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A fan of all pony, no matter the Gen. I was tired of pony Avatars, so I picked my cat instead. Ain't he cute?


For thousands of years the Rainbow Gates have remained closed.

In Equestria:

One day, a trio of young fillies on a quest for their Cutie Marks stumble upon a gate. What they find beyond the gate is an adventure of a lifetime. Monsters, knights, strange blank flanked ponies, witches and dragons and creatures that go ‘shoo-be-doo’. Can the Crusaders find their way home? And what is the mysterious shadow lurking in the darkness…

In Dream Valley:

It is celebration time for the Ponylanders and their allies, the Flutter Ponies, the Grundles, the Stonebacks and Sea Ponies. A new ally had joined their ranks, and a witch from the Volcano of Gloom has betrayed her own. But when their friends vanish, Wind Whistler and Gusty must cross a mysterious gate to a strange world of wooden wolves, diamond loving dogs, griffins and ponies that seem both familiar and strange. And lurking in the darkness, is an old foe.

Two worlds. Two enemies. Two shadows.

Let the Rainbow between Worlds connect.

Chapters (26)
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Comments ( 161 )

"the worlds of G1, aka Ponyland and Dream Valley, and G4 (Equestria), are set in two different, but similar dimensions."

Thank God, if I had to deal with one my fanfic that had G1 and Equestria taking place in the same timeline... :flutterrage:

I instead highlight the real reason we are here. Ponies.

Ah, so it's like the anti Elements of Harmony and the Savior of Worlds, or the Anti Mighty Demon Slayer eh? This is only a good thing as far as I am concern. :pinkiehappy:

Keep up the good work!

Well, to be fair I do like Elements of Harmony and the Savior of Worlds, and the only objection I have to Mighty Demon Slayer is the fact that Wind Whistler ends up a villain, and she's my favorite G1 pony. It's more of a desire to do something a little different then what I have seen from other G1/G4 crossovers then any actual dislike of those stories. Plus, how can I get Wind Whistler and Twilight Sparkle in the same room to chat if they are from different time periods? And, I love Stargate
Glad you are enjoying it so far.

3956125 Well, thank you. :pinkiehappy: I'll favorite this and read it when I have time, but I think this has promise. :)

3956125 Demon's slayer, from a technical standpoint writing wise, is fine up until the seven and 8th chapter, and as for Striker's story, it just doesn't jive for me sadly. :ajbemused: Your story, however, is the type of story I wish I could finish writing, I've started a number of pony related stories (including one similar to your premise) only to have them all burn out of me creatively wise so I wish you the best of luck with this one and eagerly await the next chapter.

Thanks. I do have some issues when I get to the middle of the stories, but I think I will be able to slog though this.

And yes, I was a bit unsettled by the Wind Whistler parts of Demon Slayer, and I just could not get through the 7th and 8th chapters at all. Which was a shame, because I mostly enjoying it before the Wind Whistler thing just got to me.

3956355 Trust me, your not missing anything with 8. The big twist on that is that Terck and Demon Goat guy have not only been Celestia and Luna the whole time, not only created the elements of harmorny, and not only set up a civilization of peace and love for 5000 years, but they did it all to get the Rainbow of Light/Revenge on Megan. 5000. For revenge. Yea.:ajbemused:

As for Wind Whistler's turn, it wasn't something that bothered me much at first, not being that fimilar with Dream Valley G1, but once I watched Crunch the Rockdog and got to thinking about it... Yea I wasn't happy at all with that development in the slightest.

And if you ever need some help or a need a fresh pair of eyes to take a look at a chapter or something, feel free to PM me.

Thanks for the headsup as Ive been curious about reading that one myself. *crosses off to-read list* As horribly messed up as Demon Slayer sounds, I wonder how THAT ended up on EQD when so many better ones are rejected out of hand... :derpyderp1:

Very nice! As a fellow child of the early 90s I'm in much the same situation pony-wise... Draggle was always my favorite.

Thanks a bunch. Especially for the Spock icon. Love classic Trek.

Glad you liked it. Thanks for reading.

Ah, some good old fashioned conflict between the two characters, interesting choice of Applejack and Rarity being the ones to make 'first contract' with the Dream Valley ponies. Also got a kick out of the Rarity and Applejack being called bobble heads, always figured that a conversation between Rainbow Dash and Gusty would go something like this: Rainbow: Why are you guys so fat? Gusty: We're not fat, you guys are just super skinny goat looking things with big ole bug eyes!

So yea, this was a very good chapter. Liked how the ponies kept their different physical appearances and commented on it, further highlights the differences between their worlds. :pinkiehappy:

Okay, finished the prologue. VERY nice. :pinkiehappy: I do it differently, but neither version is wrong. I like Megan. ;) And your Wind Whistler is a cultured badass.


Oh make no mistake. I like Megan as well. I just really wanted to highlight more of the under appreciated G1 ponies in this. This is by no means an anti-Megan fic.

Both groups are going to be "at war" with each other, but the only way they can meet more than a hooffull is now going to be locked up in a dungeon and switched off. Just a distraction to get everyone's forces looking the wrong way? or is the answer covered under "SPOILERS"? :raritywink:

If I told you it wouldn't be spoilers now would it? :pinkiehappy:

Hmm... gotta say, the CMC being the catalyst for this is... a bit worn for me. Sorry. Just old hat for me by now. Also, *Smacks Scootaloo HARD* Applebloom has more common sense in one hoof than you do in your whole BODY! :twilightangry2::twilightangry2::twilightangry2::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage:

I actually don't read many fim fics. I really just watch the show. Well, shows. So I wasn't aware of their being overused. Hopefully the story itself will be good enough to make up for it.

3965422 Sorry. It's just... for me it got old. Otherwise it's a good chapter. I liked the language barrier!

wish I could give a story more then one thumbs up....

Thank you. I'm flattered.

You know, it no doubt says something about how twisted my mind as become over the years that I thought the main deal with the BB Ponies in "Somnambula” was the fact that everyone was in heat. To be fair, that would explain a few things, like why Truly (or was it Heart Throb?) was so insistent on giving the BB Ponies that big welcome. Then again I always thought that the ponies had worked out a timeshare deal between Megan's ranch home and the Estate, I mean think about that, Paradise estate is no where near big enough for all the ponies and it would explain why some of them are missing in some episodes (I like to think that Wind whistler was spending her time in "Somnambula” watching a Murder she wrote marathon at Megan's house)

Now that I've done dare Pinked and gotten that out of the way, my thoughts on the chapter:

Slightly wondering how the two Gloom sisters have kept their human forms while in Equestria, though i can always chalk that up to their magic mirror being different from the Equestria Girls one.

Poor adorable Fizzy, I both laughed and felt sorry for the poor thing throughout this chapter, but I'm happy to see she's making a friend in Big Mac. Her reactions to the digised changinlings was pure good. :rainbowdetermined2:

Like how Gusty is turning into a pony version of a blood knight, me thinks she, Patch, and Rainbow Dash would get a long quite well.

Ah, I see Draggle is taking some small steps in badassery, cool. Like what your doing with what otherwise would have been a flat character. Good job.

BTW, what year is it in Megan's world? Is it still the 80s? Late 80s, or early 90s?

Yeah I...try not to think of my childhood cartoons and heat. It just feels awkward to me. But yeah, you might have a point there. And I am pretty sure it was Truly, which surprises me. You would expect Heart Throb to be gushing over the big strong boys...

And I can totally see Wind Whistler watching Murder she Wrote. But I always thought of the Estate and Dream Castle in terms of a TARDIS. Bigger on the inside. Cause that would be the only way to fit ponies.

Yeah, while they both take the form of mirrors, the Canterlot High mirror and the Dream Valley mirror are totally different devices, and instead of translating forms to fit the worlds the magic just maintains the original forms.

Ah Fizzy, gotta love her. And Gusty. I don't want to turn her entirely into a blood knight, but I always got the feeling she could definitely be the resident flank kicker of Dream Valley if you pushed her hard enough.

I love taking flat toons and turning them three dimensional. Glad you are enjoying it.

As for Megan's world, late 80s, early 90s. Like I said she is mostly guest starring, and its not very likely the ponies are going to venture to much to her world except in passing.


1. Like I said, I blame the internet. :derpytongue2:

2. I've always thought WW would be a big fan of mystery fiction in general, especially Golden Age M fiction, where logic and puzzles were king, the likes of Sherlock Holmes and and Hercule Porite would be right up her ally.

3. Ah, mirror stuff makes sense then, cool

4. Ah Gusty, when you share the same VA as Bart Simpson, you automatically go up a number of awesome points.

5. I've personally always seen flat/underused characters as more like seeds that you could grow into something really neat if you take the time and effort to do it right, which you are.

6. You just know that if Rarity even found herself in Megan's world she'd be questioning why everyone's fashion sense is a number of years out of date by Equesria standards. :derpytongue2:

I love Big Mac and Fizzy connecting there at the end. :D Also, *Begins shooting the changelings* Bastards...


Thanks. I can't tell you how much fun I had writing those scenes.

Scorpan was awesome. Glad he's in this. :D Also... good Pinkie Pie. manic, but not irritating.

You know, if you do a relationship between Big Mac and Fizzy... I wouldn't mind.

Also, Luna? Screw you. Draggle's ancestors ate ponies, not her. She's trying to redeem herself. You were Nightmare Moon. I LOATHE 'sins of the father' and that horse apples. I really, really do.

Well, aside from the Celestia stuff, this was a very light hearted chapter after the last one (you know things have gotten real when WInd Whistler starts shouting) which was much needed. Keep up the good work!


Luna has always been a bit hot tempered, and I always took her banishment as a sort of sleep state, for various reasons. So for her, Draggle's ancestors, who are a lot worse then even Hydia was, wasn't that long ago for her. Also note that she pretty much imminently regretted her words afterwards. She's not meant to come across as overly cruel, just hotheaded. Again, she is going to regret those words pretty fast, and all on her own. It's not so much a 'sins of the fathers' thing in so much as it's an 'oh gods I saw those things just eat ponies and now one of them is standing right here in front of me'. She doesn't know that the Gloom witches had stopped being total monsters by the time Hydia and Draggle rolled around. They were all to busy shouting at each other that neither group was really listening to either one of them at the moment.

As for Fizzy and Big Mac, we'll see. Always been more of an adventure writer. If it's not to intrusive and seems to flow right I might do it, but it's gonna be backseat to the rest of the fic.

Always need to have a few lighthearted bits. :pinkiehappy:

Glad you liked.

4004552 Okay, fair enough on Luna. That's just one of my trope 'hot buttons'. You know? But glad she'll 'pony up' and admit her wrongs, there. And backseat or not, as long as those two stick together I'll be set. :eeyup::facehoof:

Now... looks like tongues have been taught the common tongue. :trollestia: But was that Tirac/Tirek/however you spell his darned name at the end, there? OOh, evil cliffie!

I am... kinda hoping Wind Whistler verbally tears Pinkie a new one. This is not anything against you or the writing. Just Pinkie herself. *Sharpens knives*

Good to see the two groups getting on the same page, here. Great to see Megan, too. :D

And good on Luna, too, to recognize her wrong there.

Well. FiM is one of the few shows that I found myself completely liking the main (or mane if you want) cast. Usually I find myself liking only one or two and despising the others. Like for example Naruto. I hate Sasuke and Sakura. A lot. Yes I am one of those people. In fact the last form of media where I liked all the cast was the Animorphs books, and those were a long time ago

My point is I like Pinkie. To me she Is clearly very empathic, she knows almost exactly how others are feeling. Her problem is she has no eternal filter to block her thoughts, so she comes across as insensitive at times. To me this is just a character trait, and perhaps something I will have to character develop if I have to. But I see no reason to bash her for it.

Also considering how irritating ponies like Truly and Shady can be, and considering that Wind Whistler apparently considers both of them friends I figure she probably has a lot of patience for strange ponies, Pinkie just is a different form of strange.

Just wanted to pop in and say that I HAVE read chapter 6, but for length's sake I'll be giving my full thoughts by way of PM if that's alright with you. But, as has been my reaction to past chapters, tis good work!:pinkiehappy:


Sure, no problem man.

And it took me this long to realize I accidentally gender bent poor Applejack and made her Big Mac's brother. Oops. Fixed now.

At least I managed to edit out the one time I turned Apple Bloom into Apple Blood...

Ok I'll have to get back to this later, but since you have RK's seal of approval I will defiantly give this a shot. If only to see G1 and G4 interact in a way I haven't seen before... ok seen outside the blog comments I've left for Tornado Firehooves.

Oh no! Rep! Please be ok! The CMC can apparently not catch a break...

I'm actually surprised I'm the first person that's tried this, but meh. I hope you enjoy it when you do get around to reading it.

I am so mean to the poor fillies.

4033965 A bit too mean... :applecry::scootangel::unsuresweetie: But good chapter, here. Niblik, what are you doing... *Readies frying pan* Lots of plots in the air, here. I wonder when they'll start converging.

Well up to the latest chapter so best to leave a review...

Ok there were points in which I got lost, I really didn't know if we were in Ponyland or Equestria at times. Still despite that I am very impressed, you have done a excellent job in weaving the two worlds together even if they are separated by the Void. There is one thing that irks me though... Celestia getting caught, I know Chrysalis was feeding off Majesty's love which has to be far stronger than the love from Shining and she had help, but it still annoys me. But I get the feeling Chrysalis will rue the day she pissed off and inadvertently made a team of Celestia and Majesty. Badassery abounds...

I think I will keep an eye on this one

Thanks. I did try to keep the two worlds distinct, if you notice I usually alternate between chapters, but I can see where you might get mixed up.

And yeah, I pretty much knew that the whole princess capturing thing wouldn't go over well with many, but the story kinda needed it to happen. And if you notice it wasn't really Chrysy that got her in the end, it was the shadow figure. The reason for this will be clear enough soon.

Seeing that it was Celestia getting captured and not Luna I think you might be in the clear. Still you've made a team out of Majesty and Celestia, and that's going to be awesome.

Trying to give as many ponies as I can awesome moments, hence while I don't like her personally I had Truly rush in to save the baby ponies in the last chapter. Just cause I don't like her personally doesn't mean she doesn't have someone out there who does like her, and I do like to be fair.

But still it is hard to be awesome if you can walk all over you foes, which is why I still have to make it challenging for them.

I love this story. It reads well and just draws me into it. I read the first seven chapters in one sitting. Keep up the great work, I can't wait to see what happens to the Ponylanders next.

Thanks a bunch, glad you like it.

Arabus, interesting... I did like Wind Whistler and Twilight doing geek-speak and Dash and Gusty fighting, there. Nice contrast.

Yay! A chapter! You slowed down and I got worried... I'm sorry for doubting you. *bows*

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