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I enjoy spending my free time jotting down ideas for new stories, though most of them either go into the trash bin or are left unfinished. Nonetheless, I hope you all enjoy the works that I publish.

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Luna please help, LIKE NOW!

Why do so many bronies want Pinkie Pie to be some sort of evil supernatural Lovecraftian entity??? :pinkiesad2:

Two Words.
Not Scary.

Not only that, the random sex scene was not expected, making it bad for me to pull through the story, forcing myself to read it, even with pain. :pinkiesick:
not kewl 0/8 not gr8 m8

That pic was terrifying. Thanks for the nightmare fuel :derpytongue2:

It seemed a bit rushed...

5032909 Yes, I read "Cupcakes" long ago, but at least in that fic Pinkie is "only" crazy. In a lot of these fics she's absolutely nightmarish and supernatural, like something out of Stephen King. Most of my own pony fics are either in defense of Pinkie or parodying the idea to the point of ridiculousness.


*looks at title* suuuuuuuuuuure

Sweetie Belle is surfing the internet on Rarity's new laptop.


There is no Alternate Universe category-tag.


I am, with staunch confidence, certain that laptops, nor the internet, aren't existent in Equestria.

Too quick and really not creepy or scary in the least.

5034577 I mean that this story isn't just a copy and pasted version of Smile.jpg using ponies instead of the characters in the original creepypasta story.

Well... I guess you are right in it not being related to Smile.jpg... I don't remember anything in those CreepyPasta's about him doing any of that.

That pic is amazing!

Accidentally liked for pic. Good old horror. Rape kinda was a little cringeworthy though. Would have liked the story better without. Though to be fair it's what a monster pinkie would do. Coincidentally, by pic has the smile from smile.jpg photo shopped on pinkies face.

That... That picture...:applecry:

Well, I had no plans to get up for school tomorrow!



Just... no. I was fine with the gore, but the rape scene.... dear Celestia. :pinkiesick::raritydespair:

She clicked on the site's video search and typed in the name of her favorite PonyTuber, PonDiePie, and started searching through the site's results.

Not sure if I should laugh or cringe.

I like it. Especially since there was a photo to go with this which was pretty surprising. Could have gotten it to go a little longer though, having her power spook the hell out of Sweetie Belle longer and going after her in a hunting like fashion while also using Rarity to further degrade her mental state.

A lot you could've done but left out.

What did I just read...

5452587 My somewhat failed attempt as creating a horror story.

5454653 I thought it was new before seeing my "I HAVE NO IDEA" comment.

Keep writing amazing fanfic's where-ever you are

Cipher Splash

Can I make a story based off of this? I promise that 1) I'll credit you, and 2) it won't be exactly same.

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