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I force my awful fetishes onto innocent pretty ponies, through the medium of clop fiction. Don't worry, they love it. Life is good.

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You have peaked my curiosity good sir, please do go on!

The only thing going through my mind while reading this was a song called 'I Get Wet'.
Seemed appropriate.

Not much to comment on but I am curious to see where this will go.

It doesn't matter how much of it we write, there could never possibly be enough Fluttershy watersports.


And thats why Im writing some.

I dont know why but i want to see you Wright more.:rainbowderp:

You peaked my interest for some reason:twilightblush:


Oddly enough, I was just reading some of yours (watersports fic, I mean), and is part of what made me beef this up, proofread it, and publish the first chapter.

We can always use more... material. :yay:

And it was the fact that I recognized your name from favoriting my story that I checked out your story when it got added to the My Little Fetish group, not knowing that it was my fetish. It's a cycle.

*Reads description*


:pinkiecrazy: yes,yes,yes,yes,yes! Me gusta!

:pinkiehappy: Please more my good sir, and keep up the epic work.

Yours truly... NecromancerX69

*find new fetishes on the way*
Ps... :pinkiesick: For the love of all that is evil, don't use scat.


Soon. I want to have a 'chapter' up every two weeks or so. My schedule doesnt allow for a lot more than that.

This is my first creative writing I have ever done. As such, it takes me some time to grow ideas, form them into a coherent structure, write a rough draft, and then beef up the rough draft. I have to do my own proofreading and editing. Only one person has saw this story before it went up, purely as a second opinion to see if I was any good at this, or not.

So, tl;dr, a thousand words isnt much, but it respresents 5 or 6 hours of work for me right now, and many more spent brainstorming.

I have a coherent plot (teehee!) structure up to about the 3rd or 4th chapter. Thats when more of the mane six will get involved. Chapters will be variable in length, this one is very short for a few reasons: One, theres no real dialog, Fluttershy is alone. Two, this is more of an intro. I intended for it to be longer, but I felt it wrapped up nicely as it is.


That wont happen. I dont have a scat fetish, so I cant really write it. I have to write what I know, and what I have experience with. I, personally, will tolerate scat in a story if it errs more on the side of desperation and just... pooping. I dont want descriptions of the smell, I dont want them doing anything with it. If it just happens to be there, then thats okay. But I wont write it into my stories.

So expect the final list to be something like: Watersports, Bondage, Pet Play, and maybe BDSM. Maybe. And given recent revelations about Pinkie and Applejack, I guess Incest is unavoidable, so I might just throw some more of that into it, too.

Double post. Yes, yes. I know. :fluttershbad:

Reading all of these comments of people who want more, has me super stoked to write more. This mainly went up just to see if there was interest, and (aside from the kneejerk reaction fetish downvoters) there has been plenty of that for my tastes!

So, thank you for that. :raritywink:

But for now, I need sleep. Pretty bad. I cant really force myself to write, it just happens when it feels right. Anything less will just be a disappointment for everyone.

This is shaping up to be a very interesting story, good sir. I'll definitely keep my eyes on it. :twilightsmile:

I'm watching this for great justice!

I can't remember, was this the one I pre-read for you like 2 months ago? I can't recall.
Anyways, Veeery nice. Watersports isn't my thing really but if it was, I'm sure I'd thinks its even better, but so far great!


Yes, it was. But I've revised it since then. And its only been like 3 weeks.


Yeah, it really hasnt been that long. A month, max. I wrote it on my last day off before the christmas rush.

It only gets kinkier from now on? :trixieshiftright:

Good chapter, I'm curious what else will happen.

From the description:

Watersports is a fetish centered around urine.
It can be focused around just ordinary peeing, or can feature desperation (holding pee), wetting clothing, peeing around or on others, or tasting and even drinking it.
This fic contains all of those.

Also, I have plans to incorporate an individual kink for each of the mane six. Not just watersports. When complete, this should feature: Pet Play, Bondage, BDSM, Watersports (of course), and Toys. Lots of 'em.

I'll let you guys figure out who has what kink.

Wait a minute, that's only five kinks! Unless.... Do two mares share the same fetish? Oh, the possibilities! :yay:

Anyways, I'm guessing the following:

Pet Play: Rainbow Dash

Bondage: Twilight (It's always the quiet ones.)

BDSM: Rarity and Applejack

Watersport: Fluttershy (obviously)

Toys: Pinkie Pie (it just fits! Ya know?)

Anyways, excellent chapter and story, keep up the good work! :moustache:



I mentioned bondage already, so that leaves two. It takes two to BDSM.

Also, youre right with one of them. Some arent totally obvious, and Fluttershy, isnt actually the one into watersports, although she just discovered wetting yourself during an orgasm feels very, very good.

BDSM as in Sadomasochism? I remember something about how BDSM is an abbreviation of a lot of things (Dominance, Sadomasochism, Bondage, and Discipline)

I'll still go with Rarity (Sub) and AJ (Dom) for my guess.


I'll just give it to you to, just for fun. If youre reading this now, please know that everything is subject to change.

After all, this started out as a Twi x Shy oneshot, but I had too many ideas for just two ponies.

Kinks are as follows:

If you missed it, you missed it!

Yeah, I got caught up in a fic and didn't catch them. My bad.:derpytongue2:

But the mystery only makes the story better!

Know this, dear author, I will wait for the new chapters with great anticipation.

This is the second urine fetish fic I'm reading today. What the fuck am I doing with my life. :ajbemused:

I'd like to playfully say I hate you because your story is more popular than mine. That's the lesson I've learned that I will never fix: if you just write fetish, expect lots of dislikes. If you disguise it by putting normal sex or related in there too, you'll do fine. That's probably why Discord's Guide to Clopfics is my most popular story, and Scratch That only got mostly positive once I wrote more chapters.

Unfortunately, I may have to back out of this story now. I don't have any fetishes besides omorashi (and short skirts, but that goes without saying), so once you get more hard with that or add other fetishes, I'm lost.

Other fetishes will be much lighter in tone than the Watersports will be.

Also, this was at a 50% dislike ratio for a while. I account the good ratio I have right now to luck, and the huge warnings I have.

I suspect this will change once the squickier watersports make an appearance.

But I dont care about my rating. I just want to make more good fetish clop. Haters gonna hate? :twistnerd: I wont sacrifice what turns me on and also people who share this fetish, for the comfort of abolutely everyone. These are the same people who vote down anthro or HiE, because they dont want it to be there. I cant change that.

In any case, 'Scratch' is one of my favorite clops on here. You are far better than me, regardless of ratings.

Comment posted by sunnybun deleted Apr 21st, 2014

More water sports!! There isn't enough of that on this site. All I humbly ask is that you turn the urine fetishes up to 11 and drown out the background noise.

I love where this story is headed, please feel inspired to write another chapter soon!

That was something alright. I can't say I wasn't prepared for this, but you've amazed me, really you have. I enjoyed this. I was deligtfully paced and had a grand amount of kinkiness to it.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go to the bathroom...:trollestia:


Thank you!

Its positive comments like this that make me want to write more.

And yeah, its not exactly the most original story elements, but I cant think of too much else to do. I need to write the ponies going from their comfort zones, to a place outside of it. So naturally, they start off doing exactly what you expect them to do, and later on, they do things you might not expect.

Oh wow, that was good stuff. I love the way you describe things and the intensity you manage to impart, something sorely lacking in a lot of these kinds of fics. Very nice.:heart:

I Loved this chapter, and I look forward to the next one greatly.

Woo hoo a plot, and a plot:trollestia:

Awesome! I love that ponies do things that even they don't expect from themselves. Oh, sweet embarassment! I can't wait for the next chapter! :yay:

I hope Twilight will get to fulfill her fantasy with real Celestia. :twilightsheepish:

Very nice more please :)

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