shrugged, so Sunset was left to write the entire thing herself, with only a little input from Rarity here and there. Luckily for her she had been taught some about play writing back in Equestria by Princess Celestia. When the ten minutes was up, she put down her pen having completed their script, and gave it to Rarity to quickly copy off so she could have her own script to read off of while they awaited their turn to go up.

The last ones to go up, they finally climbed onto the stage, and faced the class to perform their play. Sunset had written a summarized version of the events of Nightmare Moon and the fall of Princess Luna The entire class seemed enthralled by their play, and gave them a standing ovation at the end. Sunset could catch Professor Wompkins at the back of the class, pretending to look un-impressed.

As Sunset and Rarity returned to their seats, Professor Wombat walked up the front and addressed the class. “Those where all fairly good attempts” she told the class “But I’m afraid none of them came even close to the brilliance of William Shakespeare.” A small piece of cheese suddenly came flying at her from the back of the room, hitting her square in the face. Sunset swore she could hear the mouse at the back of the room booing at Professor Wompkins.

At long last the bell signally the end of class rang out, and the whole class filed out, Sunset again being the first to leave in a hurry.

“So what did you think of the class?” Rarity asked, catching up to her in the hall.

“I don’t know, the teacher seems a bit off her rocker” Sunset replied. “Are they ALL like this?”

“Some, but certainly not all.” Was Rarity’s response. “What class are you trying tomorrow?”

“Computer’s with Professor Dippet” Sunset replied checking her list.

“Oh, I heard he is a scream to have as a teacher.” Rarity told her smiling.

“Would that be a scream of terror, or of insane laughter?” was Sunset’s response as the two of them headed to the cafeteria laughing.

Sitting down to eat her lunch, Sunset hoped her next few teachers would not be as much eccentric as her last two ones. Unfortunately, she would soon find out her hopes would be sadly unfounded.

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A small piece of cheese suddenly came flying at her from the back of the room, hitting her square in the face. Sunset swore she could hear the mouse at the back of the room booing at Professor Wompkins.

Well played, mouse.
Well played.

I love that the mouse got in on the act. Brilliant! :pinkiecrazy:

I take it Professor Wompkins is a parody of those pretentious professors who see symbolism in everything?

Oh, God, theatre class... So many HORRIBLE memories...

5156628 I liked Drama class back in Middle School, but when i tried Theater in High School it was the pits. Drama was more laid back and fun, and we were able to make our own plays for the class and have creative control. Where as with Theater we had to use the older more booooooriiiing plays that where already made.

5156104 Actually i was basing her off Professor Treyolney from Harry Potter, at least in the beginning. After that she started to very a bit, which i kind of liked.

5155936 Thanks, that was just something at random i thought of that i had to put in :)

At least she was better than the art teacher, he was a total butt-trumpet.

5164701 He was more like a complete git.

5164885 Seemed pretty snivelly to me.

5177100 I was simply putting down what i was inspired to write, and while creating the story this was what came to mind. The whole point of that scene was to make it like Snape's little speech as i thought it would be funny.

Are all the teachers going be based off of Harry Potter characters?

I can relate to this. I hate it when people, especially adults think Shakespeare's works were the best ideas since underwear. Hell even I think J.R.R. Tolkien was better then him and I hate that guy.

You should probably call the teachers "Mr." or "Mrs." Professor isn't the proper title for public school teachers, and doing this will help distance your audience from Harry Potter. The chapter itself made me optimistic that you were going for more than just Harry Potter references, but when I saw that the next chapter is a guy with the exact same name as a Hogwarts professor, my heart sank a bit. This is quasi-Equestria; people have names based on their jobs; you should be utilizing that.

For those who care, Sunset's entire argument can be refuted with one word: Comedy. I guess the teacher was a real hack, because I studied math and even I can name three of The Bard's plays that don't fit Sunset's bill; A Midsummer Night's Dream, Much Ado About Nothing, and The 12th Night (the latter from an Amanda Bynes movie).

Well this was an interesting read.

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