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Lyra is troubled over news that she cannot use her horn for a concert in Canterlot. This leads to her getting a little more help than she bargained for from Spike. And yes, this story is out of left field...

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Dr.Whooves is a recently married stepfather, and I am not revealing anything else or it will ruin the surprise.

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Sweetie Bell and Applebloom have noticed a stunning trend in strangeness coming from Scootaloo as of late. As they go to investigate, they find that somepony has a whole other side to her that nopony expected...

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This story was a conception brought about after I did a story for a friend. It came to my attention that there are very few scootadash fics and there are no flutterscratch stories. So if anyone wonders where that shipping idea came from, I called first. The actual premise of the story can't really be explained with just this description alone, so your going to have to read the story in order to find out

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