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A look back to Fluttershy's middle school days at her paper on the topic "What's it like to fly?"

Chapters (3)
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A very nice insight into both Fluttershy's and Rainbow's characters.

I loved the bit about Rainbow reading over Fluttershy's shoulder and not liking the mushy stuff as well as Fluttershy helping Rainbow with her homework.

Could we see Rainbows essay as well?

It was an interesting read. I like the loyalty shown by Rainbow Dash and the insight in to Fluttershy's fears - I always got the idea that she didn't like flying because she was afraid of falling. Not so much heights though. That said, I can see why this makes sense.

The only thing I wasn't so keen on was that she doesn't spend more time explaining why she didn't wasn't to go to Ponyville herself granted that she was being bullied. Also the teacher's comments at the end feel a little too much. I can't imagine that a teacher would ever talk about a student's work to another student. Ticking her off for helping Rainbow with her homework send fair enough though. Overall, a good read.


Thank you! Let me think a bit about Dash's essay and if I can come up with something suitable to her character I'll write it. :rainbowdetermined2:


Maybe two essays, one about how awesome she / flying is and one a bit more personal about why she helped Fluttershy to fly.

This was certainly something that I wasn't expecting when I read this; but I must say that I am happy that I did. It's very unique and well-thought out. I definitely agree that you should put Rainbow Dash's one up. :)

I liked this. I liked it a lot. It was very well-written, very cute, and very sweet. The only comment I would like to make is in the description, it clearly states she's in elementary school. Although it doesn't specify the grade level, her paper still seems far too well-written to come out of the mouth of even a fifth grader. It would have been more plausible if she were in middle school (or even high school). She must have been very literate for her age. It was very, very well-done otherwise. Keep up the good work! :twilightsmile:

Thank you! I agree 100%. Changed to middle school. Thank you for pointing this out. :yay:

And done! :yay:

As requested Rainbow's essay followed by an extra credit assignment that's a little more insightful.

As requested, Rainbow's essay has been added, as has an extra credit assignment that's a little more insightful. :pinkiesmile:

I really like this one. I especially enjoyed all the extra exclamation points in Dash's first essay.

This was an awesome story. Nice show of loyalty from Rainbow.

:yay: Yay!

I particularly liked this essay.

That third essay changes the entire story, adding subplots and hidden meanings galore. If you don't watch out, someone might pick up on that as "headcanon" and write a whole new story based on it. :rainbowderp:

If you want to, by all means go for it!

I like to think there are some hidden depths to Rainbow's character. I mean, unless she's suffering from brain damage due to one too many impacts with the ground there has to be more to her than just the Wonderbolts, being cool, and Daring Do.

So how far would the pony that embodies loyalty go for her best friend?

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