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What is there to say? i love MLP, Tim Burton, and many other dark sides of life. My dream is to become a director, but if thta doesn't work out, then script writing it is!


1000 years into the future, Discord, Ruler of Chaos, assassinated Celestia and imprisoned Luna as a statue in his royal garden. Now, he seeks only to have his student, the faithful Starlight, take his place as ruler one day. But is she really happy? Teaming up with the new EoH, she travels across Chaoctia, hoping to stop Discord's growing threat. But is she on a wild goose chase? is Discord REALLY the enemy she should be fighting?

Or has Starlight been blinded by the lies of Chaos...

Chapters (9)
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Comments ( 20 )

Skull for the Skulls Throne?

inb4 DF references

Relevant heavy metal? how could i NOT? i love metal!

I had no idea what that was referring too...i just needed discords throne XD


In the game Dwarf Fortress, there is a God of Blood, kind of like Herobrine of Minecraft, but he's rather just something that players make references to.
His motto is


478571 nothing. i was just reading for the first time, notice more chapters, facepalm.:facehoof:


small reference. calm down. I like throwing in pop cultures references. there's one in almost every chapter.

This idea piqued my interest, but before now I did not actually have time to start reading it.

Now that I have some time, I see my initial impression (hmm, this looks worth reading) was correct. :pinkiehappy:

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