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The Lunar Samurai

If you are enjoying my stories, I thank you. Nothing means quite as much to me as someone really appreciating what I put out into the world. So, from the bottom of my heart... Thank You.


When a mysterious sentient crystal is delivered to the castle, Celestia takes the most obvious route, diplomacy. Little does she know that she is in for a less than diplomatic conversation.

Collaboration with Auramane. This dude is awesome, check him out.

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Comments ( 23 )

huff ... huff ... huff ...
*Once again returns from the Muffin store*
Heres...pant... those...huff... like muffins...
*Colapses on the ground*
Am i in the .... story.... yet?....

Just so we're all clear.
I just wrote the mind bit. Then lunar rewrote it mostly and made it better. I spent a total of 15 minutes on what I did to give him an idea of how to do it

I demand more stories like this one to be written.

What, in particular, did you like the most about this story?


3405931 Just the way it was written. It flowed so nicely and just pulled me in from beginning to end.

Moar, damn you. Moar!!

Twas a good show, I really wonder if you plan on a sequel.:twilightsmile:

Wait this is complete? Wat?! But that was a perfect into! Noo!
Could you make this into a complete story please it's a damn good setup!

This story deserves a prize............ Sadly, i have none to give. Good story though!:twilightsmile:


Your enjoyment is prize enough! Thanks for the feedback.

No prob, and I am soooo wondering where people get these ideas! Do they just pop into your brain??

I can't quite remember how I got the idea. It was during oneshotober 2013 so I was scrambling to find ideas. This one just happened to do extremely well...


Lol. Hey, will you please check out my story, The Hidden Alicorn? It was my very first story.:twilightsmile:

Where is it? I don't see it on your account.

Oh sorry, give me a minute. I'm New to this thing...:scootangel:

It should pop up any minute...:pinkiehappy:

The Lunar Samurai now it should appear!

This could be the perfect intro to an excellent series.

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