Flight Of The Fluttershy

by AlwaysDressesInStyle

The Wonderbolts Are Awesome!

Rainbow Dash

Flying is totally rad! No, it’s more than just rad, it’s way awesome! There’s the adranalin adrenaline rush, there’s the wind whipping through your hair, there’s the awesome feeling of breaking through the visible light spectrum (of course, I’m the only pony awesome enough to pull that off!)!

So wear where do I start? They say save the best for last but that’s loser talk! I say start with the best and only talk about the best, and of course the best are the Wonderbolts. You wanna want to talk flying these ponies know flying inside and out, like the back of their hooves!

Feathermay is the Team Captain, and she’s got 14 years, 6 months, and 27 days experience with the team! She’s totally been the captain for 8 years, 3 months, and 15 days and you don’t get to be Team Captain of the Wonderbolts without being the best of the best of the best! Her signetur signature move is the Flying Feather, which is a way cool pun on both her name and the adult expression us fillies aren’t allowed to say. Anyways, so the Flying Feather (I just love saying that when I can’t get in trouble for it!) is comprized comprised of Feathermay pulling off a triple loop de loop through a flying hoop comprised entirely of birds (How rad is that? Totally rad, that’s how!) cauz because her special talent is talking to birds (of course that makes her Fluttershy’s fave favorite Wonderbolt). And then as she flies through the hoop she has so much speed she blows feathers off each of the birds and it looks like somepony blew up a pillow factory with all these feathers just floating there.

Then there’s my idol, Firefly! Talk about the best of the best of the best, Firefly really is totally the awesomest most awesome pony ever! Firefly’s cutie mark is a lightning bolt and of course that’s what her move set is all about – lightning! She puts on an electrifying performance (lightning’s electric, get it?) filled with bolts of lightning and crashes of thunder and the double inside out loop! It’s loud, it’s flashy, and I love, love, love it!

Misty Fly is one of the newer recruits to the team. She’s cool. With a name like Misty, you just know her talent lies in rain or water. And of course that’s accurate. She splashes her way threw through her routine, blowing holes through walls of mist and creating rainbows with the resulting water droplets. Being named Rainbow Dash, you can understand why this move in particular fasinates fascinates me. I’m working on it myself! One day I’ll be able to perfectly replicate it, leaving rainbows everywhere I go. Won’t that be like totally awesome or junk?

And then there’s the newest member to the team, Spitfire. She trails flames as she flies and all of her moves are fire based (how cool is that?!?!!). She’s definitely become a fan favorite in the very short time she’s been with the team. I mean, seriously! She plays with fire! My parents don’t let me play with fire no matter how nicely I ask. How will I ever get to be a Wonderbolt if I can’t match Spitfire’s moves though? They just don’t understand. It’s so unfair.

So yeah, that’s all the current Wonderbolts. I don’t know a whole lot about previous Wonderbolts because there aren’t a whole bunch of books on the subject. And well, I guess I don’t need to tell you my stance on reading since you’ve heard it enough times. But let the record show I’m no egghead!

Let’s talk about the future Wonderbolts instead. Of course I’ll be the Team Captain, performing my signetur signature patented Sonic Rainboom! I don’t think you were there when I pulled it off, so I’ll explain it to you in detail: I fly high up in the sky and then fly as fast as I can towards the ground. Aw yeah, the wind whipping through my mane! The feeling of every single wing feather rustling as I fall and then bam! Giant rainbow time! Of course I have some other sweet moves I’m working on like the Buccaneer Blaze (right now it’s not really blazing without fire but someday it will be!), Fantastic Filly Flash, and the Super Speed Strut! They’re gonna going to be so awesome! The Wonderbolts will love them!

And of course Fluttershy will be right there by my side. I don’t know how she would ever get along without me, after all (she’s reading this over my shoulder and agreeing…and she says hi by the way)! So we’ve been working on her flying and her moves. Right now all I know for certain is that she will incorporate lots of cutesy butterflies into her routine somehow. No amount of begging or pleading from me has convinced her otherwise (maybe you can talk some sense into her?).

So yeah, that’s what flying means to me. Being awesome, being cool, chilling with my friends, becoming a Wonderbolt. And if you give me a good grade on this paper I’ll put in a good word for you with the Wonderbolts once I’m Team Captain.

Your enthusiasm never ceases to amaze me, Miss Dash. I just wish I could focus that enthusiasm on your schoolwork instead of on the Wonderbolts. As stated previously, I’m afraid I really don’t need any favors from your favorite flying team now or in the future. However, I’m willing to do you a favor. You’re very close to failing this class, which would result in you being held back a year. For extra credit, write me a paper about why you helped Fluttershy with her flying. I expect it to be suitably heartfelt.

-Miss Morning Monarch