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In a universe, there's a school. It's a school of love. It's where evryone comes if they want love. Yeah.
One day, a pony comes to it but it's a strange world full of wonder and love. It's a world of passion and adventure.

Part of the School of Love universe (first story in it)

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*Looks at the cover pic* OH MY GOD! Dude! If you want more views, and upvotes, you gotta get a new cover! Here's a suggestion:


I have to go with danail24 go with that pic

thanks guys i made a new cover <33333333333

3834146 Dat don't fly man! Cutting out half of the pic doesn't improve it much. I'd have to say this pic might be an improvement:

(Resending you same link)

Yeah but i wantit to be a real scen from teh story and i cant comission a good guy to draw it so sorry :raritydespair::raritycry: i gotta use that one Its all i gots

Ara #6 · Feb 5th, 2014 · · ·

Don't change anything about this art

This was hilarious:rainbowlaugh:

This is hilarious

Let me guess your one of those Cod Faze clan try hards that thinks he's so cool and perfect because he has x's in his name.

4939062 no idk wat that is sory ????

Noteworthy gasped and he ran to the street. sHe saw Winona's dead carcass. It got hit by a truck.

Winona's dead carcass? Damn and here I was hoping to see she had a living carcass.

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