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What is there to say? i love MLP, Tim Burton, and many other dark sides of life. My dream is to become a director, but if thta doesn't work out, then script writing it is!


I hate my brain.... · 8:20pm May 31st, 2012

I have WAY to many stories going on at once. So, if there's one in particular you'd like me to finish first, or give some more though too, for the love of Celista, let me know so i can work on it. I don't have a huge fanbase, like some other writers here, but i'd rather please the ones i do.

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Story Ideas Part 2 · 2:17am May 31st, 2012

My mind really doesn't like to settle on one idea...so I think i need help picking which one of these to write next.

Dead Mares Party: Pinkie Pie dies. But its ok, she hosts the Afterlife Party, and somehow manages to separate the divide between life and death so that her friends can join.

Ponitrix: The omnitrix falls into Ponyville, and Big Mac uses its powers to become Equestria's first super hero.

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Future Ideas · 2:46pm May 11th, 2012

Not that anyone cares, but after I'm finished, or maybe even before, writing these 2 fanfics, I was thinking about writing a Lilo and Stitch Fanfic.
My Little Ohana; Friendship with Aliens.

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