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Hie! I'm like a total fanfiction fan.I might write a story sooner or later but yeah.Lookin forward to all that jazz. :) Team Pinkiepie and fluttershy


HHHHHEEEELPPP!! · 4:51am Jul 17th, 2012

I know back in march how i announced that I was writing a story but sadly ihave writers block and need some ideas for a good fim story.Any ideas would be useful if you place them down in the comments.thx for everything!!!
Hope to c your input very soon!

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Comment posted by Zinger deleted Jan 3rd, 2013

Well. Your profile picture gave me diabetes. :pinkiesmile:

I am not intirely sure what a fim story is, but I have some ideas:

A sad story about twi/trixy breaking their horn. Any unicorn can do.
maybe a ship with fluttershy and trixy :)
or hvad happens to ponies ther get cought by changelings.
A story about what so important an unique about a unicorn's horn, I like to know.

:scootangel: I hope it helped

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