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"To become who you are meant to be. You must first accept your flaws, then make them into your strengths; only then, can you fully be who you are meant to be"


Twilight was having a fantastic day, then all goes to hell as her favorite eggplant burger gets vaporized by a human ray gun. Now it is all she can do to survive the Human invasion, dead set to destroy all of pony kind. What does she do? Well the answer is simple, RUN!

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alt title: All Ponies Must Be Eaten

Disliked, realized it's april fouls day, liked.

What the fuck? :rainbowlaugh:

Let me tell you though, I had fun writing it.

I know how that goes. Writing something silly isn't usually in my character, but it's nice when it does happen.

This was... entertaining. :rainbowwild:

Glad you enjoyed it.

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