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I think a part of me has just shriveled into pieces.
In a good way though. Tracking, continue please!

This was actually pretty well written.
I salut you for your efforts.

Ewwww, but ewwww in a good way.

Axe Murder Sweetie Belle... a classic among classics, this fic will be

Holy shit. That was both amazing and somewhat disturbing. We shall require more of your work, my friend. 5/5 originality and 5/5 writing.

My friend settled it quite simply: "Sweetie Belle is clearly the best name for an axe murderer."
Truer words were never spoke.

:twilightblush: Thanks folks. Clearly gonna write a second chapter on this one. Just remember the creed: You can't spell slaughter without laughter!

good story,well written and cmc axe murderer

From the title, Decsription, and characters im scared to look at this

An actual story rather than mindless Sweetie killing ponies?
I hope next chapter comes soon.

It's great!
But pleease could someone explain to me meaning of Scootaloo's cutie mark? I know what it is and how she got it but what does it mean?
Also, what was Applebloom's cutie mark?


Since we don't have a spoiler tag here as far as I know, I instead have posted my response behind this link: http://sprunge.us/OMbc

It isn't much of a spoiler, just more details than I actually made explicit in the story text.

Thanks :twilightsmile:

Wow I really like the storie so far and I don't care that the second chapter was more of just story than slaughter. That you do it like that just seperates you from those that write mindless ponyslaughter fiction trying to immitate cupcakes and the likes.
Go on like that I'll have an eye on you :derpytongue2:

Jesus ! Help me here !
Sweetie made Fluttershy kill Zecora, and then assisted Fluttershy on her suicide?
That filly will have a painfull, slow death...


:unsuresweetie: <(Little ol' me?)

you can't spell slaughter without laughter.

Oh god, for a moment there I thought you would blame Pinkie. That wouldn't have been original.
But then, you. Oh you magnificent bastard.
Now the circle is closing Sweetie.

I'll give you a dramatic reveal for his name in the next chapter.

this is soo awesome I can't wait for the next one :yay:

The only part about this I didn't like was that Sweetie Belle killed Pumpkin cake. :fluttercry: :raritycry:

I like this and the previous chapters so far besides that, although I expected something like that to happen as soon as cribs were mentioned.


Come on now, I let half the Cake family live! I was so kind :pinkiecrazy:

I would have preferred if Sweetie had even just orphaned the little cakes, but that wouldn't nearly as well portray how screwed up she is.
(Hmm, Reading the next part, I see that you can read my mind before I think... You're good.)

(Side/slightly related topic: I think that Snails looks more like he's Mr. Cake's kid than Pumpkin or Pound. The cakes have been cheating on each other for a while now haven't they? :trixieshiftright: )

I must say, I fell like an idiot for not realizing you would probably blame Scootaloo.
However, if that guy that came up with the theory is as good as he looks, he is going to realize that this might be a set up. After all, psychos are not known for not planing things.


I'm glad to have pulled the wool over at least ONE person's eyes :rainbowlaugh:

Yeah, I fell right into it.
But I must say, this fic actually gets more reaction out of me than others of the kind because of the realism you are putting into it.

I mean, this is how something like this would actually happen. Many tragedy/dark fics leave realism behind for shock value. Like, for instance, Cheerlie's garden. [spoilers ahead]
That was an amazing grim dark fic, but lost its touch with reality on the end. A fire would never destroy all the evidence of what Cheerlie did for several reasons; neither would the water that Twilight used to extinguish the said fire. The skeletons of Tiara and Silver Spoon were way too clean to be from two burn victims. An autopsy would reveal that they were cleaned, probably by chemical means. Snip’s broken horn would also raise suspicions. Even without these other things, no sane parent would leave their children with somepony who let a fire kill a whole class because she "was someplace else". They would said she should have been watching the foals and she would never work with foals again.

Not this fic, this here is a fine example of Reality Ensues. Things would happen like that in Equestria. Twilight doesn't have enough training in psychology to know that a psychopath would react as others expect in a situation like this, thus she would be likely blame Scootaloo.

You make me proud son.
Keep up the good work.

It's just awesome :D
I luv it:yay:

Mourning is a tiring experience. Pinkie slept so deeply that even her foreboding twitches and paroxysms weren’t enough to wake her.

I hate when you this happens.

Another exceptionally good chapter :yay:
looking forward to the next one :scootangel:

Derpy is well screwed up even more now. :derpyderp1::derpyderp1::derpyderp1::derpyderp1::derpyderp2::derpyderp2: There you go thats all i have to say.:eeyup:

Just found this story and read it all in a night. Can't wait for when it comes off of hiatus.

Can't wit for the next chapter, so far it has been a wonderful story

This story truly terrifies me in all ways imaginable. However, it is very well-written, so I hope you take it off hiatus and end it soon so the nightmares can finally stop. :pinkiecrazy:


I like some sad fics occasionally but this is some really messed up shit... I love it!

Oh Celestia, I'm a terrible pony arn't I?

When Apple Bloom got her cutie mark I totally cracked up.

Its a very good story. The only problem I have is that Twilight appears too passive. She would not be an inept investigator, at least in my opinion. Axe murders are typically very messy and leave a lot of forensic evidence and Sweetie Bell is not a master criminal. Other than that, good emotional contact with the reader, good characterization of Pinkie Pie especially.

Maybe I could get her top help me and zalgy cake with our 'pranks'


I.... this is intense. Like, I'm horrified at this story, but I can't put it down! I must read more!

Here is my official review for this story. :pinkiecrazy:

"Sweetie Belle's Cutie Mark" is a train wreck of bucked up craziness. It was so utterly horrifying and detailed that I absolutely could NOT stop reading this story!

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