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What is there to say? i love MLP, Tim Burton, and many other dark sides of life. My dream is to become a director, but if thta doesn't work out, then script writing it is!


The various experiments from Lilo and Stitch arrive through a portal created by 628. Now, Twilight and the main 6 must find each experiments "one true place". But other things have come through too. Can the experiments be saved before Jacques Van Humsterviel steals them all, and destroys Equestria?

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Very interesting.:pinkiecrazy: I look forward to reading more of this.:twilightsmile: Though two things concern me. One, how are the ponies taking the appearance of Richter so easily; and two, will Lilo and friends go to Equestria to retrieve the experiments?:rainbowhuh:

I think it's "Jacques", not "Jac".

Can't wait to see how this will turn out.

Will you be doing a chapter featuring Spike (the experiment from Lilo & Stitch)? It'll be hilarious seeing him turn all the ponies into derped-faced morons!:rainbowlaugh: And it will be up to Derpy, Pinkie & Spike (My Little Pony Spike) to save the day!:pinkiehappy: Twilight won't be able to help because her brain would be turned to jelly since she would be the first victim (& hit by his spikes multiple times at that)!:derpytongue2: Tell me what you think!:pinkiehappy:

Another one I want to see is P.J.! He's the one that looked like Groucho Marx!

Oh God, you didn't....
But you did! It's clear as Red, Blues, and Yellows!
I haven't seen these Movies/Show in ages!

The pacing is a bit fast and you have a few spelling/grammar errors ((for instance, when the pod activates it says there was a fish of light instead of a flash of light))
Also, 629 pods? Stitch is number 626; 627 was returned to pod form; I assume that Warp is supposed to be the same 628 that was shown in pod form at the end of the 627 episode but never activated; but who's the 629th one? It can't be Leroy because he was created after all the other 626 (except of Ruben) had been caught and found their calling, and in here you described that this took place at a time when there were still undiscovered pods.

646270 a minotaur, a manticore, and Cerberous show up, and not a pony bats an eye lid. I think they could handle an alien.
646323 fixed, thanks
646398 1. yes. 2. yes. I'm going in episode order though, so you may have to wait a while.
653785 I don't think i said "undiscovered". I said the experiments reverted to pod form. Yes, Warp is 628 that was never activated, and i was counting Leroy as one of the original 629.

However, we have Japan to thank for this. http://www.postavy.cz/obrazky/experiment-000-cyber-52785.jpg 000, Cyber, can you say...FINALE?!

and to answer your other question; No. Thats WAY to many characters to keep track of. sorry mate.

Well of course the ponies wouldn't bat an eyelash to those creatures because they are used to them.:facehoof: Equestria has all kinds of MYTHICAL creatures as they are probably documented in Twilight's books, but not EXTRATERRESTRIAL ones like the Experiments are.:trixieshiftright: So there would some confusion, caution, and apprehension when it comes to meeting each of the experiments.:ajbemused:

660775 I don't see how you could get used to Cerberus running around Ponyville. But i suppose you're right. It's all explained in the next chapter, which shall be posted shortly.

Wish this chapter could've been longer but I like where this is going :pinkiehappy:

I think I see where this is going: Giggle at the ghostie.:pinkiesmile:

it was not going in that direction at all. i just needed a way to get Phantasmo activated.
But that's a great idea.

like i said, this is only the first part. more shall be written later.

Wait.... did twilight say she wants to just put them to work?:rainbowhuh: Because that sounds like being a big meany pants:pinkiegasp:

that's what she calls their "one true place".

Richter is currently bucking apples at Sweet apple acres; we'll see that later.

Wait! 629 experiments? 628 was Leroy when Hamsterville got Stitch's DNA and made him. Who is 629 again? I'm so confused!

661343 Naw, I think that would be used for Spooky.

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