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In the (not so) magical land of Canterlot High School, Fluttershy finally works up the nerve to tell her crush how she feels. How will they handle this news? Will she find love or will she be dashed upon the rocky shores of heartbreak?

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Fantastic. I love humanized flutterdash(and trust me, I've read a lot) and this has to be one of my favorites

Soooooooo cute :pinkiehappy: I really enjoyed Rarity's involvement too. You get a thumbs up.

I like it, adorable and not to slow not to fast, and best of all suspenseful

So freaking cute!

Why am I imagining that the team saw all of that and when the kiss happened, they were all cheering them on. While Shining was busy making a call to a certain girl of his that was probably working at a med center.

Nice, I am feeling so satisfied right now, this looks to be the start of a good story. Bravo.

Oh my god this was amazing!!! This did help one theory I had though that doesn't relate to the story at all, if I read a fanfic while I'm tired I laugh at anything that happens. I laughed when the name of the ice cream was said. Anyways back on topic. This story was amazing. This is defiantly one of the best fanfics I ever read. I've read a lot of fanfics and oh my god this was just so good. I don't know if you plan on doing another chapter but you could definitely make it work.

You HAVE to write another chapter. IT'S THE ONLY WAY.

Don't ask about that last sentence.

Hmm... You really whipped out the feels cannon here... excellent...

Under the chocolaty stimulus, endorphins flooded through her brain until she could feel her skin began to tingle.

Umm what...

While it I'm not a fan of ship fics, I'll occasionally read one if it looks like a good story that doesn't look like a dumb love story that doesn't make much sense that some lonely sap wrote in his mom's basement, it's nice to see a good one. But it is a little farfetched that RD happened to be gay aswell, but I'll let it slide, so...

*chants* chapter two chapter two ChaPTer TwO CHaPTER tWO :pinkiehappy: :raritystarry:

I don't believe I've commented on this, but I have read and re-read this so many times. I always come back to it. This is so wonderfully written and Rainbow Dash's whole monologue about "I don't know" was breathtaking. It's so realistic and describes how it feels to be frozen with indecision and thoughts swarming. Very much in character and I die every time.

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