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I am intrigued. I looking forward to seeing where this is going.

Interesting, will this ever be updated?

Well, looking at the chapter's date I can only hope it ain't dead and will get updated soon :rainbowderp:

OH YES!!! I have been waiting for a Displace Kenpachi Zaraki story to come out. :pinkiehappy:

What's up with the date 2014 this story said it just came out hope it updates its pretty good good luck good job and keep it up:twilightsmile:

2014? Either the site glitched on something or it was published way back then and you had just updated the chapter...odd

Anyway, I had a similar concept for a displacement story. With the character gaining Ichigo's powers, but constantly stating that he'd make a better Kenpachi. Since he had a similar build and liked his character more. Though sadly, I wrote myself in a corner early on and never figured out how to fix it.

7211915 started this chapter in 2014, finally figured out were I wanted the story to go and rewrote it last night.

7212664 plan on it, I love Kenpachi as a character, and after seeing chapter 669 and 670 I knew I had to rewrite and publish this from my story idea graveyard.

As cliched a beginning it is, I can't help but find myself wanting more... Especially if you include my favorite warmongering general... I get the feeling the five of them are going to meet back up, at some point... Also, why can't I find any Displaced fics about Overlord's MC?!? I want to see my favorite Lich in a fic!:raritycry:

7216510 Dude that would be sick! Love Overlord, in any shape or form! If it's the anime, or even the Overlord games I love both versions, but yes that needs to happen asap. Also that whole beginning was the first thing I ever wrote back in 2014, so yea it's cliché, but I don't care, I like it that way. :twilightsmile:

7216950 Either way, I've found enjoyment out of this, despite any misgivings the description left me with, and I've no regrets in picking this up!:pinkiehappy:

7216973 That's what I love to see!

Well shut got real!

so fun for me

I Hope Nightmare Moon Doesn't Pull a "TFS Moment" after throwing everything she had at Kenny, only to have no effect on him and she starts crying like a baby.

Not being mean or anything...just thought that, since there's a "Comedy" genre in the Story and I Thought It would be somewhat funny to add a reference.

Hmmm, Nightmare Moon Powered up...interesting, does that make Nightmare or Luna the zanpakuto in this case? Either way, looks interesting, can't wait for more!!

Someone who can outlast him? Man, I certainly wouldn't mind giving my own displaced a chance at that, if you have the time that is. :P

In order to make the chapter title fit a bit better, I think you should have had him struggle to decide which version of Kenpachi's limiter eye patch to get.

Yeah, whatever Jingle Bells. Don't snowball me just for having pun with this.
Still, the crossover offer does actually stand, but, regardless, I hope to see more chapters in the future.

wait who's the red

7270788 I thought it was a meh chapter, but I was apparently wrong, btw how is my fight scene writing, I want to try and match how Bleach fights play out but don't know if I came close or not.

Are you suggesting that you wish to save a hornless Nightmare Moon from being purified by the Elements of Harmony?
Sounds cruel.
Let her "die".

7270929 That's a savage Reality.
Ehh? Ehh?

A valiant effort, but the "eh's" devalue the effect when one is able to highlight affectation for specific words (i.e. italics, bolding, coloring).
Stiff upper lip, you'll get me to guffaw yet.

7270971 So, you are telling me to not let my puns Downgrade?

so two voices in his head? is one of this his Zanpakutō?
Also from what part of the Bleach timeline is this Ken?

7271936 The looks are from the Arrancar arc, but his overall strength and power is from the current arc in the manga, so he is as strong as the present day Kenpachi.

7271936 Also if you are wondering why he is that strong, it's because of John's knowledge of the character.

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