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Sweetie Bell and Applebloom have noticed a stunning trend in strangeness coming from Scootaloo as of late. As they go to investigate, they find that somepony has a whole other side to her that nopony expected...

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That was adorable.

Honestly... I was shocked. Good writen story though. Characters are portrayed okay although the worries Sweetie has about Scoot leaving the CMC and getting her cutie mark by her own comes a little bit out of nowhere. Other than I usually don't like filly shippings (even the slightest) it was okay. A thumb up from me

Needs more Scootabuse.
Good day.:moustache:

That was.... Very strange. But in a good way. There were a few mistakes, but none that interfered with my understanding of the stories. I agree with Twilight's Favorite Quill though, I'm not much for filly shipping.

402524 I don't either. Seriously, they're about 10!

402572: So? Kids need love too:fluttershysad:.:rainbowlaugh:

402579 I understand that. We all had crushes when we were ten. But children going lez? That's just going overboard.

402591: OH....your talking about the Lesbo part.......Yeah I don't like that either.

Sweetie and AppleBloom?......Thats just weird, and wrong.....unless their teenagers already...But their not.

WOW....just wow loved it tho there was an error there forgot were but its there

The more controverstial shipping got a higher veiwcount than my other story in one day...WT:flutterrage:. But honestly, I wrote the fic with their ages around their early teens in mind, and was pulling from personal experience so yeah, thanks for the feedback.

also might edit to make it less overt in the love scene...maybe.

Depends on up down votes. more up votes=more likely

No problem. and thanks for reading:pinkiehappy:

That sounds like a drink... you wanna know a secret. The actual focus was supposed to be Featherweight and Scootaloo, but I changed it at the last minute cause I can:trollestia:

AWWWWW :rainbowkiss: i just wanna hug them all till their heads explode:pinkiecrazy:

Every time I read a CMC Fic At least 2 of them are lesbians....... Why? :applecry:static4.fjcdn.com/thumbnails/comments/+_724e1e76b59f4ccbe592f45bdb5fcfb7.jpg

PLEASE. New paragraph for new speaker.

and lol heart broken apple bloom:applecry:

I marked this to read later, and I'm finally getting around to it.:pinkiehappy:

I liked your story, it wasn't anything earth, or should that be Equestian-breaking, but seem like something the CMC might do minus the lesbian slash.:pinkiegasp:
No I'm not anti slash, clop, or gay fanfict stories. It is jjust that it might make an episode otherwise.:twilightsmile:
BTW, you realy should have a line break every time you switch dialogue from one character to a different one. :twilightoops:

I guess from the same reason most slash on MLP is also lesbian, 3/4 of all characters on MLP are fillies and they at least seem to show affection between each other. There are not colt CMC, so it is open for femslash. At least in this story the most obviously gay CMC character (Scoots) is straight while the most likely straight memeber (Sweetie) is gay. Apple Bloom could go either way IMO.:twilightsmile:

Okay, I admit I didn't read this 2nd chapter before I commented earilier today on this same story.:pinkiegasp:
I see you are placing a line break now between dialogue changes. :twilightsmile:
This chapter is still well-concieved even if a little short and incorporating an over-used cliche, the "It was a Dream."):facehoof:

I liked the hints of anti-fooler sentiments Scoots showed, while IMO Sweetie was more just shocked at the idea. I really do think I (and most other readers) already know what Sweetie Belle's cutie mark is going to be!:pinkiehappy:

BTW just how much of chapter 1 was a dream? All of it or just the parts about Bloom and Sweetie making out? Was there still a play were Scoots played MJ to Featherweight's Spidy?:scootangel:

Also IMO, if Bon Bon was making a candy to "honor" Lyra, it would be mint & vanilla or coconut, given Lyra's mane colors. Maybe stawberry/blueberry mixed with mint & vanilla? That would use both fillies mane colors.:pinkiehappy:

1.Thank you for reading both parts and then making an informed opinion, it 's much appreciated:pinkiehappy:
2.It was only after nine failed attempts at figuring out the breaks.:ajsleepy:
3.The story was accidentally cut around the beginning and I actually had made fun of the cliche:fluttershysad:
4.are you absolutely sure about that? I have a touch a the good M.Night in me yet:pinkiecrazy:
5.All of it was a dream, but if you ask nicely I will send you a few hints as to the theses and that's of why i made the chapter that why and who it will make more sense in later chapters:trollestia:
6.I fixed the color combination just for you:pinkiehappy:483571

Lime and Vanilla, why didn't I think of that?:pinkiegasp:
Especially since Key Lime Pie with Vanilla Icecream is my favorite dessert.:twilightsmile:

*puts down another story on list*
damn it, more stuff to wait for thanks a lot :/
(I mean that in a good way XD)

402591 Er, not to be rude or anything but most kids that age don't just 'go lez'. A lot of teenage lesbians have been attracted to one gender since they were born. I know I have been since before I was 10. The fact of acting it out though is sketchy, yes. I see the CMC as being around 8 years old and that's definitely too young to really act on feelings towards others.

So Apple Bloom's special talent is being heart broken! :pinkiecrazy:, I'll track it, I like where this is going, but I have to admit the formatting on chapter 1 is horrible, you should try fixing it some other time, the writing's decent however and you have my attention.


I make all three Filly Foolers :pinkiesmile: It's better for all concerned.

6 years and still not finished?
Sorry i didn't read it so i dont know if it's finished and just wasn't listed right or if it got canceled, i just don't, i just don't like cliff hangers cause they make me so...well...impatient.

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