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A power hungry yet stunted unicorn gets word of the Mirror Pool. She goes to investigate, and ends up finding something both very dangerous and very powerful.

Crossover with Felarya, the art is Karbo's and the world is his as well.
I was actually very surprised with the art... she usually doesn't wear clothes... but then that wouldn't have been appropriate :pinkiecrazy:

Umm... no human tag because she isnt a human... she is a fairy... if you know Felarya then you know those are two completely different things...

I'm rambling, just go read it :pinkiecrazy:

... Oh, and I suppose I should mention there is a brief scene where someone gets eaten... not important though... not really :pinkiecrazy:

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Collab by: Lilith911 and Vic Viper
Right before Nightmare Moon's defeat, she made a prophecy, one predicting the end of the world at the hands of somepony close to Celestia herself. When the pony comes to be, and Celestia falls in love with the newest princess, she tries to forget the dark prophecy and live a happy life, but as time goes on, she begins to fear for the sake of the kingdom. Will this inner struggle drive her to madness, and what will she do to the pony she believes is from the prophecy, her daughter?
Cover art by: ArtemisX31

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