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Hi! I'm a girl from London, you can't know my real name but you can call me cookie for now. You can request ideas for fanfics (short) and see what I do with them. Stay tuned!


"This is your singing telegram I hope it finds you well! You're invited to a party 'cus we think you're really swell."

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So what does everyone think so far? Request ideas for fanfics (short) and see what I do with it!

Aaawww!! So cute!! ☺️

@nidranight00906 thank you! It means alot to me.

Coco not cocoa.

Pinkie Pie is officially the first one of the group who has a boyfriend.

It was a kiss on the cheek.

She's more excited then me

than me *

Cute little story.. a bit too rush. But still pretty good

5017055 thanks. And I was kinda in a hurry writing this.

5017254 sorry about the mistakes. I was kinda rushing.

That last chapter was.... too forced and rush... you should describe more that date... their feelings, what both of them are thinking...

Upvoted because it has cute moments

5017313 I know what you mean. I'm not the most experienced writer.

wow the endings are hilarious:pinkiehappy dude and i always knew she had to be with him:pinkiehappy:

5017344 thank you! And it was a match made in party pony heaven.

SO STINKIN CUTE :pinkiegasp:

For whatever reason, after cheese said "Finally things are going my way!" I wanted him to get struck by lightning.


5017783 thanks, but then you read the last chapter.

5017809 I was tempted to do something like that.

Awww, this is so cute! I loved it!:twilightblush: Keep up the good work!

5030133 Okie dokie lokie! Thanks!:raritywink:

Eh..b....I knew it! And GAH! That's one of the BEST ways to announce your feelings! In my story I did a dance on the balcony at the gala in the moonlight....it was just as fast paced as this was though :rainbowlaugh: I just LOVE these two!

Other than pacing, good chapter overall! :twilightsmile:

:heart: daaaaaawwww! Cute! CheesePie is my OTP (whatever the hay an OTP is...)

Dang it...ABANDON SHIP EVERYPONY! ABANDON. SHIP! The SS CheesePie shall not be sailing today

Oh boy...well, no need to rush it. I love the story so far and these past couple chapters just threw me for a loop though....

Opal Essence

Opalescent :pinkiehappy:

XD cheesie this is too adoreable

6327079 i believe otp is one true paring or something like that

"… OMCOMCOMCOMCOMC!!!!" Rarity screamed.

Ummmm I thought it was OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOGMOGMOMG Instead? Wow xD

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