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A zebra named Zecora is having a troublesome day. Within this story, she abandons her old way. She has decided to stop speaking strictly in rhymes, but the narration will atone for this plenty of times. Nevertheless, let's progress; Zecora has an issue to address. What is it, can you guess?

It's her stress. Now, hover your mouse over to chapter one, and press.

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...can you guess?
It's her stress. Now, hover your mouse over to chapter one, and press.

You're evil, man. :rainbowlaugh:

Was it a rhyming dictionary in the box? :pinkiehappy:

I love this story you made, my friend. I want to read it to the end.
Did I just rhyme? Good thing it isn't a crime!
Maybe I should stop, it's becoming annoying quite lot.
Maybe I need some help... I say rhymes with little flaw.
Maybe rhyming should be against the law.

Help me.

A rhyming tale? I've yet to see one of these fail. I'll be following this, try not to make it miss.

You've shown us how you can rhyme in time to Zecorra's speaking pantomime. But does your vocabulary have the necessary detail to nail the next installment's scale in this rhythmrific tale? And better still: does the plot have a purpose to fulfill?

I certainly hope so, for this flow is difficult to sow when one doesn't know where their crop is going to grow.
But I am whining, so allow me to wish you good luck and happy rhyming; this kind of wording takes far more than simple timing!

I very much liked that rhyming tail, too bad I'm a rhyming fail.
I would say more in rhyme, but I'm out of dear time.
So good bye for now to Zecora's wonderfully striped tail, and to you with your wonderful rhyming tail.

I prefer Haiku.
Smooth syllabic artistry
Is meant to be shared.

Your rhymes are too weak and you're trying too hard
Playing hide and seek with the style of a bard
Your rhythm is poor and your word choice is strange
I know it's a chore, but you need to arrange
Syllables, rhymes, perfect lyrical measure
If you want to give readers verbal pleasure
As a word of advice, write this prose as a verse
But take heart, it lacks spice, but I have read much worse.

I do think indeed it was a rhyming diction,
that she found in this piece of fiction.
I wish you the best in your narritive,
And hope for the best, which is imperitive.

I made a comment on Halloween
That Zecora-centric stories were few and far between.
This piques my interest, I wish you much luck,
And sincerely hope the outcome of your story doesn't suck.

Comments with rhymes are very difficult to provide
I would much rather run and hide.
But a challenge is what I have accepted
And so by my rhyming skills this comment perfected.
This quest is complete
Twas not much of a feat

40 approvals are not a usual,:ajsmug:
Good progress is true, but if someone is to do,:applejackconfused:
A terrible crime indeed, but if it is true,:pinkiegasp:
Somepony better not touch, The disliking button.:fluttershysad:
(I think I messed up:derpytongue2:)


I sincerely appreciate all that you've had to say. You've inspired me so much, and the next chapter's on it's way. The effort a rhyming chapter takes is quite cruel, and I've got other business like work and school. Nevertheless, I'm trying my best.

Thank you for your patience, and please continue to do so. When the next part is done, you'll be the first to know.

:twilightsheepish: :heart:

Messing with Zecora is quite fun, I hope you realize what you've done.

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