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A story set in RainbowDoubleDash's Lunaverse:

For decades the Equestrian Embassy to the Griffon Kingdoms has been a dumping ground for those who lost the great games of Equestrian politics. But now, the political graveyard finds itself on the front lines of the brewing war against the Tyrant Sun as a charismatic agent of Corona calling themselves The Voice of the Sun seeks to turn Equestria's neighbors against it. As part of a plan to both counter the influence of the the Voice and potentially turn the tables on the mad Alicorn, Raindrops and Lyra are sent to the Griffon Kingdoms as official representatives of Princess Luna and Knights of Equestria.

Now cut off from their friends in a strange land with only the rejects and victims of the Night Court to support them, the two Elements find themselves fighting a far different battle than they had been expecting as they try to protect their homeland from a burning tide of treacherous heresy...

(Cover image is Solar Empire Emblam by Emkay-MLP http://emkay-mlp.deviantart.com/art/Solar-Empire-Emblem-291749675)

Chapters (15)
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Minor note that I realized I didn't catch earlier - Trixie isn't precisely on good terms with Night Light. She isn't on bad terms, mind, but I'd expect her to be a little more on-edge at potentially staying with the viceroy.

To say nothing of what Twilight's mother might think of Trixie...

The house has been "arranged" to be vacant except for them (and maybe some guards) for purposes of the mission. Originally planned for there to be silly slumber-party hijinks going on as well in between the main story, buuuuuuut that's a bit ambitious for my time-schedule.

At some point, we'd have to address Twilight Velvel's hatred of Trixie. Perhaps as part of the end game when Celestia gets over herself.

Promising start.

4315491 Maybe that would be one instance where a 'shut UP!' speech is necessary...

A good start.
But I got the impression that, since The Return of Tambelon, Corona had abandoned her plans for war and bloodshed in favor of a prescision strike at Canterlot when the time is right.
Also are the Griffon Kingdoms sufficiently unified that they need have only one embassy between them?

She has.....the problem is that that hasn't filtered down to everypony else quite yet.

Especially coming from the pony :twilightsheepish: she's defending-slash-protecting-slash-avenging.....:rainbowlaugh:

“You’re not exactly painting the most confident picture here, bub,” said Raindrops, unamused.

When did Raindrops become Wolverine?

Interesting plan, I think there might be a few hundred things that could do wrong with it, but they have at least put some thought into it.

She's yellow, blue, has anger issues and enhanced strength/melee skills.

Cannot unthink it now.


Well I guess we have her role in the power ponies now, that or the hulk.

You need to put spaces between the paragraphs.

You know, it would be rather ironic if Rainbow saved the day with the griffins or something like that. She's close friends with Gilda on purpose, so she probably knows how to get on their good side.

I write and format in word, then copy-paste them over. But I prefer when the text looks like a book or magazine article; not a big fan of the way a lot of online stories are formatted.

I believe the L6 are supposed to have a better grasp of Corona's psyche and nature at this point. But they still seem to be talking about her as though she were some sort of biblical monstrosity, when they know she is just a pony. Granted, Corona is the oldest, most powerful and most deranged member of pony kind in existence. But underneath it all she is still but a pony. Just like Luna and Cadence.

I am not someone who is simplistic about the motivations of opposing sides in a conflict. I hope you stick around :twilightsmile:

Please, if I played a drinking game with references on this site the cumulative detox would probably kill me.

I remember the first time I locked myself in my room in Ponyville, Dad tried to buck down the door and nearly sprained his ankle…”

Just a note that I still love this.

“Captain,” said a guard, coming to attention as he entered the room. “Reporting for duty, sir! What are my order…Hey, I remember you, sweet flanks. Oaton, right? Your succulent little blue friend wouldn’t be here too, would she? Wouldn’t mind seeing that hot pink marefriend of yours, either. Not much eyecandy up here unless you’ve got a thing for beaks and claws, am I right?”

And the true star of the story has arrived!

I like to think that his cutie mark looks like o-)->

Haha, lovin' all these references to other fics. Especially that last one.

Vast Volume's gender is a little confused there, you should revise that section to clean it up.

Nothing else to say beside confirming that I'm loving this fic so far.

Bloodly blasted pronouns... fixed *grumbles*

“Wow,” said Lyra as she took in the scene. “Door and landing pad all in one. Do they have those in Cloudsdayle, too?”

Does Cloudsdale have a y in it?

Hum, Ambassador Quizzling eh, you know for some reason I don't trust him much. Damn Equestrian naming traditions.

What a nice little military group you've got there :pinkiehappy:

Should just be Quizzing, tyvm :P

...unless I made ANOTHER typo...


Nope I'm just reading other things into it, because that small change makes everything better. I guess he just missed his true calling as a game show host.

Wow, really top quality Embassy staff there.

You'd think the Griffons would be a little put out to have their country viewed as a dumping ground for the dregs of the Equestrian Military & Civil Service.

Can't wait to see whats wrong with Lightning, he seems far too competent.

Captain Lightning is actually from GrassAndClouds2's Greengrass's Night, so if you're interested in seeing the events that lead to him being shipped off to the Griffon Kingdoms, then go check it out :pinkiehappy:

Enjoying this thus far. Like the description of the griffin towns, and I think the door/landing pads was a stroke of genius. Out of the embassy staff I definitely like Clicker the most! Military positions, ha, adorable. And man oh man, Bootheel is here? I've got to wonder how he got there? Knowing him, its probably unrepeatable in a non-mature rated fic.. :rainbowwild:

I love Bootheel, and I hope to do him proud!

...okay, that might've come out wrong...

Hmm, I missed that one.

Edit: Ok, sort of a victim of circumstance for him then, I see.

Oh, dear Raindrops is going to get heart broken when she finds out who Kindle is. It's a shame she deserves somepony special.

Bootheel was hilarious as ever.

I know he's a fictional character and all, but boy I wanna kick Bootheel's ass. He's just at that edge of being too insufferable to read about but still being funny. Kindle's faux-introduction (since he didn't reveal his true character) was really neat and sets him up in a really interesting way. The villains are a lot harder to pin down when they can act so charismatic at the right times.

“What a coincidence! So am I! We have so much in common!”

Again, Bootheel is clearly the real star of the show here, much as Ladd Russo is clearly the actual star of Baccano!. Well, him or Isaac and Miria.

Not Firo, is my point.


It's always fun to see this side of Raindrops, even if this is going to end in pain.

“I am Ambassador Quizzing, at your service, Dames,”

And we have a traitor/collaborator cause that name is just a giveaway. I knew it as soon as I read it.

*Bootheel showes up*

Hey neat, a chance for Raindroos to impress the griffons by beating the snot out of a soldier, without causing an incident by targeting one of theirs! Throw in that she did it to "defend her honor" and the griffons will probably throw a feast or her.

“It was like something out of a romance novel. I mean, he even talked like he was in a book…”

And to further that, they are tied to warring factions. Wow, I'd call it star-crossed but Kindle might take offense to referencing the night.

4353123 Reminds me a little of Romeo and Juliet.

I forgot how much I enjoyed Bootheel's idiocies.:rainbowlaugh: And lovestruck Raindrops feels cute to be honest.:heart:

I wonder how bad Kindle will be:

Kindle thinks about Corona and himself as good. This is delusional, but oh well. If he is only a little delusional, he might simply obstruct, with no intention of hurting anypony, but if he is sufficiently delusional, he might attempt to deliberately injure, or maybe even murder.

Well, now that we've got the voice, let's see the rebuttal. Also, let's see what Celestia has to say about her messing around with the other powers after the Fall of the Tyrant Sun.

4413929 "As my rebuttal, I would like to say, Celestia is a butt."

“Actually they’re just spawning,” clarified Quizzing dully. “Those are just salmon. You’ll get to see a lot more of them during dinner.”

"They're coming to dinner? That's awesome! I bet they have these school fishbowl environment suits. Ooh, and what do they talk like? This weird bubbly language? Probably great musicians - "
"The griffins eat them, Dame."
"...and the salmon ambassador is okay with this?"

“Dropsy! What’s up? I didn’t know you were in town!”

"You never call, you never write, I thought we were engaged!"
"Oh, right, that story isn't canon..."

Sol Invictus

Minor point, since the Sun is associated with Celestia, it's probably considered feminine rather than masculine, so it should be "Sol Invicta"

I suppose the Griffons don't have laws on performance enhancing magic do they?

I don't know about good for the people but kingships/tyrannies/dictatorships in ancient Greece were generally more stable in my opinion than general democracies (which, as mentioned, was more oligarchic demagoguery that anything we'd recognize as democracy)

4414141 Well, given that we got Raindrops the melee pegasus and Lyra the temporary ape-bear-THING, it does seem like Adventure Time......

I'm starting to like Quizzing now I'm sorry I forgot my species is vegetarian

So Raindrops is in her barbarian outfit then? And Lyra in a toga?

Raindrops slayer of dragons?
Spike: I ain't dead!

So Lyra is playing a cover of grass and clouds? Would that make it grass&clouds2 then?

Someone else used it first, can't remember who or where though. Will change. Does she have an official heraldry of titles we can use for stuff like this? For consistency?

Seeing as how they view alicorns as "not fair" (in a world building joke, but still), I don't think they'd be opposed to leveling the playing field a bit.

Everyonepony is delusional. Being right is just a matter of which illusion is most commonly shared.


I think Luna and Celestia have probably both got more titles than they know what to do with. The ones I've used most for Celestia are the Undimmed Daystar and Sol Invicta.

I like the recurrent motif of 'Welcome ot the Griffin Kingdom!', it's kinda funny how it can change from person to person.

You sneaked a 'hand' in there instead of 'hoof'. Roundhouse is female? I don't even remember her from previous chapter... :rainbowhuh:

Anyway, good work as always!

It was actually my working title for the story when I was drawing up my outline. :pinkiehappy:

4416577 Reality is what you make of it.

Lyra is best tribute band.

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