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When a mysterious pony extracts all laughter from a Cheese Party, including Cheese Sandwich himself, two ponies find themselves seeking help from the Element of Laughter to stop the Amulet of Sorrow. Will they find her in time, to save Equestria from this dark force? Or will they all submit to the sorrow he is spreading?

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When a mysterious pony drenches all laughter from a Cheese Party

"I do not think it means what you think it means." -- Inigo Montoya
drench - To soak, to make very wet.
- To cause to drink; especially, to dose with medicine by force.

5025693 Shoot.
Well, first I had 'suck', buuut...
Do you have any better ideas?

5025693 I hope 'extracted' is a bit better...

5026076 "Extracted" is better, but I think what happened is that you confused the words "to drench" and "to drain."
On the whole, though, despite some errors, I'm enjoying the idea and waiting to see how you develop it.

5026247 Ah, so that went wrong..

Thanks anyway! :pinkiehappy:

I like the story but am confused on the flashback was it cheese pov

5026755 oh! I get it know thanks :pinkiehappy:

Is English your second language or something? Because I never seen anyone use drench like that I know you changed it I was just curious. Other then a few word crimes here and there i say MOAR!!:flutterrage:

5031453 yeah :twilightsheepish: my first language is Dutch.

Anyway, thanks for the fav! :twilightsmile:

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