• Published 13th May 2016
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"ARE YOU INSANE!!!" - Dontaskaboutit

Displaced story featuring, vilonce, bloodshed, and hilarity, enjoy!

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Comments ( 16 )

A Kenpachi displaced!?:pinkiegasp:

7366842 Thank you for the meme.

How did i Miss this update?
Well now i have read it.
Is it possible you lost some of the color in your text?
A little bit Information dump of a chapter.
But nice idea for a small misunderstanding.
And so fast can this sort of misunderstanding be fixed, why is it that they always need to fight?
Ok we have a lot of Ponys with to much ego, but still.
Or displaced with an ego the size of the whole multiverse XD.
So all over all a nice enough info chapter. can't wait for the next chapter.

7371381 yep, it was meant to be a bit of an info dump, to introduce the displaced multiverse. Also It was mostly fixed because of John's personality, you will learn more about it as the story progresses. But I'm glad you liked it! I've been waiting for your comment.

Fuck yeah this looks interesting.
Oh hey, would you be interested in a crossover with my displaced story sometime in the future? It's called Embodiment of Rage (sequel is coming out soon)

Yea some how i did'n notice the update in my alarms XD sorry for the wait ^^.
So when will NMM wake up?

Did anyone else know that kenpachi's zanputo is in a forced release state with out him knowing it's name because I just found this out

7567875 that isn't actually the case, later in the magnga it is revealed that that's simply his sealed state, it turns into a massive meat cleaver in shikai, and then he goes full demon mode in bankai

Dude when are you going to update this one or am I going to have to mark it as Dead

I was wondering the same thing, where the hell is the author?!

I have already marked it as dead

you no Kenpachi Zaraki think straight but the one who plays him can jay him

Bring this back author. Wanna see more kenny carnage.

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