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I will follow you all :pinkiecrazy:


A power hungry yet stunted unicorn gets word of the Mirror Pool. She goes to investigate, and ends up finding something both very dangerous and very powerful.

Crossover with Felarya, the art is Karbo's and the world is his as well.
I was actually very surprised with the art... she usually doesn't wear clothes... but then that wouldn't have been appropriate :pinkiecrazy:

Umm... no human tag because she isnt a human... she is a fairy... if you know Felarya then you know those are two completely different things...

I'm rambling, just go read it :pinkiecrazy:

... Oh, and I suppose I should mention there is a brief scene where someone gets eaten... not important though... not really :pinkiecrazy:

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 55 )

My friend, I believe I'm going to need to get a magnified glass to see that cover art of yours. XD

hmm... i'll see if i can get a bigger version

made it bigger
and sourced it

At last! I can see her boobs!

hehe, thought that would be a drawing point for it :pinkiecrazy:

hmm... just noticed something... how'd you get that background?

Fim Fiction Advanced script. I believe you have to download Tampermonkey for both Firefox and Chrome for you to be able to use the script. It's actually very, very handy.

hmm... to lazy :moustache:

Hmm... If I did then this would be the first chapter... And I'd need a fair few people to ask... Otherwise I think I should continue with the other stories I'm currently supposed to be writing

I can't locate the background in reference. :raritydespair:

Vote number 2 on a sequel is in! I wanna see more of this sexy fairy mare thing. :twilightsmile:

so what is this other thing being corssovered here?....

Noted... Can't say I would complain... I just have to many incompletes

I put a link in the authors note

4834749 you mean the furthest possible place it would be needed for? great :l .....

Hmm... Well if you look it up you will see nsfw things...
You suggest I change it?

Interesting. Poor Intri, though...
Vote 3 on a sequel; I want to see more of this--especially with Celly and Luna actually being fairies. THAT was a twist I didn't see coming.

Hmm, in my defense, Intri was a little OP even with the stunt... I couldn't really let her live
Noted again
Hmm, i came up with that idea with a friend... It seemed to work well so I added it in and left it open to continue if there was a want for me to

4834837 Good call on the Sisters, in that case. :) Sequel or no, it was a nice twist!

(Also, first time I've seen a Felarya crossover here. Seen MLP crosses with it elsewhere, but never on FiMFic. They never seem to have the ponies arive at "predator size", though...)

You have? Hmm... I was wondering why I'd never seen one before...
Also... Well... Giant ponies seem... Hmm, I don't think a quadruped fits the world as a predator... Not an equine anyway... Especially not a forest

4834874 Ah, but recall we're not talking aboit mundane equines here: Unicorns have magic, Pegasi can fly and manipulate weather, and Earth ponies have extreme strength and connection to nature. There are plenty of ways to make up for any handicaps a quadraped form would have.

...That, and "Predator-SIZED" doesn't necessarily mean they'd start eating humans and whatnot. Just that they'd be big.

And, Felarya itself has more than just forrests and jungles; pretty sure there are some notable plains and flatlands. ;) If a pony DID show up huge, they wouldn't be totally outmatched.

Hmm... It jst doesn't fit in my head... Though maybe I could add it in... Providing enough people ask... I'd say like ten...

4834812 linking to the artist doesn't cause any problems as far as i know.....

Well yea, but to the felarya wiki...
Tits everywhere

I wasn't expecting to get sucked into this. No idea what Felarya is, but I enjoyed the story. And I'll know from now on to quickly tell my name to every monster I encounter... :twilightsheepish:

Well, this is certainly an unexpected crossover.

As to Felarya being NSFW? There's no 'slightly about it; is is VERY NSFW.

Most predators are quadruped, but I do not believe ponies would have evolved in the iconic forests of the setting. If they came from the plains it could work, but why use ponies as the invading giants? There are much more exotic creatures there

Oh, and vote for more. Let's make this into a new setting for Fimficion. New lands ahoy.

Also, now we know why the prisons look so unused in Equestria. The ponies probably believe the criminals are teleported away.

I assumed that you wanted a story where Felaryans entered Equestria?

Oh. Do you mean gentle giants?

Sure, I believe that any civilization there would find a way to protect themselves, so ponies could be living there. For instance, Druids discovered ways to make their flesh vile and unpalatable as to discourage predators.

4837934 Um, no--the opposite. Equestrians entering Felarya...but being predator-sized. It'd make for an interesting situation if they encountered some humans and such.

Especially if Lyra was involved. :pinkiecrazy:

Oooh. I have to admit, I did not think of that.
I did think of "You are what you eat", so Lyra has a good reason to believe humans should be eaten. :pinkiecrazy:

Well, ponies could be from a Fay world so it's perfectly possible. Great idea.

Okay, here is my take on the scenario: Lyra enters Felarya, and is saved by a pony who has been living there for centuries now. After Lyra gets over how enormous this pony is, she teaches the shocked Lyra that size is power here, and eating sapient beings is the key to near immortality.

4838067 ..Not exactly what I was thinking. :twilightblush:
You don't have to have Equestria be a Fey world for them to be predator-sized, really. Different universes and dimensions are all connected to Felarya, and what's to stop different universes from being on different scales? What is "normal" sized to a human from Earth could be toy-sized by Equestrian standards. Simple explanations are often the best.

And as for Lyra...well, if you use her as your protagonist, have her...diet be what you want, but when I name-dropped her, I was implying more of her going fanfilly over FINALLY finding humans...maybe she finds a village of them, and after some adventures, she takes the entire village back to Equestria with her, keeping the humans as pets. (She'd probably be seen as a bona fide goddess for taking them somewhere safer for humans than Felarya, ha!)

Or maybe Lyra stays, ruling over the village as "Mistress Harp-Butt"? :pinkiehappy:

Or something else, with another pony/ponies....

That is also a great idea. My Fay explanation simply meant that the world of Equestria is less...solid thus more fluid, magical, and bigger, but that's just because I use Earth physics in all of my settings.
Somehow, if things have to make sense then you get plenty of new and interesting ideas because you can draw on the entire history of mankind for inspiration.

For instance, since humans would be pet-sized in Equestria, that would provide a reason to keep them secret as otherwise they would quickly become a fad and be treated, or worse, sold, as such.
I honestly do not believe she would eat them, but would be more interested in what they can tell her of their culture. Maybe she could even introduce them to the Breezies the next time the portal opens?
Of course, that is what she plans to do. Since it's a story that would mean that sooner or later they will be discovered anyway. What do you think would happen then?

4838182 When humans were discovered, you mean?

When ponies find that Lyra has a miniature civilisation of talking creatures. The reactions from the Mane 5, the Court when Twilight introduces them--especially the attending nobles, and would they become fully fledged members of society or deemed too helpless so they must be protected i.e. become pets.

4839559 I think that eventually it would be decided to leave the village in Lyra's care, but declare the humans to have the rights of Equestrian citizens. That lets the humans stay safe, and among the giant ponies, WITHOUT the risk being sold as pets. And recall that I meant her bringing a little village, not a whole city. XD

But, I think there'd be some involvement with the royals--maybe Lyra sends progress reports to Canterlot on her little village? (Sort of like Twilight's friendship reports, ha!) A little help from Princess Twilight and Co. setting the humans up in their new home, getting them used to "giants" who DON'T see them as food, etc.?

...I'm liking this idea more and more! :D

I had this funny scene in my head where the humans meet Lyra for the first time and run away screaming while she tries to explain to them that ponies are herbivores.:rainbowlaugh: The relief on their faces must be bitter sweet. Then she would prove it by showing them her flat teeth. "Aah, she's going to swallow us whole."

Eventually though, I believe that they would find their niche in Ponyville.:twilightsmile:

Their are just too many applications where a small size is invaluable: precision surgery, fine mechanics, spies, assassins, clogging out pipes, as rescue workers, masseuses, nannies, jewelers, artists, etc. Just about the only handicap a small person has is mobility and carrying capacity, both of which could be solved with magic or an animal familiar. Maybe a device such as Tank's copter?

I once corresponded with a Fallout Equestria author who told me his friend had a race of tiny enslaved people in his story, and I responded that those midgets would not remain oppressed for long. 
He answered that tiny people could never win from a fully grown man--"their arrows would only be needles to us"-- but I pointed out that all they have to do is leave a note next to the presidents pillow when he wakes up: "This could have been a poisoned needle. You'll find similar ones in the beds of every councilman and their family. The included chip contains pictures of your affair with the cleaning lady.
Now, about those equal rights?"

4839827 100% Brilliant on all accounts, especially the jobs for the tiny humans and getting around the size/speed handicaps (especially Tank's copter...maybe they could get around in little steampunk gyrocopters and zeppelins?)

There's still the danger of getting inadvertantly stepped or sat on, though...

Oh! And about Lyra's adventures in Felarya: perhaps she has to at some point fend off a pred or badits coming after the village? I can imagine her clobbering a naga or harpy with her lyre. XD

Or whacking tiny evil humans around with a tennis racket or paper fan, then when their big badass leader comes out with a scary sword or magic...Lyra just rolls her eyes and sits on him. XD


There's still the danger of getting inadvertantly stepped or sat on, though...

And this is why Belgian gnomes wear those ridiculous red pointy hats. It makes them soooo much more visible.:moustache:
There are two famous "research journals" written about them in Belgium and then translated in 21 languages. They have all kinds of cool things in it about how and why gnomes lived the way they did.

That's actually where my Micro interest comes from.:derpytongue2:

In Felarya, Lyra could be used like a bus straight out of the Flintstones: a quadruped with 2 cabins hanging from her back like a saddlebag. That way she can transport the entire village.
Of course, this would make her a walking buffet for man eaters.
At night, she could curl around them for warmth and protection.:twilightsmile:

4840507 Heh, maybe Rarity could make some brightly-colored vests for the humans when they're around Ponyville? They'll be "visible AND fashionable!"

I like the saddlebag idea--nice and simple, makes sense. :)

What do you think of my ideas for her misadventures in Felarya?

Hmm... Good ideas, but vore story is vore~
Can't encore rate them into this one... Though I don't think you intended those for this
If lira does find tiny humans... Maybe she wouldn't eat them... But she would find out how they taste... For reference

The hats do more then make them colorful; if they would be obscured by say, tall grass or something, then the point sticks out of it. It's a bit like putting a flag on a kiddy bike.

And I would definitely use those ideas. I do wonder where she got a racket and a fan from, but that is what magic is for.:eeyup:

You are correct that these plot bunnies would find no home in your story, but I hope to make Felarya stories a bit more popular so ideas should be cultivated. Lyra could be using my earlier scenario, where she finds that a pony has been living in Felarya for centuries now, perhaps predating even Celestia and Luna's arrival in Equestria?

I was also playing with the idea of Trixie having been a friend of Intri--they do have similar handicaps--and hearing in picking up her trail in Ponyville.

I'm also going to be sending my campaign that way. Felarya would be a great setting to go all out in.:rainbowdetermined2:
Happy coincidence, but my alchemist is a clone master which means that at least one "character" will be eaten. She creates a duplicate of herself every morning an reabsorbs it at night.It makes for great disposable characters and instant threesomes.:trollestia:

4845749 Could just have Lyra wear a saddlebag with the racket and fan in it when she gets warped to Felarya.

My bad.:twilightsheepish: I was thinking of one of those Japanese fans that anime characters use as a gag weapon. It's perfectly possible that she was going to play tennis on a hot day just before ending up in Felarya.

The saddlebag could become the base for the humans' temporary mobile home on the way to Equestria, so that works out as well.

4845953 Sounds good.
Hmm...seems we have the nuts and bolts of a full story here...

Collaboration time? It's been a long time since I wrote a story, and most of the real life issues which stressed me out are slowly being solved.

Well trixie was actually supposed to be the main Character, but I switched it at the last moment... After the planning was done and I'd written two scentances

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