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Everlasting Darkness - Lilith911

Life could not be better for Celestia. She had the love of her life, and now she had a beautiful child. But not all is as it seems... A prophesy a thousand years in the making, threatens to drive Celestia mad….

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The Seeds of Doubt

The Seeds of Doubt
Written by: Vic viper and Lilith911

The cool air blew over my balcony as I stood looking over my... no our, kingdom. The grand spires of Canterlot towering over the rest of the land and casting long shadows in the moonlight far and wide. The sweet, crisp smell of the night air still lingering softly before the dawn. I remembered fondly all the growth the city had achieved since our defeat of Discord.

The time had come again, as it did every morning, for me to release the world from the dark embrace of the night and bring forth the sun and a new day, but it was tiring and I had just woken up, I wonder if our subjects would notice another five minutes of night today? I had been over this many times within my own head, but I always stuck true to my one divine job, the one reason I share the throne with my sister.

Mm that was a wonderful rest, and now it is time for a new day to dawn.The night had been a long one and I was looking forward to my Sun’s return. However...something was wrong, my magic was not working, something was holding it back. I wonder if Lulu is having the same issues as I am? I take one last glance at the beautiful sight and begin my day...well night at the moment.

With a quick brush of my teeth and mane, I was off. I kept a brisk pace through the halls of the castle, searching for my beloved sister. She was not in her room nor was she in the dining hall. Maybe she is in the throne room still. I mentally ponder, heading towards the throne room in haste of finding my sister. Hopefully she is alright…

Upon reaching the doors to the throne room, I felt a dark magic emanating from the inside. Fearing the worst for Luna, I barged right through the double doors, flaring my wings, and activating my magic.

“Foul Demon! I will strike...you...down?” Confused...I was sure I felt evil at work, but all I see is my sister on the throne, albeit she does look different, she had changed her coat to a black color from her natural blue color. She was well known for her great skill in transformation magic, and she had taken to this newer form, but now she wore her armor alongside it.

"Well well well, my dear sister has finally decided to grace us with her presence" Luna laughed "Well I will have you know that you are not needed here anymore!"

I was very confused to say the least "What do you mean Luna?" I tried to walk further into the room, but I was stopped by a swirling mass of purple energy

"Ah ah ah sister, this is my throne room now." she looks at her hoof "And I am Luna no longer."

A creeping feeling slithered up and down my wings at her words. "What do you mean Luna? is something wrong?" I tried to enter again and was stopped once more.

Luna was not making any sense and then she laughed "Something has been wrong for far too long..." she trailed off, looking out the great windows to see the full moon out in the sky "But that changes tonight sister. no longer will I be content in my spot second to you!"

She got up and walked slowly forward, staring me in the eye as she approached "You raise the sun every day, that is it, you do not struggle to make your day perfect for your subjects! While I toil away every night to make each sky perfect. and yet," her mane changed, from her normal flowing blue one to an ethereal mass of swirling stars "you get all the adoration! you get to have everypony play and work in the day while all they do is sleep," she spat on the ground "during my night"

I was shocked "Luna... I... what do you mean?"

She leveled her head at me, horn aimed at my heart and spoke again, even her voice changing to a more sinister one "My name is no longer Luna, from now on I shall be known as Nightmare Moon, the queen of Equestria and ruler of this eternal night"

I had only a moment to realise what the glowing on her lowered horn ment and dodge out of the way before the barrier fell away, as my sister sent a shot of charged energy rocketing at me, blasting away the doors to the grand entryway where I had been standing a moment before.

Acting on instinct, I lowered myself into a battle stance, leveling my horn and sending a charged energy shot of my own, blasting into her side and sending her tumbling across the room to hit the side wall with a resounding crack. "Luna!" horrified at what I had done, I charged across the room to her body, ignoring the fact that she had just attacked me.

When I reached her slightly smoking form I asked "Are you alright?" She lay still, unmoving "Luna..."

I started to cry and I stood there for a few seconds. then I felt something nearing my back, a brief second later I was smashed to the ground by a large wooden beam. Stunned and bleeding, I lay there on the ground, mostly oblivious to the world around me. I was brought back to the world when an armored hoof knocked my crown from my head before slamming down on my muzzle.

The hoof raised itself, "You no longer have any power in this kingdom" and then slammed down again, breaking away teeth and knocking me back into oblivion.

My whole head was throbbing, but i managed to retain enough sense to try and cast a spell to blast her away. When my spell connected with her chest, instead of being flung back, she merely grunted and gripped the post she had first hit me with and held it over my head "Pathetic sister, I am more powerful than you by far," She made to swing it down, but stopped at the last second, a large splinter nearly poking out my eye. "I have spent months researching the spell of the vampir, I have stolen the lives of your whole Royal guard...and even a few of their offspring as well. Mmm I can hear them even now. Their delightful screams as I tore away at their bodies" she licked her lips and my heart fell, crushed as I realised they were all dead, their life force devoured by my once sweet sister for power she needed to overpower me.

I began to sob on the floor at the loss, feeling even worse for the fact that I had told Smiles to bring his children today. As I sobbed, she looked down on me "And as much as I want to, I'm not going to let their sacrifice go to waste." She raised the beam and swung it down on my leg shattering the bone and pulverizing the flesh from the sheer amount of force "How does it feel sister! To be helpless, to not be able to do anything as you are reduced to a powerless and weak thing, not worthy of kissing my hooves." she then began to beat at my body viciously.

She took the beam and slammed it over and over on my chest. I could feel as individual splinters of bone began to enter my lungs and other organs, tearing apart the already mutilated sacks of flesh. Then she moved on to my limbs, making sure to break each bone in my leg in several places before moving onto the next. When they were mangled and bent out of shape and I was coughing blood, she finally paused "What are you thinking now? I know you will heal, but how does it feel to be broken and useless?" When I didn't immediately answer she flew into a rage.

I tried to remove myself from the situation, but that did little to deter from the pain that I was still aware of. Luna was smashing the old beam she had ripped from the roof over and over on body, not even giving me a moments rest as she gleefully painted the floor in her own sisters blood.

“L-Luna...s-stop...p-please!” I desperately whimpered to my sister, she hit me one more time, breaking a few upper ribs in the process, before stopping and staring at me with hatred in her eyes.

“I am Luna NO LONGER! I am NIGHTMARE MOON!!” Lighting struck my half broken form as she screamed out her new name, flinging my body across the room while cauterizing my numerous wounds.

“And I will be the new ruler of equestria! Ponies from all around will come to adore me! Worship me! Think of only me! Just as they did with you!” Lu-Nightmare Moon was trotting toward my body like a predator approaching its prey. Her eyes glared at me with such hate, I could not bring myself to speak.

“Today is the day of a new night! Today the moon will not leave the sky! And then," She chuckled, "All of your little ponies will see who the real goddess is.” Nightmare stopped in front of a window and stared at her moon and sky with a sorrowful gaze.

“It's okay, soon they will all love you, and you will get the love you deserve…” I decided to take a chance and I started to charge up my horn for an escape. My only chance do defeat her now was to wield and use the elements of harmony.

“As for you, I will make sure you feel the suffering I ha-STOP!” Nightmare noticed too late that I had charged up enough magic to teleport myself inside the vault of harmony, and before she could utter another sound, or send another bolt, I was gone.

I lay on the floor of the ancient chamber for a few seconds, letting my bones heal themselves a little before I got up. The process was excruciating, my broken bones were sending stabs of pain into my flesh all over again in the process. Minutes pass as I poured magic into my own body, first going for my shattered cartilage.

the first task was moving the shards of bone back into their places and melding the finished masses back together. After that I proceeded to force them back into their respective joints. As they moved beneath my flesh several cracks sounded through the chamber. After the last crack sounded I stood tall on my feet, my destroyed body being fully supported.

The next matter of the healing was less important, but still necessary. I transferred the flow of magic from my bones to my flesh, the magic steadily repairing destroyed muscles and organs. Little by little my flesh went from the bloody torn mass it was, to the pristine white coat it once was, while at the same time my punctures lungs patched themselves up and reinflated, followed by the rest or the the damaged internal structures.

My final task was minimal, but it was more worth it to finish the job than to let the healing magic go to waste. for the second and last time, I redirected the flow of my magic to my wings realigning the delicate structures and regrowing multitudes of lost feathers.

Finally healed, I walked over towards the pedestal which housed the elements. The elements were glowing brightly as usual. Luna's three taking the form of a golden banded necklace with a large moon jewel set into the centerpiece. Her three elements lent their hues to the gem, showing her as the bearer of Honesty, Loyalty, and Laughter. sitting in the middle atop a small pedestal, my crown sat, the great sun jem nearly radiating light and portraying me as the bearer of the elements of Kindness, Generosity, and Magic.

I walked forward and gently took up the necklace with my magic, Luna's symbol rose up to greet me and I wondered if they would even work for her anymore. I gently slipped it over my neck and felt a dull rush as they connected with me. I was not their master, but they had none currently and I was a suitable replacement for the moment.

Next, I brought my crown up to me. Unlike with the necklace, once it rested upon my head there was a small explosion in my mind as they connected with my very soul. A vortex of prismatic colors swirled around my body as my elements connected once again to their bearer. Once the light show was finished and I had returned mostly to normal I turned back towards the vault door, and my sister.

“Oh my beloved sister~ I knew thou would come here~ now come out to play!” Nightmare spat out with venomous intent as she sent a concussive force, against the normal laws of magic, to blast me towards her from behind. instead of the spell sending me through the doorway though, the elements shined as one and the blast went through and around me to hit the caster herself and send her barreling through the vault door.

I slowly trotted out after her "Luna, please, stop this madness and return to your place by my side"

As I walked out I came face to face with my sister, smoke rose from a small crater in the towers opposite wall, snarling, she hissed loudly “Are you so weak, that you must depend on jewelry to fight me!” She spat out "We will never be and have never been equal!"

I dodged out of the way as she sent a slab of stone slicing through the air towards me "What do you mean sister? We have always ruled side by side!" the slab crashed into the place I had been standing half a second earlier and both the stone floor, and the rubble were crushed. "Stop it before I have to stop you myself!"

She ignored my words and charged at me with her horn lowered "We have never been equal!"

I let her get close, hoping that she would change her mind and back down. When she was a few meters away, I let one more tear slide down my face before calling on the elements.

“I am sorry Luna...you leave me no choice…” My eyes glowed a blinding white light as I was brought into the air. The elements disconnecting from their respective places and circling me, Nightmare's eyes widened and she was flung back from her place right in front of me.

Nightmare tried to cast two spells, one to catch herself, and one to try to stop me...but it was too late, I unleashed the elements. Their prismatic colors surging forward in a bright line of harmony, descending towards her like an unstoppable tide. Upon reaching her it wrapped around her and began to swirl.

First her legs were caught, then her torso as it rose up to engulf her, she tried to pull away, but failed. she looked at me with hatred before her eyes seemed to lose their luster and it was replaced by something much older and more powerful. it took me a second to recognise the signs of a prophecy and a few more before I leaned in to make sure I heard it. When she next spoke, I found that it was unnecessary, she spoke with a deep, commanding voice that drowned everything else in the room out.

After I return,
And Chaos has reigned,
When harmony lies inert to your call.
The skies will burn,
And all life will be chained,
Born unto you
a newborn star


I then watched as her eyes returned to their normal luster and her look of serene knowledge changed first to confusion and then back to hatred just before the vortex fully engulfed her. I knew that the elements wouldn't kill her, they were not capable of that kind of power, but they would do something to try to give her time alone to calm herself.

I watched and heard in silence as the vortex lifted from the ground and shot away , into the now dawn sky. As It left view I heard several cracks as the elements clattered to the floor and I with them. I looked one last time into the sky and whispered

“Goodbye...my dear sister...I love you”

And then...I was alone again.

* * *

Dear Journal,

Today is unlike any other day in my entire lifetime...that is to say, very long. I met the love of my life 20 years ago. She was just a small little filly back then with enormous potential. I quickly made her my personal student, and over the years I watched her grow, in beauty and in magical prowess. a year and a half ago she announced her love for me, and a year and a half later...our child is being born. The express my happiness, to express my joy, it would be like trying to measure life itself, it is just not possible. Even now it takes all my will just to write a few little words on a flimsy piece of paper as I hear the pangs of pain coming from my beloved, bearing our child.

Even though it hurts...Twilight keeps smiling, never once has she stopped ever since she went into labor. She tells me there's nothing else she can do but smile….and get the baby out. It’s nice to know Twilight’s sense of humor is still chugging along through all she has been through. I can only imagine the pain she is going through right now….and who knows, one day I might actua-

“AHHH IT’S HERE, SHE IS COMING OUT NOWWWW! “ Twilight screamed as she gripped my hoof hard...and then the joyous sounds of a small filly crying permeated throughout the room.

“Oh...oh...let...let me...see her..” Twilight breathlessly called out, her hoofs pawing at the air for our beloved child. The nurse brought the newborn to Twilight, giving her a soft nuzzle across her cheek. I smile at the motherly gesture and shift my head slightly to look at my daughters face. She looked so beautiful.

She had a light covering of fuzz all over her body, showing her as being a pleasant peach color. Her mane was starting to grow out as well, it was a lime green color... as I looked at it, I started to see some glimmers in the strands, but I brushed it off as a trick of the afternoon light. her eyes were closed and she was gurgling in twilights arms.

for the first time in many thousands of years my heart stopped for a moment, so struck by my... our beautiful daughter, that I felt faint

As Twilight curled up with our new daughter my sister walked in, tears of joy streaming down her own face as we embraced "I am so happy for you my dear sister" I was about to respond when I saw my daughter open her eyes for the first time.

They opened and I saw her amethyst eyes look out at the world for the first time in wonder as she gurgled again and snuggled into Twilight. the sight was beyond adorable, and i would have gone to them, but while holding my sister, I saw a glow in the child's eyes, not much, but coupled with the now glittering mane, I realised that she, our daughter, was going to be immensely powerful.

that would have been wonderful in of itself, but at that moment, holding my sister, I remembered the last words I had ever heard her darker side utter, a dark prophecy. Telling of great destruction coming from a newborn star, born unto me. the thought did not mean to much to me, so happy was I at that moment, but now here, looking at them sleep, I can't help but wonder, is she, Astra Sparkle, our daughter, the one Nightmare moon spoke of?

I can think no more of it, Twilight beckons me to our bed. I shall not think of this again, the prophecy was merely a rant from a mare who knew she had lost, there was no way that she could have predicted the destruction of the world... at the hands of my own daughter...

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